Is Legit: I’ve Done My Surveillance

Survey Police

There are a massive amount of survey websites online that want YOU to join. Some of these websites are legit and others are not very legit at all. With so many of them out there online, you need a safe place to go to when you want data on a particular survey website.

The reason why people may be concerned about Survey Police is that with so many other websites out there using some many avenues to get people to join surveys, you may wonder if Survey Police is legit.

Well, I did my Surveillance on Survey Police and I will give you the briefings of what I discovered.

My Take

I have said this many times on my website, surveys is a way to make some extra cash. For some people, surveys might be the first way a person is able to make their first dollar online.

The problem people face is where can they go to when they want info. For me, I knew about Survey Police for many years and I go to their website quite often.

First off, I really love Survey Police’s domain name. If you are looking for a police for surveys, well there you go.

I’m glad that there is some type of police website out there in the virtual world because there are so many ways surveys are used to scam people.

Actually, Survey Police has been online for over 13 years and I have seen their site grow before my eyes.

They have a lot of great info about surveys that you can obtain.

Now it’s time to get that question out of the way,

Is Survey Police A Trusted Source?

Heck Yeah!

What Got Me To Write About Survey Police?

I was doing research in regards to a survey website that I wasn’t familiar with. There are many websites out there that give great info about their opinions so I like to read lots of sources.

I decided to read an article written by SurveysSay about the particular survey site that I wasn’t familiar with.

It was a well written and articulated article. I got curious and wanted to know more about the website owner.

When I went to their about page and saw their photo, I had a feeling it was a stock photo.

What I did to make sure my instincts were correct, I looked the image up and sure enough, it was a stock photo.

SurveysSay stock image

It was the first time I read anything on SurveysSay’s website, but I have seen their website around in the online world.

Another alarming concern was that they recommended Take Surveys For Cash, which I found not to be a great source for people who want to join good quality survey websites.

Then my trust level diminished in regards to SurveysSay content. It diminished because, with a number of scamish things going on with surveys online, you need a trusted source.

So what I did is go back to one of my trusted source and that is Survey Police.

What Is Survey Police?

Survey Police are all about surveys. It’s a free source where you can get data about surveys.

What Survey Police does is pretty much have their own algorithm for surveys.

They rate their top 10 survey sites based on a complex algorithm that their users review.

Now, the reviews given are by real genuine survey participants. Survey Police do a great job keeping those spamish type of reviews that can alter their algorithm.

The Importance Of Survey Police’s Rating Score

Survey Police have a rating score that I really enjoy observing.

The three criteria are

  • Rewards
  • Members Opportunities
  • Redemption Info

If you think those three criteria above isn’t important, think again.

I’ve done my share of completing surveys and if you want bang for your time you better believe these three criteria are important.

With Rewards, you want to know how you are getting paid or compensated.

Members Opportunities is important because surveys don’t pay very well. I’ve cashed out plenty of times by completing surveys without every referring people, but by you being able to refer a friend or anyone, the payout increases more rapidly.

Redemption is so very important. No one wants to waste their time completing surveys just to find out that the payout threshold is extremely high and unattainable, who has time for that!

So you better believe if you’re thinking about completing surveys, you want that data.

You want to know that the survey sites you join will compensate you for your time and not waste your time.

Survey Police’s Top 10 Survey Site

  1. PaidViewpoint
  2. Tellwut
  3. OneOpinion
  4. YouGov
  5. Cross Media Panel
  6. Pinecone Research
  7. Epoll Surveys
  8. National Consumer Panel
  9. MySoapBox
  10. QuickThoughts

PaidViewPoint is my favorite so far. I personally feel that SurveyPolice hit it with that one.

I like PaidViewPoint because there is no qualifying process when you complete their surveys. Their surveys are quick and you get compensated even more money if you get other people to join.

I also like Tellwut and Pinecone, Survey Police’s top 10 list is pretty good.

Survey Police Forum

People have a rep to protect in Survey Police’s website.

You will see people who are pretty active in survey police’s website and they rate their members by their activities.

  • Surveys Superstar
  • Surveys Guru
  • Surveys Member

Another pretty cool attribute about Survey Police’s forum is that it is an active forum.

If you need or want advice about any info in regards to surveys or focus groups, their members are pretty open and will give you advice.

People will let you know if a survey site is good or not good and sometimes you may get mix messages in regards to a survey website.

To give you an example about mix messages, with Tellwut, some people love their site, other people don’t and there are some who feel that Tellwut has made some changes that are not pleasing to some of their members.

I’m one of those people who love Tellwut. They have made some changes, but Tellwut explains why.

Actually, Tellwut is quite active on Survey Police’s website and that says a lot about their service.

Know that there is no perfection. That is why I really enjoy their forum because you can get info from other members that express their feelings and you can personally decide for yourself if you want to join or not.

What I Don’t Like About Survey Police

They don’t have a top 10 list for caution survey websites.

I think it would be a great source to have because not everyone researches and if there is a trusted list of legit survey sites, why not have the top 10 notorious survey websites.

Other than that, it’s a pretty cool website.

Survey Police Are The Police Of Surveys Why Not List The Scam Survey Website?

What Survey Police does is don’t list them.

Pseduo Survey Police

Survey Police even went into details about these so-called survey sites that are concerning.

What Survey Police calls these so-called survey sites are Pseudo survey websites.

If you don’t know the meaning of Pseudo, it means not genuine; sham.

Your best bet if you are going to use Survey Police as your survey source is to ask in their forum.

If you don’t see a listing for a particular survey site, maybe it’s one of those pseudo websites and it might be best to skip it for now.

There is nothing wrong in waiting especially if it’s a brand new website.

There are plenty of other survey sites that you can join.

All In All

With so many survey websites out there online that want YOU to join, there is no harm in having a go to source.

Survey Police fit the bill. They do their own surveillance by not allowing scams or pseudo websites to seep through their website.

They want to keep their rep in good standings and their members help by giving their honest reviews in regards to survey.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to Survey Police, feel free to let me know your thoughts below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!

4 thoughts on “Is Legit: I’ve Done My Surveillance”

  1. I like SurveyPolice too! Thanks for explaining the features of the site… I didn’t even realize they had a forum. I’ll have to check that out.

    I can’t believe you were able to trace the picture from SurveysSay to a stock photo website. That is really a disgrace. So sad that there are so many scams out there. :(

    • Hey Maria, People ask questions in survey police’s forum and even express their thoughts about a survey site. I feel it’s a great place to go to especially because there are so many scams out there.

      SurveysSay, I thought at first was a pretty cool site, then when I saw their photo on their about page, I’m like this kinda look like a stock photo and it turn it was.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, blessings to you, Evelyn.

  2. I really like survey police. I always go there first before I decide to join any other suggested survey website. Great info by the way, Liz.

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