Is Survey Voices Legit: Yeah, But

The way I learned about Survey Voices is through an email I got. When I read the email that I received and clicked on the link to Survey Voices’ website, for me, it didn’t coincide with the email I got.

It may sound like I’m nitpicking a bit about an email and the Yeah, but part of my website title, but Yeah, you will know what I’m getting at about Survey Voices’ Legitimacy.

When people are looking for jobs or ways to make money, I don’t know about you, but for me, when I click on the email link, I’m expecting the email to get to the point.

I didn’t get that with Survey Voices which caused me to write that Yeah, But the part in my title. So with that being said, let’s get into what I’m talking about.

Specs About Survey Voices

Survey Voices Review

Product: Survey Voices
Year: 2015
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Ranking: 5/10

My Take

I’m going to start off by saying that I do find what Survey Voices has to offer is legit. If you find what they offer is worthwhile, then it’s all good.

Some of the sites that Survey Voices have on their website I’m familiar with while other sites I’m not.

What is concerning is with the email I got. There was nothing wrong with the email, but when I got to Survey Voice’s website as I said earlier, it didn’t coincide with what they offer.

So let me explain what I’m talking about.

So Let’s Get Into What Is Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a survey aggregator. Mainly what that is, is a list of opportunities that you can join on their website.

On their website, they say they use vetted tactics that allow people to join trusted websites.

Here is a list of some vetted websites that Survey Voices recommends

  • Opinion Outpost
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Vip Voice
  • Emile
  • Samples & Savings
  • National Consumer Center
  • The Bill Wizard
  • OMG! Sweeps
  • Jobs On Demand

The ones I’m familiar with is Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, National Consumer Center, and OMG! Sweeps.

Opinion Outpost has been in business for years and it is a legit service that will compensate you for completing surveys.

Swagbucks is another legit site that is a pay to site. I tried them back in the day and it is a good site, but it just wasn’t for me.

OMG! Sweeps are similar to Click 4 Riches. It is owned by the same company and they offer pretty much the same thing. OMG! Sweeps is a sweepstakes site and they do follow the FTC guidelines.

As for National Consumer Center, if you ever got an email that indicated you won a prize or try to obtain a $1,000 gift card then you are familiar with what I’m referring to.

If you ever filled out one of these offers, you know how it goes.

You fill out your info, but yet it’s an endless amount of info they want for each offer. If you don’t read the rules, you are more than likely NOT going to get the reward or gift card.

As for the other vetted services that Survey Voice’s offer, I haven’t check them out just yet.

What I recommend you do is dig deep before you decide if you want to join any of Survey Voices’ vetted opportunities.

What About That Email?

SV Email

The email was very specific. The email indicated that I would be able to join some sort of secret shoppers program once I clicked the link.

If you look at the list above of the vetted services that Survey Voices provides, there isn’t anything that indicates a secret shoppers opportunity.

For me, that leads me to say Yeah, but because where is their vetted secret shoppers’ service.

If you look at a review I did about merchandiser by, they get right to the point.

They let you know on their website what they are all about and how you can make money by completing projects.

That email I got about some sort of secret shopper wasn’t transparent at all. When I clicked the link, it felt to me like a way for me to check around in Survey Voices’ website.

If you were interested in mystery shopping, you won’t find it unless Survey Voices add some sort of vetted secret shopper opportunity on a later date.

To be fair, the email is most likely from one of Survey Voices’ friendly third party advertisers.

Are You Saying That Survey Voices Is Scamish?

Survey Voices Terms

Survey Voices Owned by Reward Zone. If you ever got that email as I stated above in regards National Consumer Center, you have to dig deep to find the rules, otherwise, you are just inputting your info for nothing.

If you go to BBB’s website, you can read a number of complaints.

RZ BBB Complaint

RZ Complaints

Inputting your info is what people end up doing because they are not exactly upfront with you on how to obtain your “prize”. That causes me to say it’s a bit sketchy.

If you look at a service like My Cash Freebies, their whole website is catered around exactly what they do and it is pretty much the same thing that Reward Zone does. Yet, My Cash Freebies, indicates that people should read the rules on their website.

What I will say about Survey Voices is that some of what they offer on their vetted website is great, but there are other opportunities that I wouldn’t recommend like National Consumer Center.

Being that third parties are emailing people that use nontransparent tactics that could cause people to diminish their trust with a website like Survey Voices.

This is my opinion and that is whoever sent that email whether it was approved or not, caused me to click everywhere once I got to Survey Voices’ website. I was trying to find a link to mystery shopping which I didn’t find.

Clicking around is great for Survey Voices because it causes Survey Voices to obtain SEO juice by me clicking, reading and trying to find what I was looking for which I didn’t find.

