Is PaidViewpoint Legit: Get My Take

Paid Viewpoint is probably the easiest way to make some extra cash online.

It takes time to accumulate your money, but it doesn’t take much time to complete their surveys.

You’re probably wondering if Paid Viewpoint legit?

Get my take about this review, and you will find out what I’ve experienced.

Specs About Paid Viewpoint


Product Name: Paid Viewpoint
Year: 2009
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 7/10

A Rundown

What is Paid Viewpoint?

  • A Market Research Service!

How does it work?

  • In order to get compensated, you answer a series of questions that many companies have concerns about and use Paid Viewpoint’s service to get the answers.

How much does it cost?

  • Free

How do I get paid?

  • PayPal only

My Take

PVP (Paid viewpoint) is also run by the same owners of Instant Cash Sweepstakes aka ICS.

When I decided to check out Paid Viewpoint (PVP), to me is the easiest site to complete surveys.

The way PVP contacts you is through email. Once you get an email, all you have to do is log in and answer a few questions.

Once you answer all their questions your money will be added in your earnings area.

For me, the survey usually lasts around 5 minutes or less depending on the survey.

When you’re done with the survey, you will see your trait score move up and your earnings increase. That’s it, pretty simple!

What Is A Trait Score?

A Trait Score is to see how honest a person is when answering a question.

Paid Viewpoint want honest people and good surveyors to take their surveys.

They ask you questions like, are you female and live in Texas to see if you will answer the question correctly.

If you do, your trait score will go up.

The highest your Trait Score can go is 10000 but it can go down if you’re dishonest, so be honest.

To know if you have a good Trait Score, PVP’s standards of a good TraitScore will range from 9000 or higher.

What If Something Changes In My Life?

We all go through changes in our lives and PVP is aware of that.

What happens is that PVP will let you know if you answered a survey differently than what you stated in your demographics area.

This happened to me and my TraitScore stayed the same.

All I did to fix the issue was to change the answer in my demographics area.

Is A Trait Score So Very Important?

Companies pay market research companies to better their brand or service.

They want to know people’s opinions to make improvements with their product or service and the way PVP screen their surveyors is by using a TraitScore.

I personally believe PVP will test people to see how honestly they will answer a question.

This is why they will ask questions that you entered into your demographics area.

I’ve experienced this when they ask me a question, especially when I aged another year.

I will get a vague question such as, are you female and 28, if you’re not you can select from one of the multiple-choice answers and one of those multiple choices will have the correct answer.

If people answer honestly, most likely they know the answer without thinking about it.

Like if you’re a female living in New York.

Your Demographics

PVP ask very general questions when you go in the demographics section.

They ask questions like marital status, age, and race, nothing too specific.

They don’t even ask for your name, I believe PVP ask less question about your demographics than Facebook does.

Pay-out Threshold and Cash-out

The minimum to cash out is $15 and they pay you through PayPal.

You do have to call a number to verify who you are.

According to PVP, they say they do this to prevent fraud.

The good news is, the money you earned will be in your PayPal account within 72 hours.

How Long Does It Take To Accumulate Money?

Before I had referrals it would take me about 3 months to get paid.

This is me completing 5 minutes of surveys around 3 times a week.

The market research surveys range around 50 cents and some surveys I got paid around $1.50, it depends on what questions they ask and the length of the surveys.

Then you get a lot of what I call TraitScore surveys.

These surveys pay around 10 cents, and they ask very general questions, as I stated above.


pvp referrals

PVP has a very interesting referral program.

As you can see in the image above, you can earn up to $25 on every new referral you refer to.

They also have another interesting part of their referral program.

If you get over 100 referrals you can apply for their VIP Community.

I’m part of that VIP community and I make easy money without even completing surveys.

Another great part about their referral program is that you make money quickly by not waiting until your referrals cash-out.

If you want to obtain referrals which I do now and as I just mentioned I am in the VIP Community, this service here is a great way to obtain referrals.

What I Don’t Like

I’m not going to get into what I do like about PVP because I pretty much laid it out for you already, so let me explain some of what I don’t like.

  • If you are not in the VIP, you get paid when your referrals cash-out.
  • You have to call a number to get paid.
  • The only way you can get paid is through PayPal.
  • It also takes a while to accumulate your $15.

I personally feel even though I’m not too keen on these rules, it’s not that bad.

Who Is PaidViewpoint For?

  • Anyone who reads their emails on a daily basis.
  • Anyone who enjoys completing surveys.
  • Anyone who likes extra cash.
  • Anyone who enjoys a legit referral program.
  • Anyone who likes quick fast surveys that you don’t have to qualify for.

Is Paid Viewpoint legit?

Yes, PVP service makes it very simple to complete surveys and there’s nothing to it.

All you do is answer a few questions that last about 5 minutes.

The cool part is that you don’t have to go through a qualifying process to complete their surveys.

I believe reading your emails will take longer than finishing a survey that PVP will invite you to complete.

Who Is It NOT For?

If you’re a person that doesn’t check your emails often, most likely PVP is not for you.

The reason why I state this is because I get all my surveys from PVP through email. I’d probably forget PVP exists if I didn’t check my email on a daily basis.

If you don’t like completing surveys at all, don’t even bother. You’re not going to ever get paid through PVP if you’re not consistently completing surveys.

If you’re into making extra cash and want an opportunity to make a larger amount of money then you may want to consider Wealthy Affiliate.

All In All

If you enjoy quick and easy surveys, well, you may want to check this one out. I find Paid Viewpoint to be an easy way to earn money without doing much.

If you are like me and like to take on tasks that are quick and earn some cash, well this site is right for you. To sign up go ahead and click here.

If you want another way to make money from home, please don’t hesitate to check out some other ways to make money from home here.

What is your take about Paid Viewpoint, Tweet be @evelynbaz!

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