Mistakes Made With My First Year: My Ups And Downs

It’s been a full year of build my business online. The first year of a website can be tough.

I know because I had my up’s and downs in my journey. It’s well worth it if you have the right tools and support. That’s what I had when I started this journey through Wealthy Affiliate.

How Did I Pick My Niche?

I picked this niche about making extra money online because I knew a few things from what I’ve experienced in the past. I thought it would be best to help others out there who wanted to find ways to make money from home.

I’ve always wanted to work from home. It was difficult in finding ways to do it. For years, I’ve been looking on and off.

When I lost my last job, I really just dug my heels in and did some deep researching. When I finally found some ways to do it. I wanted to share it.

Like I said, it’s tough out there. There are also services out there, that are just not cost effective. I believe people are just getting ripped off.

Was Wealthy Affiliate The Right Choice?

When I got to Wealthy Affiliate, I thought it was the coolest place ever. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but the guidance there was awesome.

I went to the green “Get started here” and they offer 10 free lessons. These free lessons were awesome.

They taught me the beginning stages of the online marketing world.

What I learned was valuable. I decided to become a Premium Member because there was a lot more to learn. I stuck with it through good times and bad times.

Why Are There Bad Times?

I want you to understand from my point of view. When you start a business, you’re making an investment.

In the beginning it can seems like the investment is not getting anywhere. I learned that you have to be patient because it’s a learning process.

Of course no one knows what the future holds. Sometimes I had days where my mind can play tricks on me.

I’ve said to myself I can’t do this, I’ve said I’m not a writer what am I doing? I’ve said to myself am I doing the right thing?

Questioning myself was common during the bad times. Especially when I’m not seeing the results that I want to see.

This is where support is so important. In WA there’s a community of support and training. The support does help. If I didn’t have that support, I’d probably have not stuck it out.

The Good Times

mistakes made my first year ana

There are days where all the bad days get washed away. These are the days that are amazing.

These days I learn to cherish because I started from nothing. That’s why I named my site Begin At Zero.

My first sale was an amazing day. Looking at my data and learning how many people were visiting my site was pure joy.

The biggest joy was when someone would leave a comment thanking me for letting them know that a service I reviewed was a scam and saving them the time and trouble.

The feeling of helping someone is just pure priceless.


When you start something you start from scratch. Just like when you start a simple thing as making dinner or baking a cake from scratch.

As you put those ingredients together, they start to build. I know the results, of baking a cake from scratch, is a lot quicker than building a business, but the concept is the same.

You start with ingredients and you add stuff to it and it starts to form. The end result can be good or nasty, it just depends on what you did and how you did it.

The good part about it is that it’s not the end of the world if you mess up. We all make mistakes and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

The biggest mistakes I made was not putting more effort into what I was doing. I would tend to put things off.

I knew I had a gold mine with WA, but being human, I still put other things first instead of my business.

What I Experienced

Everyone experience a different outcome, but some of the general things are the same. It’s just like that end cake result, it could be good or nasty, Lol.

With WA, I learned that if you stick to the training, people see good results. It’s a matter of applying and committing to the process.

This is what a lot of people say who are successful. They say to commit, and add content to your business at least twice a week.

Actually the work is really not that hard, it’s just the getting use to a different way of doing things.

If you think about working for the Man or Woman, you just do it, because you know you’re gonna get a check in the end. With building your own business, this is plain pure faith.

What I mean is, you’re doing something without pay, meaning you have no boss, you have no paycheck, and the only one who can lay you off is you.

Sometimes this can be very frustrating. Especially when you don’t see a viewer or any money. You scan start to talk yourself out of it because you’re not getting paid.

The First Three Months

The first three months is when I made my first dollar. I mainly focused on learning and my rankings. That’s all I cared about.

It was fun when I found my first review on the first page of Google. It wasn’t ranked number 1, but it was on the first page.

People were actually reading it. I was like OMG, it felt good. I had other stuff started to rank, but I wasn’t working as hard as I should.

Fourth And Fifth Month

I call these months, the crossroads months. This is where your faith, support got to kick in. These are the times when you look up at that mountain and see how far you gotta go.

This is a struggle and this is probably the time I slacked off the most.

I did add content to my site, but I was just hanging by a thread. I stuck mainly in the community.

I wished I did things differently because I’d probably have a had a better outcome sooner. I guess you don’t know until you know. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Sixth Month

This is when I started to put more effort into what I was doing. I told myself I needed to step it up and stop admiring the people doing well.

There is nothing wrong with admiring people’s success and supporting people’s success, but shoot, I started to think about why I began this journey so I start to build.

It wasn’t mainly about the money, it was about helping people find ways to earn extra money. It was also about letting people know there is a way to work for yourself that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I started to do what people do who are successful inside WA. What they do, is consistently working on their business.

Seventh, Eighth And Ninth Month

mistakes made my first year

The rewards of my hard work was starting to kick in. More content started to rank in Google and some of my articles were ranked in the first page and ranked #1 in Google. My site was starting to build authority.

Lots of people that I couldn’t imagine started to read my articles. I was starting to make more money. It started to get exciting to check my info. Things started to move forward.

Last Three Months Of The Year

I started to steadily build a business. I was amazed how I started to grow and build something from the ground up.

I’m by no means a millionaire. What I am is an online CEO owner of beginatzero.com. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I started the journey and that cake taste delicious. I gotta bake more cakes as I’m mastering that recipe.

I’ve tried MLM with no money made and I’m finally making money with this site. The great thing, about building a business from home, is that the income can grow.

Keeping the faith and the possibilities are endless.