I just want you to know, I’m not hating about it the clicking and reading part, it just can be a time-waster when I couldn’t find what I thought I’d find.

All In All

On Survey Voices website, more or less it’s a list of websites that you can join. You can join through their website or you can go to the actual website and join there.

I will say that the email I got didn’t coincide with what Survey Voices have to offer. That can cause people to waste their time.

The email I got pertained to Mystery Shopping and that was what I expected to find once I clicked on their link and it wasn’t there.

For me, that made me think they did that for SEO tactics and if people joined any of there other vetted services it’s all good for Survey Voices.

I did find out that Survey Voices is owned by Reward Zone and Reward Zone is known for popups and endless amounts of info where you input your data yet you don’t get the reward unless you learn about their rules that take a bit of digging to find out.

Some of what Survey Voices offer is great, so there shouldn’t be a reason for any party to use such nontransparent tactics to get people to their site.

If you have any questions or comments about Survey Voices, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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10 thoughts on “Is Survey Voices Legit: Yeah, But”

  1. I love your honest review!

    I did some surveys back 2 years or so ago and they are really hard to earn good money from.

    For the amount of work one puts into those surveys, they don’t pay very well at all.

    My friend did it for 6 months as well and she earned peanuts and sometimes spending up to 5 hours a day on just two surveys. It’s crazy. A friend recommended survey voices to me and my little research brought me here, I might want to show her this article.


  2. I understand why companies might want the opinions of consumers but I think they need to make it worthwhile. To me surveys are all about making chump change or beer money and the time it takes to complete a survey, sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Added to that, you can be disqualified mid survey. So after spending 30 minutes on a survey you can be disqualified because you didn’t quite fit what they were looking for. That’s lost time with no reward and you have to wait for the next survey. That’s why I am never surprised about the complaints and the frustrations that people often experience when it comes to surveys. There are much better ways to make money online as opposed to using surveys.

    • Hey Vanessa, there is nothing worse when you get disqualified after the qualifying process. It seems like or feels like they got all the info needed and no compensation for it. I personally feel the best survey sites out there are the ones that you don’t go thought a qualification process. like paidviewpoint and pinecone. Thanks for your thoughts much appreciate it, Evelyn.

  3. Hi there i have been looking for another way to make money online, and just couldn’t find anything, until now. This is actually a really easy way to make some extra money. I seen the about me blurb, and Evelyn you write really amazing, and I hope that one day I can get the kind of skills that you have. Way to go good job, and thank you for the info.

  4. I have some experience with survey sites. Back when I was first looking for opportunities to make some cash online I tried a few. The ones I tried would give me a survey, and after I completed it I’d get credit toward a prize or a goal to reach to get paid. I never did make any money, partly because I got bored pretty quickly with the surveys, and partly because I realized that my time was worth a lot more than what the survey sites paid.

    They say you can make money, but if a survey takes you half an hour, for example, and pays you $5 for completing it, you’re earning $10 per hour. Not much money there.

    I hadn’t heard of Survey Voices before finding your post, but it’s not a site I’d be much interested in because I’ve learned that taking surveys just isn’t my thing. Thanks for your review. You solidified my opinion on such sites.

    I’m Grant

    • Hey Grant,

      $10 per hour, that is very generous because surveys pay a lot less.

      You have to pick your battles when you want to make money online or from home. Some people like surveys for the extra cash while others feel like you.

      I do agree that people can get bored real fast completing surveys especially when it comes to qualifying for these surveys which people don’t get compensated for.

      Thanks for expressing your experience, all the best, Evelyn.

  5. Dear Evelyn,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed and informative review.

    I do have came across ads and posts on Survey Voices. So wanted to do some research and found your review super helpful. The details you provided is very helpful in making my decision and I believe this review post will help many people as well. Thanks for saving our time and effort.

    I was using Swagbucks and there is no doubt they are genuine. I have tried many survey sites, there was a period I was a member of more than 15 survey sites. But I was not doing it any more.

    Based on my experience the time and the effort you invest in is not worth the money you get. Although there are some genuine survey sites which pays you but still the earnings are very low. Instead you can focus on better options like Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

    Much Success!


    • Hey Paul,

      I agree with you. There are a lot of people who don’t value their time. Time is money and if people want to put their time into qualify and trying to complete surveys for some change, I’m not hating on that. It is based on the reasons why they want to complete surveys.

      Some people don’t do it based on the money however, the money or rewards is icing on the cake.

      Blogging and Affiliate marketing does take time work, but down the road people do make a substation amount more money along with helping people. It is a win-win situation in my book.

      Thanks for sharing your very articulated thoughts, much appreciate it, Evelyn.

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