Money Looper Review: Is There Really A Loophole

Copy His Success and Money Looper is pretty much the same ad as Rich Janitor. You know that wish-washy video I complained about back in the day.

If you’re interested in Money Looper, you might wonder what kind of loophole is available. I’m going to give you the info in my Money Looper review and if there really is some sort of software loophole.

Specs About Money Looper

Money Looper Review

Product Name: Money Looper
: 2012
Free Access
: Yes
: $37
Website URL
: Overall Rating
: 1/10

My Take

I’ve seen my share of revamped services online. There are services out there that change their names but their ads are quite similar.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, you know that a lot of these sales funnels and ads seem to apply similar tactics and you probably thought, didn’t I hear about this before!

Well, if you are thinking that, you’re right with Money Looper, it’s the same old story with a different name.

How Does Money Looper Service Work?

Once you purchase Money Looper you will get information on how you can make money online using

  • Slogan Maker
  • Survey Junkie
  • Nielsen
  • Completing surveys
  • Craigslist
  • ebook downloads

When I found out about Craigslist, I thought it was alarming because if you never read Craigslist’s terms for Lister’s, you can end up violating their terms.

Even Money Looper indicates how he got flagged by using Craigslist, yet he can give you tips on how to avoid getting flagged.

The reason why people get flagged by listing ads on Craigslist is that if your ad can be listed in multiple locations, then Craigslist indicates you should find somewhere else to list your ad.

In my opinion, if you have to go through leaps and bounds to avoid getting flagged by violating services terms, it just might be more feasible that your time should be spent elsewhere.

What Was In The Money Looper Ad?

I’m not going to get too much into the claim since you probably saw the ad. What it was mainly about in a nutshell was that some dude from Rich Janitor’s name Mike Dee found a loophole that you can easily make money.

Rich Janitor Mike Dee now ML

Rich Janitor’s ad was pretty much the same. If you go to Rich Janitor’s website with this Mike Dee thing going on, it’s not available.

If you ever saw Rich Janitor’s video in their ad they said pretty much the same thing. You’re supposed to make money if you watch the video in full but instead, you get a discount.

Just like in Money Looper’s ad more or less it is a fake coupon because everyone will get the discount even if you didn’t watch the video in full.

Can I Make Money If I Purchase Money Looper?

You can make money with what Money Looper has to offer, but it’s not going to be like what the ad claimed. The info you are paying for are little ways you can make money from home and that is if you ever do.

I say that because the ways they use is time-consuming. The little money you do make, you have to accumulate in order to cash out. It could take months depending on how active you are.

Always Read The Fine Print

I always like to read the fine print because you will find some interesting info in there.

I know the fine print info is a bit boring and very wordy, but it can help you get informed before you pay.

Anyways, their terms were pretty much standard and there wasn’t anything extremely alarming in their terms.

The info that I found to be concerning is that they share your info and send you newsletters. The newsletter part you may be okay with and that is fine.

But, let me explain!

I’m going to quote Money Looper’s Terms.

Money Looper Promotional Material

“Upon confirmation that you would like to join our newsletter, we will from time to time send you free information relating to the products we market, general advice related to online marketing, and promotional material for other products.”

Just so I don’t sound too complaintish, according to their terms you can cancel at any time.

However, when you get these promotional materials for other products, I would suggest you research these promotions first and not just buy because of overinflated claims. These promotions can also get to you in the form of robocalls.

Another part that is concerning is that they also collect your telephone number. I’m going to quote this other part of their terms.

Money Looper Coaching Partner

“We also share the information with a coaching partner who offers a related service to our clients. This is a company who we deal with closely, and their service is closely related to ours.“

That is all they say in regards to this coaching partner. For me, when I read coaching, I find that to be another expense you may have. It could also be a very expensive coaching deal.

Not only that, Money Looper may not share your info with anyone else, but when you correspond with this “coach” whose to say the “coach” wouldn’t sell or do other things else with your info.

After reading their terms, I couldn’t help but think, who is this loophole for? When people purchase Money Looper, are these people in the loop with this loophole?

I was thinking this because once you purchase their service, you’re not purchasing anything substantial that you can’t find just by searching for it online.

You can easily find all that Money Looper has to offer online easily.

So the info they are selling you isn’t anything new. For me, the fine print with the coaching and promotional info expresses to me that Money Looper found a loophole to sell you more opportunities.

Let Me Elaborate More About This Loophole

Money Looper Software

First off, they upsell you $197 after purchasing this Money Looper. Secondly, what about this software he created that he was bragging about in that ad?

Ebook downloads are not a software that is supposed to make you money automatically while you’re texting “Mike Dee” in regards to how great his software is working.

Money Looper automatic income claim

Surveys are time-consuming to complete so how is that a loophole plus it’s not that hard to find surveys online.

As for Nielson, it will take you about a year to make at least one hundred bucks.

Back to the upsell, if you’re building this great “partnership” with Mike Dee, why the upsell? He said found the loophole.