What Is So Special About Wealthy Affiliate?

That place is amazing. Full of people just like you and me, building businesses from home. What makes WA stand out from the crowd is that there is support and proper training.

If I’d done this alone, I would not have ranked anywhere in the engines. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Inside WA, there are people from all walks of life and different age groups pushing forward.

One thing you gotta understand is that no one can do it for you. It’s all there on one platform. keyword tool, training, support, and no up-sells.

Even though, you got all you need on one platform, it’s up to you to do it. That is why it’s my My #1 Heroic Site because it works.

All In All

It’s been a process, a process I wouldn’t take back. Building a business is not easy online or offline.

It’s about what you put in. It’s about working daily. It’s about wanting to change your life. That’s how you get it done, by deciding and keep going.

I will always be thankful for the two guys that started this mess Kyle and Carson. You guys are not just changing lives, you’re showing people how to properly build a business from home. Thanks, Guys!

If you want to start your own business online, you know where I’m going to send you to My #1 Heroic Site.

Get those 10 free lessons, hosting, and websites and learn how it’s done!

If you have any questions or comments about the first year of a website, let me know below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!

10 thoughts on “Mistakes Made With My First Year: My Ups And Downs”

  1. Hi Evelyn, I came here through reading your review on the “We pretty much already knew it was a scam” Lotto Crusher system. I too, am a mother of a special needs child and I am very much considering using the Internet to start my own business.

    I’m quite nervous as I have not worked for around 19 years since I have home schooled my son, he will graduate this June! It is a great accomplishment for us since he was diagnosed with Asperger at 4 years old and I was told he would never be “productive”. Whatever.

    What truly drew me to read all of your site was when I skimmed through and saw “Plant, Water and Believe!” I am a gardener. A garden designer to be more specific. If you can sow one seed and allow it to grow to it’s potential, you will reap the harvest of it’s blessings and be rewarded with many more new seeds for a new season.

    Thank you for your open honesty here. It’s quite refreshing to see in this day and age. Hard work always pays off in the end, sometimes I’m worried I know I don’t have the energy I did at 25 to accomplish what I need to!

    I’m thinking of making natural lotions, shampoos, teas, salves, oils, pretty much anything with my garden herbs and flowers to sell online.

    It’s a lot of work though! I do have good friends who are willing to help so that is a blessing! Thanks so much for the inspirational site! I will be back.

    May you and your family be blessed!

    Nancy Counts.

    • Hey Nancy, OMG, I just wanted to first say how I love your personality. Being a parent of a special needs child is tough. I too am ripe in age and I know the energy level is not the same as it use to be. I really miss those days and boy can we take some of what our youth has to offers us for granted. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be surprised to see people of all ages and walks of life there building successful businesses online. I really like your niche with the all natural products you’d like to sell. It sounds like a rewarding way to help people stay healthy and young. You gotta go for it and make it happen. It’s like that seed, start planting it and once you take action you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment. I wish you only the best and give that son of yours a hug from me. Blessings to you and your family, Evelyn.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion to your reader, Nancy Counts. Why don’t you make products that contain herbs that help treat Asperger’s. You could write a blog about care of an Asperger’s child. If I were the mother of a child with Asperger’s, especially a new mom, I would find something like that invaluable. Hope you don’t mind my two cents. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Mothers like you and Evelyn are truly special people.

    • Hey Elizabeth, I don’t mind giving out suggestions especially if they are great! Also, thanks for the thoughtful words. All the best, Evelyn.

  2. Evelyn, YOU are pretty amazing! I found your sight while reading a review on Surge 365. Yours is the only one I started reading, completed AND read your Q & A with other readers. So first and foremost, thank you!! I have a small accessory business. It’s a great concept for women, most of the time when people see me wearing my accessory, they usually love it. At “trunk shows” people have no idea what they are then they love it. My customers are loyal but it’s been has been nearly impossible to generate traction. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of money trying to figure it out, an unsuccessful website, Facebook and Instagram which I am NOT a millennial and know nothing! I’ve even I’ve given away hundreds of dollars in samples. I understand there are no guarantees but, would this be a good venue for me?? Please help!

    • Hey Gwendolyn Thanks so much for your compliment, you are too kind. Oh yes, Wealthy Affiliate is awesome. I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I tried building a website before and I needed help with how to do it. When I found WA, they taught me more than what I expected, such as SEO, how to format your website, tools you need and much more, I feel you can learn a number of skills to bring the traction that you want to your business. What is great about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can check them out of free, no credit card in hand. This way you get a good idea of how their training process works, they give 10 free lessons, hosting and 2 free websites. You can see for yourself if WA is a good fit for you. I’m looking forward to seeing you there, and by the way I need to see your accessories, there is nothing better than an original product line. All the best with many blessings to you. I appreciate your thoughts, Evelyn.

    • Thanks Louise,

      I’m on my third year now and I really enjoy what I’m doing. Thanks again and many blessings, Evelyn.

  3. Thank you for the information you presented on this page. Everything was so clear and easy to read. I am a fairly new online business owner and I appreciate when people give their own realistic personal business experience. Keep up the great work!


    • Hey Bryan, you’re very welcome. When building a business online, it takes time and work. It will happen if you commit to what you’re doing. I feel a lot of people give up too easily because some may feel they are not getting results as quickly as they want. Just like with any business whether it’s on or offline it will take work. The good part about having an online business is that it’s not as expensive as it is having an offline business. This is a great factor to consider for people if they want to own their own business. Just stick with it Bryan, wish you the best with many blessings, Evelyn.

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