Is Mobile Money Codes A Scam: The FTC Is Sending Checks

When you see FTC in the title, you know something went down with those money mobile code systems.

According to the FTC, they are sending checks to people who got duped out of their money from several money mobile code schemes.

So if you’re wondering if those mobile money codes are scams, yes they were.

What Systems Did The FTC Take Action Against

Auto Mobile Code

I remember these systems back in the day that promises the world using your mobile devices.

They made it seems so easy for anyone to do.

They used actors, these actors walked around large homes, pitching the snake oil dream and didn’t indicate what exactly people would do to make their money claim.

People got told they would make a substantial amount of money by using their systems.

If you leave without purchasing anything, the wait pop-up would appear, and then they would downsell people for around nine bucks.

Here is a list of the systems the FTC took action against!

  • Mobile Money Code
  • eMobile Code
  • Auto Mobile Code
  • Easy Cash Code
  • Full Money System
  • Secret Money System

I’ve written about a few of them.

These Mobile Code Systems Were Not What They Seem

The ad use terms like make money on autopilot.

If people paid for one of those systems, they got a generic software application that helped make mobile-friendly websites for the use of affiliate marketing.

The Problem With These Mobile Codes

Mainly the gist of these ads is that they don’t tell you what you are going to get or do.

I noticed that when I wrote a review about eMobile Code and Auto Mobile Code, they claimed people make a substantial amount of money on autopilot, yet they don’t give you much info other than that.

These ads use fake testimonials that were actors.

The main red flag that you will find when you enter into the make money online arena is that they always claim you can make a lot of money in a short period.

The reality is thousands of dollars aren’t going to get made in a short amount of time.

Another red flag is that you’re not getting the actual owner’s identity.

Sometimes they use actors or voiceover actors claiming they are running the show.

To save you from the snake oil dream claim that gets done a lot online, it doesn’t hurt to read reviews about any make online money opportunities.

A lot of times, the reviews get researched, and they will show you if actors are in the ads.

From there, you can determine for yourself what you want to do next.

According To The FTC Refunds Were Difficult To Attain

Even though a lot of these types of money opportunity have a money-back guarantee, it doesn’t mean you’ll get your money back.

Sometimes when you see those guarantees, it gives you that sense of that safety feel. People start to think that $49 isn’t much money to shell out, and if you’re not a satisfied customer, you’ll get your money back.

Unfortunately, with these secret mobile codes, they gave that 60-day money-back guarantee.

According to the FTC, when people bought these systems who wanted a refund, they got more of a hassle rather than getting their money back.

Know that you will see that money-back guarantees a lot online within the money-making online opportunities.

A lot of times, when the FTC takes action against opportunities like these mobile codes or other opportunities online, those promises that you’ll get your money back doesn’t hold any water.

The Reality Of It All

It is very wild out there. These scams are getting more sophisticated.

Sometimes these claims out there are not necessarily scams, but they are asking for a lot of money from you with no guarantee you’ll make any money at all.

I’ve tried MLM business, training services, or even free stuff that go out of business when you try to cash out. There is just a lot of drama out there in the make money online arena.

It can get overwhelming when you are trying to break through with an actual real way that makes you money online.

Trends are an excellent signal to avoid scams.

Just like with clothing or hairstyles, what was in today will be out of style tomorrow.

These make online money trends tend to do the same thing. What people fall for today is what you will see a lot until everyone comes to their senses and stop the madness.

You will see it with,

  • Online Jobs
  • Medical cures
  • MLM type opportunities
  • Mobile code scams
  • Binary Trading
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Placing Ads online
  • Dropshipping
  • Real Estate schemes
  • Placing Links online
  • Tier type of business opportunities

There are a lot of other opportunities out there online. A lot of these opportunities have variations, and what they tend to do is claim you can make a lot of money by piratically doing nothing.

Everything gets done for you. All you’ll have to do is pay for the system, and you are set.

Then they like to entice you by saying things like,

  • spend more time with your family
  • fire your boss
  • work when you want
  • work anywhere
  • travel anywhere you want
  • buy fancy cars and homes
  • be your own boss
  • no more money problems

The problem is that these opportunities don’t solve the problem.

Let Me Start By Saying!

Okay, the Internet does make it possible for people to make money. It doesn’t mean your problems go away.

