Review: Should You Pay To Get The Spam

When I learned about the Neurs business model, my thoughts were, who is going to pay for this program.

To me, it was very odd because why would anyone want to pay to get spam.

That is pretty much what Neurs is about, something that we all don’t want.

This system got me wondering how many of you would like to PAY for a service where you will be getting bombarded by people regarding their business opportunity?

Let me give you the rundown about their system.

Specs About Neurs

NeursAffiliateNetwork Review

Product Name: Neurs
Years: 2014
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $99 a month
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Neurs?

  • It’s a service that is supposed to assist entrepreneurs in getting help to start a business. They also help their providers find other members to partner with them.

How does it work?

  • It’s similar to a social network site where you can talk to other members to either partner or become a partner in their business venture.

How much does it cost?

  • $99 a month
  • $997 a year
  • $1,397 for both Entrepreneurs or Providers Memberships

Who can join?

  • It’s a global
  • 18 years or older

My Take

When I saw the Affiliate Program video about Neurs, it was interesting.

I didn’t know anything about this program.

The guy in the video talked about how people, in general, are affiliates on the social sites and how companies like Facebook were getting paid by you suggesting products or services to people.

I thought the video made a lot of sense.

I wanted to learn more about this program.

When they asked for my information to look at another video, I thought they were asking for too much info for a second video.

So what I did was go to the terms of service area.

That’s when I learned more about Neurs and made me hit the breaks on this opportunity.

When I learned how this system worked, I was like oh Heck NO! You mean to say, you want me to pay to get spam? I think not.

I’m done, I’m not giving you any of my info, no way!

The Affiliate Video

In the intro video according to them, they said that they quietly launched a phenomenon.

They are claiming you can make a substantial income online.

They claimed that their powerful message reached 2 million people after 3 months of being launched.

After 6 months, they had to pay members from over 100 countries.

They attracted people because of 5 facts.

  • People have more marketing influence than people think.
  • People’s reach has been deliberately used to make big businesses rich such as Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, and so on. Even our favorite game Candy Crush uses you to get help to go to the next level.
  • People purchase products through affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketers are not paid fairly by the products and services they promote.
  • Leverage your online reach so you can earn money.

When the guy in the video said this, I didn’t disagree, I was quite intrigued.

They claim they will change the way we share around the world by properly compensating people.

They say that the market for Neurs is over 400 million people worldwide and they are just getting started, but first, you gotta register, and then they are going to send you a second video with more information.

My Thoughts About The Affiliate Video


When I watched the video I thought it all made sense. I do affiliate marketing with my website and I was excited to see how this system works.

Like I said prior, I didn’t like that they were asking for too much info to get to the second video.

Asking for your First name, last name, email address, the password was okay, but now they want my birth date, the country I live, language, and gender.

I didn’t feel comfortable about giving that, so instead, I went to their terms.

Boy, there’s a lot of systems that give a nice intro video that seems to make sense and entice you to get your information.

Being that I was still kinda curious about this program. Instead of filling out more info, I went to the about us area at the bottom of the terms of service page and this is when I found out more information

How Does It Work?

Neurs has a Provider Account, Entrepreneurs Account, and an Affiliate program.

Since I got to the affiliate program first let’s go over that one. You can promote Neurs for free. If someone pays to become a member of this service, then you make a commission.

I did some research on the net and found out that they may have a tier type affiliate program where you are required to pay a fee.

This tier type program is for paying members and they make money on other members who signup down to a certain amount of levels.

Now we are back to the MLM businesses that like to call themselves affiliate programs. The way MLM type businesses make their money is by their members purchasing their products.

So I’m assuming it’s $99 a month, but I could be wrong. I’m not saying this is true, but I’m sure they want their “affiliates” to sign up for an Entrepreneur Account to get paid on this tier.

What will happen is the affiliates will get spammed with a bunch of Providers for their business opportunity.