What more does Mike Dee want with this partnership when you’re helping him out and you are supposed to make this huge automatic income!

So Are You Calling The Money Looper A Scam?

Yep, because the ad doesn’t coincide with what you are paying for. There is no software loophole!

All In All

Paying for info that you can easily find online is not really a loophole. You are also paying for info that isn’t going to make you much money like the ad claim.

It’s time-consuming and by you putting in the time, it is going to be extremely difficult to get to even a full-time income.

I get it that money investment and time is going to help you get there, but it should be by using strategies where the sky is the limit.

If you have any questions or comments about Money Looper, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

I wish there was a simple loophole that did the trick. The real loophole I learned is that you can make a full-time living from home. For me, it started with 10 lessons that I’ve implemented and as I followed through, I’m consistently making money from home. This service here showed me how.

12 thoughts on “Money Looper Review: Is There Really A Loophole”

  1. This money looper thing doesn’t really sound any different than any other make money quick scheme out there clogging up the internet. I’ve never heard of it before. However I have seen many a scam and they all have at least one thing in common: They claim you will make money fast with hardly any effort. I think the real truth is they (the scammer) make money fast with hardly any effort because they falsely represent themselves and their so called products.

    I completely agree when you tell people to always read the fine print. That’s where they generally put the disclaimers and the crud you have to look forward to if you sign up for their “system” Keep doing what you do. Unfortunately, there are millions of victims who fall prey to this sort of thing and if you can help just one person avoid this circumstance then you’re definitely doing your job.

    • Hey Polly,

      It seems like when people hear about the money and no effort, all rules and signs to look for may fall at wayside.

      We all want to make money like that with little effort and lots of it.

      Sometimes people go for these schemes because it may cost a few bucks like a lottery ticket costs and then, hope for a quick fix like just turn on the computer and money falls into their bank account.

      Besides winning the lottery, I haven’t seen anything that will make people money without hard work and dedication.

      If you think about it, even with these scams the scammers put in work and dedication to make these ads knowing that they will make a quick buck then they close these schemes, wait then rehash them with a different name.

      Researching and reading the fine print can really help people to avoid the scheme.

      Thanks for sharing your well articulated thoughts, much appreciate it, Evelyn.

  2. Thank you for giving me more insight about ads activities with loophole review.

    Their general advice related to online marketing and promotional materials for other product is great and pretty cool. With this loophole review how can I differentiate ads that are genuine in making money and vice versa? Also I think I will suggest that they should work more on their privacy policy in the aspect of sharing info, Thanks.

    • Hey Crownwole, a good indicator that you might be look at a snake oil dream is if the ad indicates that you can make lots of money by doing practically nothing. Another indicator is if the people behind these ads are transparent. The other advice I give people is to find out what they say you will be doing to make money. Research their way and see if it’s logical or if it’s some sort of gimmick. Thanks for your questions and thoughts, all the best, Evelyn.

  3. I’ve been reading. A lot of reviews about this, and they all say the same, it is crap, scam, stay away from it. Your review also say what they state, so I think that it has to be very obvious to people that the best action is to stay away from it. Thanks a lot for sharing this review, hope people understand it.

    • Hey Emmanuel, LOL you are so funny. Yeah, if you read enough of a service that many people say stay away from, it might be a good idea to move on. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  4. I came across a similar ad. They claim that you can make a lot of money with their system but it was all about surveys. They will recommend some surveys and that’s it. They are ready to take people from all over the world when they know that most of the survey companies they are recommending only works in the US, Europe, and Australia.

    This kind of scam is a growing trend nowadays. And I can see that money loophole employs the same tactics. So, this is a scam. I would have understood if they do not claim you will make an insane amount of money and that you only pay a commission upon what you make from the surveys and other jobs they recommend.


    • So many survey scams are out there. They use any type of platform to lure people in. It could be a job or a business opportunity and they use social sites as well. Although surveys are legit, people will not make the money like what these luring tactics claim. Thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  5. I’ve already heard about this one, and all I can say is that every single comment about this one is a very bad negative one. It seems as a scam, and you just have to stay away from it. He takes your money and that’s it. No, seriously, you have better platforms than this one. Anyway, thanks for sharing it!

    • Hey Emmanuel, There is nothing great about Money Looper. Surveys is not going to make you rich and there are much more efficient ways to put time and effort into making money from home. Much appreciate your thoughts, Evelyn.

  6. This is pure extortion of funds from people. OMG, I’m always bewildered whenever I come across all this kinds of posts about this kind of products making huge claims and worse, I’m bemused that people do fall for this cheap tricks. This is just way too funny. Imagine, upsells on how to make money through surveys. This is bizarre! Thank you so much for exposing this cheap scam and preventing others from falling victims.

    • Hey RoDarrick, It also bewilders me how people fall for these scams. There are many of them out there as you read many of them. It just doesn’t fall under the making money online field either. Robocalls is a problem as well. I guess whenever there is some sort of loophole, Lol to get people’s money, scams will slither their way in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

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