Is Prosperity People Systems A Good Investment: Nope

Wow, you probably think when I wrote Nope, in my title.

I tend to be a little on the frank side sometimes when I see these gimmicks or ideas pop up on my computer screen.

Variations of systems like Prosperity People Systems are always in the making online.

You will see many people promoting a system like PPS (Prosperity People Systems) online, claiming they are getting thousands of dollars in the mail.

It is always a good idea to research first before you make a decision. In the end, it all boils down to your decision.

I will explain why I feel Prosperity People Systems is not a good investment; more importantly, why you should avoid it.

Specs About Prosperity People Systems

pps review

Product Name: Prosperity People Systems
Year: 2019
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $667
Website URL: Overall Rating: 0/10

My Take

When I learned how this PPS system worked, oh me, oh my, I thought. I’ve seen similar variations online that do these types of schemes.

These systems are base on you recruiting people, period. They say that they have a system in place that you can use to generate the amount of money that the ad claims.

What is very important about a scheme like PPS, is that a system needs to be in place for people to send money.

You’re not building a business, nor are you investing in anything. What you’re mainly doing is trying to keep money flowing in their system.

So Let’s Go Over How Prosperity People Systems Works

The way this system works is by joining one of their four levels.

Each level costs a different amount.

  • The $500 Bronze Level
  • The $1,500 Silver Level
  • The $3,500 Gold Level
  • The $7,500 Platinum Level

An example would be,

If you select the $500 level, you are supposed to send $500 to your sponsor in the mail. Once they receive the money, you qualify into the system.

Now you’re able to receive $500 in the mail.

To recruit people into the system, they give you the same method you saw, except your information goes into the system for you to receive cash in the mail.

If you’re able to sponsor people, and they pay a higher level then you, what would happen is that you will receive $500, and the remaining balance will go to your sponsor. They call this a roll-up.

In other words, the money rolls up to the top unless you buy into the top level that is $7,500.

If you wanted to go to the top level, you would have to pay the remaining balance of $7,000 to get qualified for all payments.

If you did that, anyone you sponsored, all the remaining balances would go to you.

The same thing applies to the $1,500 and $3,500 level.

If you started at the $1,500 level, all the $500 and $1,500 would go to you. However, if you sponsored someone in the $3,500 level, $1,500 goes to you, and the remaining $2,000 goes to your sponsor and so on.

As you can see, If you don’t want to lose money, logically sending $7,500 cash in the mail seems to secure all the money going to you.

What Tools Do You Get If You Are An Active Cash Club Member

  • A duplicated website
  • Capture Pages
  • Training
  • A Marketing plan

You do get some tools that help you recruit people into their system. Everything is never done for you so, the only way to get others to do the same thing you’re doing is to promote the tools you get.

You can do that by,

  • Send out postcards
  • Use paid advertising online
  • Talk to people you know
  • Communicate on social media
  • Email Marketing
  • Purchasing lists
  • Start A YouTube Channel

Some of these ways are more expensive than others, but advertising can have out of pocket expenses.

Your time and other expenses are part of obtaining cash in the mail.

They Say It’s Not An MLM, Matrix, Pyramid Scheme!

pps no mlm

In my opinion, these systems have a model of a Pyramid, Matrix, Cash Gifting, Envelope Stuffing scheme.

All of this pyramid, matrix, cash gifting envelop stuffing schemes all have variations of how these systems work. The basis of their scheme is to recruit people into the scheme once people are not bringing in people, the whole system collapse.

The gist of why PPS is similar to all of these schemes I just mentioned above.

A pyramid scheme has a downline or upline. Generally, someone is at the bottom of the system. If you look at how the PPS system is structured, they allow people above you who sponsored you to earn money depending on the level they buy.

An example would be…!

If you were in the $500 level and you sponsored someone at $7,500, and your sponsor is at the $500 level, where does the remaining $6,500 go to?

I’m assuming it goes to the Admin or keeps rolling up this upline until it hits the top of the upline.

They don’t explain this inside their video because no one is sending strangers $7,500 in cash in the mail.

Matrix schemes are similar to PPS, except they move sideways and not in a pyramid form. They have different levels that you can buy into that earns you more money.

With PPS, they offer different levels that you can buy into to that earns you more money.

The cash gifting system has no products. You are just sending people money without selling a product to the general public. With PPS, you’re sending people money with no product to sell to the general public.

Envelope stuffing schemes is when you send letters in the mail asking people to do the same thing you’re doing. With PPS, you can send postcards asking people to send you money doing the same thing you’re doing.

All of the schemes are not legit businesses for investing. People may tell you it’s legit to get you to join, but without a product to sell to the general public, the basis of what PPS structure is about is similar to a pyramid, cash gifting, envelop stuffing, and matrix scheme.

There Are Admin Fees Involved

There is an Admin fee to keep track of who is sending money in the mail. Each level of Prosperity People Systems has a different price tag.

The cost of the Admin fee is…!

  • Bronze Level $500 a $167 Admin Fee = $667
  • Silver Level $1,500 a $247 Admin Fee = $1,747
  • Gold Level $3,500 a $347 Admin Fee = $3, 847
  • Platinum Level $7,500 $447 Admin Fee – $7,947

As you can see, they don’t tell you about the admin fee. Making it appear that you only need $500 to get started and that is not the case at all.

Why I Say Prosperity People Systems Is Not A Good Investment

We don’t know who the Admin is, with the TooDamnEasy cash gifting scheme, their Admin is overseas. There are parts of the world where cash gifting or any kind of pyramid scheme is legal.

Even though they say it is legal in the ad, It might be permitted where they are but not necessarily where you are.

If your country says, these types of systems are not legal. Then why would you invest in an illegal scheme?

They have you send money in the mail because services like PayPal don’t allow these types of schemes and will freeze your account.

To avoid people complaining about their PayPal account getting frozen, they say send money in the mail.

You also have to ask yourself how comfortable are you to part with your money by sending cash in the mail in hopes that other people will send you money in the mail.

I’m not saying that people won’t do it, most people will say no. Leading you to not making the kind of money that you see flashed online.

Also, with these systems, besides flashing cash, they don’t tell you that you might have to spend money to market their scheme.

These systems are complicated to build. There are people out there that will not do it. There are people out there that will question the legality of the system.

Even though they say it’s legal doesn’t mean it is.

Well, What Is A Good Investment?

Anything that isn’t a scam or illegal where you come from.

  • I recommend Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling products on eBay or Amazon
  • Using the skills that you have and make money in places like Upwork
  • Starting your own YouTube channel

These are some of the ways an all of these ways are great, but it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to take time and work to get there.

Are There Pros And Cons To Prosperity People Systems?

I can come up with some pros and cons.

However, you get how I felt when you read what my thoughts are and what I learned about Prosperity People Systems.

I don’t recommend it because it’s not legal where I come from, so why would I express any pros to such a con.

All In All

It’s always a good idea to learn about what you’re getting into before you do.

Any system that recommends you send cash in the mail is a red flag right there. If you’re investing in something, wouldn’t you like a solid paper trail!

Once you place the cash in the mail, there is no telling what happens from the time you drop the money off to the arrival to that stranger’s home.

I’ve ordered stuff in the mail that didn’t arrive at my home. I had to raise hell to get a refund because of it.

Who are you going to raise hell at if for some reason the money doesn’t arrive at that stranger’s home?

Regardless if PPS is legal where you come from, it is going to be a difficult way to make money.

What is your take about Prosperity People Systems, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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