MLM Website VS Your Own Website: There Are Differences

One of the advantages that MLM or Network Marketing business opportunities tend to offer people is their websites.

There are differences between an MLM website and your OWN website that I would like to share.

The reason being is that I have experienced both types of websites and if you’re unfamiliar with websites in general, this is a must-read article.

My History In The MLM Industry

I’ve been involved with the MLM industry prior to owning my own website and one of the selling points that an MLM Opportunity offers is that they have a ready-made website for you to use.

These ready-made MLM websites might seem like an eyebrow-raiser because you have a website up and running and ready to be viewed.

That is how I felt when I joined my first MLM business because it seemed like everything was there for me to get a business going.

With most MLM or Network Marketing businesses they do offer everything, you need to get the ball rolling except, traffic, leads, and your friends and family to make that downline money.

Not only that, if there are leads available within an MLM opportunity, usually that is an extra expense and it can get quite expensive.

I know this first hand because I too have purchased a way to get leads when I was involved in a couple of MLM opportunities.

What Does Leads Have To Do With A Website?

Being that at one point I was unfamiliar with websites except for the general functions of them, such as typing in the domain name and click within the site, I thought that my MLM business website was another lead generating opportunity.

Boy, was I wrong! Let’s get into the differences because if you were like me that was unfamiliar about SEO, that website is nearly useless.

What Are The Differences?

Since I’ve been mainly going on about MLM websites, let’s start there. Let’s start with the good, bad, and the ugly that An MLM or Network Marketing Website offers.

The Good Points

  • Ready-Made
  • Professionally Done
  • Nothing To Alter
  • Shopping Cart

The Bad Points

  • Duplicate Content
  • You Can’t Alter Them
  • Not SEO Friendly
  • Not A Ranking Website
  • You Don’t Own Them

Just Ugly

  • No Natural Traffic
  • Useless If You Can’t Make A Single Sale

To elaborate more, MLM Websites are done for you and it’s nice that you don’t have to add or do anything to them, however they are not SEO friendly and don’t rank well in the search engines.

To give you an example, if you were selling diet pills for a particular MLM company and someone was searching for a particular product that your MLM company sells, more than likely your website will not show up in the search engines.

With an MLM or Network Marketing website, they are all that I call sock websites. They are all the same and the only difference is the numbers and letters along with the domain name to identify that it’s your domain name.

You will have to make sure that your customers who are willing to purchase products from your website know every single letter of your domain name. You may have to ask your friends and family to add that domain name to their favorites if you want that sale.

To get traffic to your website you can advertise these stock websites in traffic exchange sites, social networking sites, or maybe even through classified ads.

I also want to add that you can shorten your website domain name. There are sites out there that allow you to shorten any domain name, which I would recommend you do.

The ugly part is that if you’re not making any sales, these websites are just plain useless.

Now let’s get into your own website. I’m going to be fair because there are good, bad and ugly points to them as well.

The Good Points

  • SEO Friendly
  • Original Content
  • Flexibility
  • You Own Them
  • Add As Much Info As You Want
  • Alter Them

The Bad Points

  • It Takes Work
  • Not Ready-Made Content
  • Learning SEO

Just Ugly

  • Work Is Required

Okay, I’m going to elaborate more on your own website as well. Google and other search engines love original content.

Search engines want people looking for info through their site, yes even search engines are websites.

Think about it this way, If Google had the exact same content listed over and over again, such as an MLM stock website, people are going to look for other search engines that meet their needs.

Google and other search engines are all about user experience and they have their own algorithms to figure it out.

Now there is some SEO to learn by having your own website, but it’s not as hard as people make it out to be.

I learned SEO through proper easy step by step training and once I grasp how it works, I have a number of my posts and pages hitting that number one spot in the search engines.

Also, with your own website, you have the ability to alter and change your content when you want to, It’s your work and you have the power to change it easily.

Okay, yes it does take work to build out a website, nothing is done for you and you do have to do the work to get a website where you want it to be. If you’re afraid of working then I must say you shouldn’t be building a website.

The good news though is that you can build out a website at your own pace.

Once you grasp the basics of SEO, you can have posts or pages at the number one spot in Google which brings in traffic to your own website you are building and of course traffic leads to sales.

Two Extremely Important Points That You Must Read

I really want to express these two points and the first point is that you want natural traffic to your site. With MLM business you tend to have to go to people to get them to look at your website.

Going to people is really the basis of how these MLM businesses want you to build. Even if you have their MLM Stock website, it’s not a ranking website and you have to go to people to get them to look at your website if you want to make sales.

With your own website, you have people naturally going to your content without ever asking someone to look at your website.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been involved with both types of websites. By building my own website, I have not gone to a single-family or friend to tell them about my website.

Actually, my sister got an email about some service within my niche, she actually Googled reviews and found my website, Lol. True story!

I also want to add is that you only have so many friends and family members and I’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of people reading my website through the search engines alone.

My Second Very Important Point

The second important point I want to add and that is MLM companies own those websites that you pay to use.

Actually, the whole MLM business package is ready to go business model that these MLM or Network Marketing Companies want you to buy to use.

You pay to use their products and services and if you wanted to use your own website, you would have to get approval first.

Some of these MLM and Network Marketing Companies express in their contracts that they only want you to sell their products and you can not sell anything else, which I feel limits you.

Having your own website, the sky is the limit. You have to ability to build it as you wish because you own it.

You are truly your own boss when you own your own website and you have the ability to add, grow, and build however you want.

All In All

As you just read, there are differences between an MLM or Network Marketing website and your own website.

I have been involved with both and I must say having your own website sure out beats an MLM website by a landslide.

Once I learned the basics of building out a website, I sure wouldn’t consider going back to an MLM business again. (knock on wood), Lol.

I finally just came to the conclusion that MLM is not for me.

Yes, work is required when building out a website, but work is also required when trying to build that downline with an MLM business.

The biggest achievement I have is the results I got by owning my own website. You would be surprised how simple it is to build a website. Yes, if I can do this, you certainly can too.

Here is the service that helped me and I call it My #1 Heroic Site because they help many people properly achieve their goals with their own website.

If you have any questions, concerns, or your own experiences about an MLM or your own website, feel free to let me know below. Thanks!

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