Everyone has problems despite where or how you work. Let’s just clear the air on that!

As for money issues, it doesn’t solve it overnight. As you’re working towards goals, you’re gradually going to get there with a legit opportunity.

What people don’t realize is that you have to work at what you’re doing to get there. You can’t expect to do three things, and then you’re set, and money comes rolling in that solves those dreams.

Otherwise, you’re better off buying a lottery ticket, do some dreaming, and if you didn’t win, go back to reality.

My Experience In The Make Money Online Arena

When I finally found a service that helped me make money from home, the ten lessons that I got for free explained the possibilities.

Through my over five years of experience, I found that I had to chip away from those fantasies.

At the beginning of my journey, I thought everything was going to happen rapidly, but that is not the case at all.

It’s a natural expectation being that we are online, and we can’t see people clicking away. We just assume that everybody and their mama are online worldwide and shi* happens rapidly like diarrhea.

The thing is that billions of people are online, but everyone is in different places online. Each individual is on a different website at the same time doing different things.

Someone could be watching a YouTube video; while another person is on social media, someone is shopping, someone else is no hanging out in VR, some are not even online at the moment, and someone could be reading this right now.

Yes, things can go viral if it’s appealing enough that causes people to react. But that doesn’t happen all the time.

The typical event that happens is the work you put in that brings the traffic that leads to earning money online.

It starts with a website and consistency of what is getting done that causes money to come in.

Proper training is what I looked for and I got that through this service here.

The primary way that people earn money online is through a website by doing affiliate marketing.

If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, It is when you recommend products and services you stand behind, and people buy through your affiliate links.

Making Money Online

The FTC pointed out essential info about making money online.

Spamming affiliate links through email or the Internet is not a good idea.

A lot of affiliate programs or networks out there would rather have quality affiliate marketers than a quantity of them.

There are some marketers out there that will do shady tactics that affiliate networks or programs don’t want their marketers to do.

They do this because companies do not want their reputation to go under because someone is doing illegal tactics to make a buck.

ftc affiliate marketing

The FTC even indicates that companies should keep tabs on networks and marketers.

Another point the FTC made is that your inbox is not the place for income info.

ftc inbox

The FTC says to be suspicious of easy money that arrives in your inbox. Scammers often use secrets and systems about some sort of formula to get you to click.

Nowadays, your cell phone can get bombarded with scams via text and phone calls.

Be cautious of those schemes and again do your research first.

If You Were To Buy Into A System

The initial fee is never enough. Scams say it only costs a small fee, and what seems to happen is that people need other systems to make the initial system work.

That means more out of pocket expenses that you thought you wouldn’t have to pay.

That ad you saw was just a way to get you in the door. People end up spending thousands and still no results.

The truth is, there is no guarantee you will make money with any system out there.

Can People Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Absolutely. There are millions of networks and programs out there.

These programs and networks know that Affiliate Marketers are another source for getting sales.

Affiliate programs and networks are free to join, and there are millions of products and services out there that people can promote.

There is a proper way to do affiliate marketing, and a service like Wealthy Affiliate teaches millions of people how to do it correctly.

Their service starts for free with no credit card info. That means many people check their service out for free, and if they want to pursue it further, they can.

The problem I faced was finding an excellent service that will help me.

When I checked out Wealthy Affiliate, it is no joke because they offer not just training, but websites, hosting and live weekly training.

I even said here that it got to the point that I felt I was stealing from them because they offer so much at no additional cost.

The critical fact that you will face is that you have to work at it. No one is going to do any work for you. There are no three steps, and then you’re done.

So if you want to pursue a business online by utilizing a website, you certainly will get value even through their ten free lessons.

All In All

Research is key. There is no such thing as a quick buck when pursuing a business online. It takes time and effort to get there.

These mobile money code systems used a lot of deception to get people to buy. If any opportunity doesn’t let you know everything you need to make money and the cost of it all, you can end up in debt.

No wonder the FTC took action against these mobile money code types of systems because deception was used, like the promise that people can make money on autopilot, fake testimonials, and on top of that spam.

Paying because you got told there is a money-back guarantee doesn’t mean you will get your money back.

When scams want your money, they will use a lot of tactics to try and get it, including the money-back guarantee claim.

If you want to read more about the FTC taking action against mobile money codes, you can read it here.

What is your take about mobile money codes, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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