Kissing Too Many Frogs: The Internet Business Smacks

Finding the right online business is almost the same as finding the right love interest in your life.

Kissing too many frogs within the internet business industry can lead people into debt along with time wasted.

The first initial attraction to a person is their first impression.

The person looks good, he or she may have a nice smile, beautiful eyes, a nice body, well-groomed or it could be their personality.

When we get to know the person, they turn out to be another frog.

The nice smile, eyes, and body don’t seem so appealing anymore.

Just like many online businesses, what was offered seemed good.

Most of us are not quitters and have a determined success attitude so we tend to find another “frog,” but the patterns are the same.

These patterns tend to be and you know what I’m referring to.

Lying * Cheating * Stalker * Controlling * Opportunist * Too Young Frogs

Many businesses have different business models, but the outcome is just the same.

We end up feeling duped and despite the well-groomed business model idea, the investment or investments wasn’t well thought out and we didn’t put enough time researching what we kissed.

We must make sure we don’t fall into the same patterns again and again so here we go with the list of frogs we must refrain from giving smacks to.

So unpuck those lips and find out what these well-groomed, well-played internet smacks are all about.

That Lying Frog

ktmf lyingfrog

A lying frog tells us stuff that isn’t true.

This particular type of frog loves to promise a great amount of money in a short amount of time.

The business model tends to be so easy that your workload is practically no work at all.

Yes, the business model seems great when they whisper sweet nothing in our ears, but those that seem sincere eyes, smile, and good looking face deceive us.

We fall into that trance because we hear what we want to hear and what they tell us seems to solve a problem at that particular time.

Yet, after we made the investment we find out that the business relationship was a complete lie.

No money was made. The only one who benefited from the relationship was that lying frog.

That Cheating Frog

Did Not Work Out Frog Jasmine Art

This type of frog is always looking.

This frog is never satisfied with what they got.

This frog could probably thrive at one business, but they are never satisfied.

We think we found the right business.

We’ve been working it and promoting it and then one day it is gone.

We log into our account and we find the Dear John letter.

That cheating frog left that business and started another one.

Leaving us high and dry and the business investment we’ve made was all for nothing.

That Stalker Frog

kissingTooManyFrogs Donotgoforg jamsine art

This is probably the scariest frog of them all. This frog seems nice, but something is just not right.

We realize we are just not into that business model and we let the frog down gently.

Unfortunately, this frog can’t leave us alone.

They got that cray, cray business model plan.

They call us and try to work things out along with not taking no for an answer.

We open our email and there is a ton of emo emails asking us to come back.

We try to dodge this frog, but they keep finding us and may have disguises, to get us back.

That Controlling Frog

Controlling Frog Jasmine Art

This frog likes to control everything.

They have way too many rules.

This frog even tells us if we promote their business, such as using our own website, they have to approve it.

We tend to always have to run things by them first before we can do anything.

They even have us going here, there, everywhere and we haven’t even made a buck yet.

We eventually realize this isn’t a business that we own and we decide to move on.

That Opportunist Frog

Opportunist Frog

This frog loves to bat its pretty money eyes at us.

This frog seems legit, but they are always asking for more money to get more information.

We haven’t even made a dime yet, but they say if we get this information it will get us to the next level.

At some point, we realize all these up-sells isn’t going to get us anywhere and we through this frog back into the pond where it belongs.

That Cute Young Frog

ktmf young frog

This frog is probably the most attractive frog.

This frog is young and just launched.

They tell us its gonna be the “next great thing”, then when we start the business, we realize they don’t know what they are doing.

They are too young and their business strategy can go either way.

Yeah, we know they have to start somewhere, but there are just too many immaturities to work out.

We realize we don’t have time for that and we need a frog with more experience.

All In All

These are some of the types of frogs we come across when we want to make money online.

The way to find the right prince or princess is by doing your research.

By doing your research, you can prevent a lot of these kisses from happening and instead smack them back where they belong.

I’ve kissed a frog or two and I’m sure many of you have too.

I’m happy to say, I did find my prince.

This prince has a nice smile, beautiful eyes, good looking, experience, supports me when I need him, and has the best personality of them all.

I kid you not, I wouldn’t be with him for more than four years if things didn’t pan out.

If you want to check him out, click here!

What is your smack about kissing too many internet businesses, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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