Legit Online Opportunities: Know High Quality From Low Quality

Finding a legitimate online business opportunity is tough.

I know because I’ve been through it myself.

There is a bunch of low-quality offers on the net that want money.

I’ve done a lot of research on the net, and I discovered that it’s essential to know what you’re looking for when you’re searching for the right business.

What Are Low-Quality Businesses?

Low-quality businesses usually sound like a good idea if you don’t think too much about it.

Usually, they are very tempting because they make it seem that you will be making tons of money without hardly doing anything.

Then when people try it, they find out this product or service really didn’t have anything to offer.

Most people fall for them because they flash a lot of shiny objects.

Sometimes they tell a flat out lie.

They say this is what you’ll be doing and when you try it, it is over-exaggerated.

This is very common in the online world. It is filled with millions of business opportunities that will not make you a dime.

How Do I Know If It’s Low-Quality?

Usually, you can research the site and look for some strange things. One thing is if you X-out of a site and they lower the price, again and again, it’s a sure sign it’s low-quality.

I never got this concept, why would a company do something like that if they offered something of real value.

If there’s a video telling you a story, a good habit to do, is to research what they say. Don’t just take their word for it. If you find out it’s a lie, then you know it’s low-quality junk that you should stay away from. Usually, these types of sites just want your information to sell you other junk.

If you come across Squeeze pages that say just give me your info and I will send you my million dollar secret. The secret is, they don’t even have millions. They are trying to make millions themselves.

Look for the usual up-sells. This one can be difficult to determine because they won’t tell you about the up-sell.

They usually want your money fast than when you buy into the business opportunity, they will ask you for more money. This one is common in the MLM Industry.

You want to look for customer service if you can’t find one move on. Problems do occur and if you can’t get them resolved, most likely you’re involved with a low-quality product online.

Research the company, if you read complaint after complaint then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Look at their business model, what are they asking you to do. If they are not telling you what you will be doing and you have to buy the product first, most likely it’s a low-quality product.

Sometimes a site will have you doing outdated stuff that doesn’t even work anymore. You’re just wasting your time and money because you won’t make a penny.

If a site just launched, give it some time to grow. If it’s a good quality product it will still be there for years to come. If it’s not, then you still got money in your pocket.

Find out who owns the site. If you can’t find out who owns the business then it’s best to just stay away. The owners of quality sites take pride in their business and will let you know who they are.

What Are Quality Sites

Quality sites are usually well-known sites that you hear a lot about. Usually, they have been in business for years. A lot of people make money from them. They have a lot of information on their site that you can read.

Good Examples

Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are just a few out there. There are more, but they are popular and people are very familiar with them.

What To Look For In Quality Sites

When you come to a site that was recommended by someone and you did your research, the first thing you want to ask them, is how much is it going to cost you.

It’s also good to ask if there are any up-sells. If the price is reasonable and you’re not going to get bombarded with up-sells then you may have found the right one.

It’s pretty difficult to find high-quality business opportunities because scams have taken over the net.

My gem, I found on the net, is a company called Wealthy Affiliate. If you read a number of my articles, I pretty much recommend it all the time as My #1 Heroic Site.

Why Is It My #1 Heroic Site?

WA is a good example of a High-Quality Business Opportunity because a lot of low-quality business opportunities don’t do what WA offers.

It took me a little over a year to even start my online business journey through them. What I discovered was a high-quality business that you can absolutely make a nice income from online. There wasn’t any shiny objects, but a community of people building various businesses online.

I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with WA if they didn’t have a free version. I’m not saying this because I’m cheap, but it’s a jungle out there and if you’re not careful, you can really end up in a financial mess with some of these low-quality sites.

I want to get into what I’ve experienced and the research I had done with this product. One of the most awesome parts of WA is its community.

WA’s Community

I’ve met so many like-minded people that are building fantastic businesses. Some of the members inside WA are beginners and some of them are experienced marketers.

One thing, that surprises me the most, is how many people come back. For me, I’m surprised when someone leaves, but I guess it’s because they may have something going on in their life that needs to be taken care of.

I also noticed a lot of experienced online marketers that have been trying for years to earn a living online and finally found their gem through WA. I’ve also have gotten support when I needed and my questions answered when I was confused about something.

If It’s So Great Why Do People Quit?

