Multi-Stream System Review: Does It Solve The Problem

If you’re reading this review now, I’m glad you took the time to read my Multi-Stream System review.

Multi-Stream System is a funnel system.

I feel it’s a system that gets people into paying for other opportunities.

Have you heard of the Plug-In Profit Site?

Well, it’s pretty much the same thing.

How the PIPS system works is by Stone Evans’s recommendations.

He suggests that people do specific steps and start joining other business opportunities that he recommends.

I feel these types of systems don’t solve the problem.

Please continue reading, and I will tell you why.

Specs About Multi-Stream System


Product Name: Multi-Stream System
Year: 2015
Free Access: Yes
Price: $30 Monthly
Website URL: Overall Rating: 5/10

The Rundown

What is Multi-Stream System aka MSS?

  • It’s a business opportunity.

How does it work?

  • MSS is a forced duplication system that gives you the opportunity to join 6 other businesses on top of adding your own business.

How much does it cost?

  • Free
  • Platinum $30 a month

Who can join?

  • Global

My Take

When I learned how MSS worked I thought, one opportunity alone takes work.

I understand if you want to join MSS it is free, but in the end, it’s going to cost you just like it costs people to join Plug-In Profit Site.

I’m going to break this down to you so you can really get a grip on what this is about.

I also want to let you know how much it can cost you if you decide to join all 6 of the opportunities and purchase clicks.

I feel that you should be aware of this because in the video everyone is smiling acting like there is nothing to this.

They are like wow! it’s life-changing.

So Let’s get into why I say it’s a funnel and why it doesn’t solve the problem.

MSS Intro Video

Once I got to the MSS site, it went straight into testimonials.

Then Todd Gross came on and explained what MSS is mainly about.

The video stated it’s a forced duplication system meaning it does all the selling and telling for you.

All you mainly have to do is share your MSS referral link and your duplicated site will do all the work.

There are 6 opportunities available that you can share within one system.

I know this all sounds great, especially when they stated that you can even share the business opportunities you’ve joined by using the MSS system.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? When I watched the video, I thought this covers every person with or without an opportunity.

I do want to express there are red flags that you should be aware of.

I know that the intro video seems comforting and that you may feel that your problems are solved.

I did do a little digging and discovered some red flags.

What I Noticed On Their Site

Once the intro video was done, I noticed that they had this countdown of websites.

TMSS 2 Websites

It started around 30 websites.

Once I was done watching the intro video that took about 5 minutes, that countdown of websites was down to 2.

I know this is not possible so I refreshed the screen and it was at 66 websites and the number kept going down dramatically.

tmss website left

If there were 2 websites left when I refresh the screen 2 will be left. This is a Red Flag.

There might be a different number when you were on their website.

What really bothered me was how rapidly these numbers were decreasing.

Then when you refresh the screen it just added new numbers.

It’s best to just ignore that number because it’s just a way for people to join right away.

Multi Stream Media System terms

I scrolled down and found their disclaimer. I found this odd because in the disclaimer it says, it’s not an income opportunity.

When I got access to learn more about their service there is an income opportunity by using MSS.

MSS Income Opportunity

TMSS Opprtunity

Once I got access to MSS, the first thing that popped up was their income opportunity.

This income opportunity is a platinum membership that costs $30 a month.

What you get is a 33% commission on every referral who pays for MSS platinum membership.

That is around $10 for each referral you bring into MSS.

If you remain a free member, you don’t make any commissions on any members that pay for the Platinum MSS system through you.


MSS looks pretty simple to use all you have to do is follow the steps.

I doubt that people will make money quickly like the intro video claims.

The six opportunities I got were:

  • Four Corners Alliance Group
  • National Wealth Center
  • Power Lead System
  • DS Domination
  • Traffic Monsoon
  • My Paying Ads

I’ve done reviews on a couple of these systems and the ones I did, I don’t recommend that people use.

I will do reviews on the other ones because I know these systems cost money and you can end up spending quite a bit more than you think.

Just so you know, there may be different opportunities on the site you landed on. Because with MSS, you are able to list the opportunities in a different order and add your opportunity to the site.

How Much Is Each Of These Systems?

Four Corners Alliance Group is an MLM/Matrix system it cost a one time fee of $18.

National Wealth Center, is an MLM Opportunity. The lowest intro fee starts at $25.

Power Lead System you get 1 week free then it will cost you $30 a month.

DS Domination starts off at $19.95 a month for their pro training. DSD is a dropshipping business. If you’re not into dropshipping and just want to promote DSD, it will cost you $9.95 a month. If you want to purchase their marketing materials it cost a one time fee of $199.

