Money Sucking Website (MSW) Review: Are You Getting Suckered

No one wants to get suckered out of their money.

People work hard for their money and any investment you make should be taken seriously.

I feel when I saw the details about MSW, I felt they were being very vague in regards to everything.

If you are wondering if this Money Sucking Website is a scam, I will let you know my findings and if you are getting suckered.

Specs About Money Sucking Website

moneysucking website review

Product Name: Money Sucking Website
Year: 2018
Free Access: No
Price: $47
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

My Take

Opportunity is out there to make money online with a website.

People do it all the time. If people weren’t, you wouldn’t see many websites online.

In fact, according to, there are approximately 1.94 billion websites in the world.

You know what, I’m glad I took action with obtaining websites myself.

People build websites because they know it’s a lucrative way to make money.

Even offline businesses get their own website because nearly everyone is plugged into the online world.

It’s just the way the future is headed.

Now that we know that many websites are out there online for one reason or another, you are probably wondering about MSW if it is a money-sucking website, or are you getting suckered.

It Starts Off With An Advertorial That Leads To MSW

I saw the advertorial for Cash Website Success before, at that time they did an amazon name-drop.

This time they made some alterations on the new Cash Website Success site by eliminating amazon’s name.

CWS news

On this new advertorial, they show news footage that I’ve seen many times online.

The first time I saw this news footage it was on another advertorial called Explosive Payday.

It’s a CNN news footage that indicates how people are making money from home.

If you read the advertorial, they tell a story about how a guy named Chris J Peters makes money from home.

Once you get to the part where they say how Chris makes money they quote him and he said, “They gave me my own website that makes me money 24/7.”

That is pretty much all the ad said about the way this Chris dude makes money from home.

Then to get started, they say you need to apply for a cash website success package because they decided to invest in the United States and hire more people to help the economy grow and recover faster then they say they released a limited amount of kits that cost a small fee.

Let’s Break This Down…!

You see news footage, then they show a photo with a guy named Chris J Peters that got his own website that makes him money 24/7.

To get started they want you to pay a small fee to obtain a kit that is supposed to help the economy grow and recover because they decided to invest in the United States.

Obviously, they are being vague with their details.

  • “Chris” never really said who gave him a website that makes him money 24/7?
  • What country is investing in the United States?
  • What Country wants to see the United States economy grow and recover?
  • If “hey “gave” Chris a website why is there a small fee?

If You Scroll Down…!

They say it’s three simple steps and you can get paid by check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

Then there is this odd update that is supposed to be breaking news that there are instant qualifications for English speaking people.

I’ve said this time and time again about these advertorials and that is if you scroll down to the bottom and read that little fine print they explain everything.

cws term

Mainly you are reading an advertisement that is promoting a product or service. They get paid for click or purchases made on their site.

It is a way to sucker people into paying for their promotions.

If you were to click any links, it leads to the next step which is where the Money Sucking Website video begins.

The Money Sucking Website Video

third day mswr

The video builder claims that you can make $500 a day with a website. The claim is that it happens quite rapidly. They show a screenshot of the money made in three days.

msw unethical

msw tweaks

After that, the video goes on and says it starts to talk about how they are only given their website to a limited amount of people because of the unethical purposes someone can use these money-sucking websites with a few illegal tweaks.

msw approximately

So, they set their websites to make approximately $500 a day. (notice the typo!) Then they say that is why they take vetted measures to prevent those few illegal tweaks.

msw testimonial

They show testimonials below on their video builder ad.

On this testimonial, this girl I believe has made a few illegal tweaks.

If you look at this testimonial, this girl said: “I make over $2,300 per day on average just from the free site.”

That is one free website making $2,300 a day. Then I guess MSW vetting procedures suck! and I believe she made a few illegal tweaks, Lol.

My Point Here!

A video builder ad like this is telling you a story just like that advertorial before you got to that Money Sucking Website.

They don’t have people who actually made money with their Money Sucking Websites on their advertisement.

When you are approached with an opportunity, they should approach you with some sort of respect.

For me, because I see these types of ads a lot, I don’t take them seriously even if there might be a great opportunity.

If they had an opportunity that worked, I know they wouldn’t take these types of measures to get people to buy.

When you get approached through these types of measures, from what I gathered it is more of a way to sucker money out of you.

The Terms Says A Lot

If you read their terms, it appears that there is some sort of a vacuum funnel that can take measures of sucking money out of your bank account.

msw cost

It starts off by charging you a one time fee for $47. Now you gave them your bank info as well and it says if you want to cancel, call international or email them.

Obviously, you are dealing with a service that isn’t in the USA. Like I said in one of my reviews, that I do business with services outside the US, but they are very transparent.

Apparently, people are having a hard time getting their money back. Each country has its own laws and it can be quite difficult to get a refund.

I wrote about and ways you can obtain a refund.

In their terms, it appears they seemed to have other intentions besides charging a one time fee for $47.

The terms show that the could charge people for other products or services.

In this part of the terms, it shows prices may vary and you are responsible to pay the charge even if it is not the price quoted to you.

msw prices may vary

Underpayments, you are fully liable for unauthorized charges.

msw payments

Also, they have terms for subscription and recurring charges. It said, that you agree that we may make periodic charges relating to your subscription without further authorization from you.

msw recurring payments

Under Problems with payments, you will be liable for debt collection costs when failure to make payments on any order.

msw liable

The terms to me seem more like this Money Sucking Website is more of a problem than an asset.

They say it’s a small fee and after four simple steps in three days you could be making nearly $9,000.

So why are there these subscriptions, recurring payments, and periodic charges if people can make all this money with their free money sucking website.

In my opinion, obviously they are suckering people out of their money and I wouldn’t trust this service with a ten-foot pole.

I’m calling this one a scam because the ad doesn’t coincide with their opportunity. They use some sort of tactic like in three days you can make all this money just to get people to pay.

All In All

If you are going to take a chance, take it with a service that is at least transparent with you. There are services out there that I may not recommend but they take transparent measures.

Being that there are almost 2 billion websites worldwide, obviously, there is money out there to be made.

But, there are those who take advantage and use either a name-drop scam tactic or an opportunity like websites to lure people in.

Go to their terms if you are not sure and see if the ad coincides with the opportunity.

What is your take about Money Sucking Website, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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