Is Kids Earn Cash A Scam: Who Are These Kids

When I learned about Kids Earn Cash, I was curious about the kids.

I find if kids are earning cash its gotta be a good thing.

Okay, when I started researching Kids Earn Cash I’m like who are these kids.

No one has time for games especially when it comes to making money online.

After going through my findings my first thought was, are they kidding!

In my Kids Earn Cash review, I’m going to share my findings.

Specs About Kids Earn Cash

KEC Review

Product Name: Kids Earn Cash
Year: 2019
Free Access: Yes
Price: Varies depending on offers completed
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

My Take

Why oh why are there so many of these odd opportunities out there in the online world.

I guess the word “kids” and adding “earn cash” is appealing and got my curiosity.

Before I even clicked on a link, my first thought was who are these kids earning cash.

I was assuming kids were earning cash by doing extraordinary things.

I assumed KEC (Kids Earn Cash) would be a place where people could purchase kid’s creations, like drawings, books, or jewelry that children made.

I thought it would be a service that I would recommend as a way for children to make money for themselves using their talented skills.

What Is Kids Earn Cash?

KEC steps

It is supposed to be a service that helps you earn commissions based on inviting your friends to join KEC.

If you were to join KEC, you would make a $25 bonus.

If any of your friends join KEC, you are supposed to make a commission a $10 commission.

It’s pretty straight forward. It’s similar to DollarsTrue. Where they want you to refer their website, however, there is nothing of real quality worth joining.

Is There Any Other Way To Make Money Besides Inviting Friends?

Under surveys, they make it appear that you would complete surveys when that is not the case at all.

What they have you do I wouldn’t call the best way to make cash. In fact, this is where it can cost you money because the other way you can make money is by completing offers.

They reward you by points that you are supposed to be able to redeem.

They show tempting offers such as a Target or McDonald’s $100 gift card.

If you are unfamiliar with completing offers, completing offers can be dangerous because you could end up spending hundreds a month on a product or service.

If you ever got an email enticing you to get a $100 gift card for Walmart or a free iPhone, those are the general offers that KEC has as another way that you can supposedly make money.

If you ever tried getting those rewards, it goes on forever and what is really required is you placing your credit card info and sometimes these rules require that you pay three months for a particular offer.

Most offers explain their rules in their fine print. If you do not abide by their rules or cancel before the required date, you don’t earn that reward. It could end up costing you more money than you will ever make.

The Enticing Video

KEC video

If you look at the video on the KEC site, it is very enticing. The video title claims some dude made $1.8M in three months.

They don’t tell you anything in that video. It’s just a guy showing screenshots of money he claimed he made.

In my book, it’s a way to entice people to join thinking they can do the same thing when that is not the case.

I Took It A Step Further

kids EC request

I noticed on the KEC site that they show a lot of payment proofs.

When I looked at Kids Earn Cash payment proofs, the user names were the same, yet on the same date, they were able to cash out a number of times.

That is very odd. The natural action to take is to cash out all your money by using one payment method.

If I see something like this where user names are the same, cashing out using different methods on the same day. I can’t help but think their payment proof is fake.

Another reason why I say it’s fake is that the amount of money you can make per invite and completing offers doesn’t add up.

It’s free to join, there isn’t a membership fee so how are they able to pay you.

Offers are usually only available in certain countries. Companies that compensate services want actions completed in a certain way. Not everyone is going to complete these offers.

So, a service that says they will compensate you $10 per invite without obtaining compensation from their members sounds to me like no one is going to get paid.

Another Red Flag

Also, if you were to sign up for Kids Earn Cash, they don’t even verify your email address.

Allowing anyone and their mama to sign up using false names. For me, that makes it appear that there are more members than said.

That guy and that claims he made 1.8 million in three months probably spent his time creating user names making it appear that he is making all this money.

Think about those user names, how do so many people come up with the same user name!

If you think about creating a user name, you kind of reflect it on either your personality or your name.

How many people are going to come up with “Daisala903” especially the 903, Lol?

Another Odd Red Flag

KEC terms usa

Their contact info is quite odd. In their terms, they say they are a United States company.

I’m quoting it,

“The Kids Get Money Sites and Features are controlled, operated, and administered by the Company from its offices within the United States of America.”

Their international terms are quite confusing.

KEC terms contact

Under contact us in their terms it says you can contact them in the UK.

KEC get in touch

Under get in touch, it shows an option to contact them in Canada.

What is the USA Address?

As for the Kids Get Money or Kids Paid Money sites if you go to their home page it redirects you to Kids Earn Cash.


As for Kids Earn Money, it is also a part of Kids Earn Cash.

So Are You Calling Kids Earn Cash A Scam?

In my book yes I do. I wouldn’t recommend people trust a site that doesn’t even take the time to verify your email address.

The offers they want you complete can cost you more money than you can make. In fact, you may not get credit if you don’t abide by these offer rules.

Another concern is that how are they really making money by people who enter their info inside a site like this “kids earn” whatever site you land on.

Even though on their terms they don’t really say they sell your info, if you take the time to start trying to complete these offers, this is where your data goes.

Kids Earn Cash may not verify in regards to who signs up, but if you were to start trying to obtain these gift cards, you may be more inclined to put your data there and that is more than likely the goal for a site like this.

KEC terms no cash value

Even in their terms, it says, points earn has no cash value.

All In All

The word Kids may grab your attention.

Once you’re in, you see a video that obviously entices people to join. In that video, they show millions made in 3 months which is overinflated and not the norm.

Then there are these payment proofs that are in my book fake. Showing the same user names getting paid in different ways on the same date.

If you’re going to cash out, you are gonna cash out all your money using one payment method.

In my book, these offers are what they really want you to do. By saying you get compensated $10 per invite is just a way to get more people in to do the same thing.

What is your take about Kids Earn Cash, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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