Traffic Monsoon is a PTC site. Depending on how many Ad Packs you purchase it starts at $50. It is free to join if you just want to view ads. Update: Traffic Monsoon accounts are frozen by the Securities and Exchange Commissions.

My Paying Ads is an advertising site. It’s free to join and Ad Packs start at $1.

Some of these services have a monthly fee.

With TM and MPA, you can get caught up in a mess.

I’ve read how people put in thousands of dollars purchasing these Ad Packs.

You Don’t Have To Join All Opportunities

You don’t have to join any of these opportunities, it’s entirely up to you on which ones you want to join.

If you happen to be a member of one of these six opportunities, you’re able to add your affiliate link and try to get members that way.

Buying Traffic

Here is where it can get really expensive.

If you don’t know how to market your MSS affiliate link, you have the option to purchase these traffic packs.

  • 50 clicks $60
  • 100 clicks $100
  • 150 clicks $125
  • 300 clicks $215
  • 600 clicks $420
  • 1000 clicks $615
  • 2000 clicks $1,250

I feel that if you buy these clicks, it’s a waste of your time and money.

I know that this seems like the easy way out, but even though they say that it’s highly targeted traffic, there is no guarantee that you will get anyone under you by purchasing these clicks.

Also, if you do get someone under you, they may not be active at all. They may be curious, and then decide to move on.

Duplicate Website

By joining MSS, you only have to deal with one affiliate link. By using MSS, you’re able to show people a number of opportunities all in one website.

The problem is if you don’t know how to market online and you think these clicks that MSS offers is going to solve the problem, you’re mistaken.

If you want to learn how to earn online, you’re gonna have to learn how to market your website.

This website they give you is not going to rank anywhere. It’s a duplicate website that everyone is using that joins MSS.

You can pay these high price clicks to see how it goes, but I’m telling you now you’re just wasting your money.

It’s Time To Learn

I know MSS service seems like the answer, but if you want to make money online then you need to start with SEO.

There are other ways to build traffic to your site, but SEO should be your starting point.

From my online experience, there is no easy system out there. I understand we all want to make money, but in order not to get taken, you gotta learn the ropes.

If you have a business opportunity and you’re not getting the revenue you want, then it’s time to figure out what is the problem.

Is paying for more opportunities the answer? I really feel that is not the answer.

Most people who make the big bucks online, would not even use these systems. They already know how to market and make money through their own ability.

The ones that are going to make the most money, are the ones who made the business.

It’s Just like with Plug-In Profit Site. He has people joining a bunch of opportunities for him to gain revenue.

I don’t want you to think I’m hating on people who came up with an idea, but when I reviewed it, it just seems like a funnel for people to join some downline or buy some packs or whatever they want you to do.

Time To Think About It

If you have a business opportunity and are not generating the income you want, you gotta think about why you joined the opportunity.

  • Was it a low-cost opportunity?
  • Was it because it was a fad?
  • Did they show you shiny objects?
  • Was it to build a list?
  • Did it seem easy and not time-consuming?

I can’t answer the question for you.

When I joined my first MLM business they showed me the scenarios aka the money I “can make”.

I didn’t care about the product, I thought I could just recruit people in and it seemed simple.

The second MLM business seemed like they were going to help me get people to join, I did learn a little, but I still ended up spending more money for nothing.

I moved on and learned how to really make money online. I’ve learned that you gotta do your due diligence and I’m glad I did because it did prevent me from investing good money into bad.

There Are A Ton Of Services And Systems Online

I’ve reviewed a number of services and systems online. Either you end up spending too much money or you end up with no results.

Back To Business

If the business you joined is something you really and truly stand behind then it’s time to start marketing it.

If you feel the business you’re in can help other’s make money, then why a funnel system?

I don’t know what business you’re in, but again if it’s worth any value to you then that one opportunity should be your main focus.

If it’s about making money no matter what and it doesn’t matter what 6 opportunities are listed then maybe MSS is for you.

All In All

In the end, it’s your decision, I don’t feel MSS solves the problem. People can end up spending more money and get no results.

Even though you have one link and a duplicate website to market, you still have to market it, whether you pay for the clicks or you go out and do it yourself.

I personally feel that people should just start their OWN business online.

The way to begin building your own business online is by getting your own website. Start there!

Just like when you stumbled upon MSS site, it is a website and all the other places you go to online are websites.

If you don’t know where to begin, then I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site. This is where I began to get my info about how Internet marketing works. Start learning and earning.

What is your take about Multi-Stream System, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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