I’ve come across a few reasons why people left and the main reasons were

  • The cost
  • Extremely high expectations
  • Not committed
  • Personal reasons
  • They can’t decide on a niche

The cost for a premium membership at WA is $49 a month or $495 a year.

I know this isn’t what we would call bankruptcy prices, but some people want to stay as a monthly member.

Sometimes things come up in a person’s life and they haven’t had the time to build their business so they may decide to move on.

Some people expect to make millions in months. They believe because their site is online and they hit the publish button, billions of people are reading their info.

They expect to make millions in a matter of days. When they realize it’s not going to happen in a matter of months or days they usually quit.

Sometimes people haven’t committed to their business and they come to a decision that it’s just not for them. From what I experienced from working from home, you have to put time into what you’re doing or you WON’T succeed.

Sometimes people have a personal issue that takes them in a different direction in life. I do notice that a lot of them come back.

From what I saw that is very common that some members do and is NOT a good idea at all, is that they will build too many sites at once because they can’t decide on a niche.

WA has a great service that allows its premium members to build 25 websites with hosting included. This is a great deal that people should take advantage of, but if someone is new at this. There is plenty of time to do it later.

Taking On More Then They Can Chew

Learning to monetize a website should be the first priority. A person has to learn the business first before they can decide to build more sites. It’s best to pick a niche and make it work.

If you think about it, it’s like opening a store without knowing what you’re doing and opening a bunch of franchises.

You may get a few customers, but they may not come back because the service sucks and the owner has too much on their plate. Usually, this results in the owner not able to keep up with their businesses. Then they quit and say it doesn’t work.

Complaints About WA

At WA you get to blog and communicate with other members. You’re able to ask questions and answer other member’s questions.

The common complaint is that their writing privilege was revoked. WA doesn’t allow spamming and abusive behavior to other members. They are not shy about revoking your blogging privileges.

WA has millions of active premium members. All the premium members are there to learn and build a business, and no one paid a monthly or yearly fee to be spammed or abused. A high-Quality company takes action on things like this.

Another complaint, I read, is that WA forces you to promote WA. That is far from the truth. When I started my WA journey, I was going to do a niche about hair. If you could see my hair right now, I have no business writing a niche about hair.

I’m a woman that loves all those things that make us beautiful, but I’m not a beautician. I also didn’t want to spend time writing about something I liked but had no interest in learning about. I had to think about what I really like doing. I thought about what I spend most of my time doing and that was finding ways to make money online, so I went the Bootcamp rout.

The Learning Material

The learning material at WA is a class act. They always keep you updated with the latest ways to build a business. The internet changes a lot. I notice a lot of low-quality businesses don’t keep up with the times. Adjustments are always needed to be made. If you come across a site with an outdated looking website, most likely their material is probably outdated too.

No one can really say that WA’s learning materials are low-quality. In my opinion, the price they charge to build a business online is excellent. Everything, you need to get a business going, is right at your fingertip with no up-sell.

  • Quality learning materials
  • Keyword tool
  • Help
  • Websites
  • Secure Hosting
  • Live Training

Why Does WA Offer A Free Version?

This is a great way to test drive what you’re getting. Why start forking out money without looking at you’re going to get first?

You get 10 Free lessons a website and hosting to check out before you decided to pay. WA also allows you to look inside and get involved with the community for 7 days. Take advantage of it.

If you still are a free member and haven’t decided to go premium just yet, you can always keep adding content to your site. From my experience, I would really think about going premium because I kid you not, this program is off the chain.

Darn Near Perfect

I’m not gonna say everything is all sunshine and roses, because I’ve had my ups and downs building my business, but I’m seeing results. I haven’t been at Wealthy Affiliate a year full year yet and I have made so much progress.

  • I make money while I’m learning.
  • I’m ranking on Google.
  • I get daily readers to my site.
  • I’m getting a University Education at a phenomenal rate.

I will post my yearly review when I get there in about a few months. I wrote this article because I come across so many low-quality scams out there that I want you to know that there are high-quality business opportunities.

All In All

Quality always out beat low-quality. When you’re trying to build a business online, it’s important to do your research first.

Like I said before, I’ve come across so many low-quality business opportunities that don’t help anyone.

The only person, it helps, are the people who started the low-quality site. Stay safe out there and don’t forget to check out My #1 Heroic Site!

What is your take about legit online opportunities, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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