Another thing I was bothered by was that they said in the Affiliate Video that their compensation plan was

  • Simple
  • Transparent
  • Lucrative

I didn’t find anything on their site about the compensation plan. I wasn’t about to give my information to see the next video.

In my opinion, if they claim it is so simple, transparent, and lucrative, they should have put it in the Affiliate intro video before asking for any other information.

The Providers Account

A Provider pays $99 a month or you can choose $997 for a yearly membership. A Provider’s goal is to promote their business to other members at Neurs.

What they do is create a profile. Then they are supposed to receive a request from other Neurs members who are interested in their company.

They place an offer explaining their business opportunity telling people what it’s about and who is it for.

Then the Provider waits for responses. They also look for profiles that they think will do well in their business. They can send them proposals in a private meeting room where they can exchange files and messages.

Then they can have a Webinar event where they can share their opportunity with the entire Neurs community. Now the Provider may get other members who are interested to follow up with them.

The Entrepreneurs Account


This is for people interested in starting their own business. This person may have a concept, but they are not sure what to do.

For people interested in this account, they have no connections.

They also don’t have the capital or let just say this person is broke and doesn’t have the funds to start a business.

For the Entrepreneurs Account, a person would fill out a questionnaire. This person will receive an email to check out all the best-rated business suggestions.

If the person doesn’t think they have the knowledge to move further, they can go to the Neurs University to get more knowledge.

Then if they want even more information, they are able to attend the Neurs Webinars hosted by the approved Neurs community.

In the Entrepreneur’s account, they can also obtain financial help to start their business.

How Much Does This Cost?

For either Entrepreneurs or Providers account it costs

  • $99 a month = 1,000 credits
  • $997 a year = 15,000 credits

The money you put into Neurs turns into credits. You can use the credits for the services Neurs provides.

Entrepreneurs Credits

  • Post a request in the Neurs community 50 credits
  • Additional business suggestions 30 credits
  • Attend a course 25 credits
  • Request a proposal for providers 10 credits

Provider Credits

  • Create an online course 250 credits
  • Additional provider profiles 80 credits
  • Post an offer 50 credits
  • Send a proposal to another member 10 credits
  • Search entrepreneur profiles 1 credit

If you want to be a part of both a Provider and an Entrepreneur it costs $1,397 a year. That equals to 40,000 credits.

Here is the up-sell. If you run out of credits that you will, you are able to buy more credits.

If you think about your use on Facebook or any social site, I’m sure these credits will be gone fast.

Yin and Yang


If you’re looking for leads and people’s information, well you found a place to get it.


If you’re giving your information you’re gonna be spammed with a lot of business opportunities that you don’t want to be involved in.

As for these investors they are talking about, I’d like to see who they are. That’s one of the things they don’t really tell you about.

The affiliate compensation plan is unknown.

Think About It

I want you to think about who would join a program like this? I’m not trying to put anyone down here, but my first impression is that it’s going to get filled with a bunch of Providers in the MLM Industry.

My concern is that it could be a service where you will get a bunch of unwanted business opportunities.

This concept to me sounds like some sort of leads generating program, a social network site that can spam you or some kind of traffic exchange that you will be paying for with some up-sells.

This program has just launch and you have to be very careful with programs that just launched. You don’t know what you’re getting into. I suggest you give it time to grow and see where it lands.

Also, there are up-sells. It seems like there isn’t, but as I said before I’m pretty sure those credits will be gone quickly.

If you run out of credits, you will either wait till you get more credits or you will be buying some.

If you’re a yearly member and run out of credits depending on when you run out of these credits, a person could be waiting months to get more credits.

All In All

Who really wants to pay a service to get spammed. I personally don’t know where this company is going, but I doubt they have a lot of paying members.

I’m sure they have a lot of free members promoting this program.

Neurs business model seems like something I feel you should stay away from.

They don’t give you a lot of information about their Providers. Their Providers can be someone wanting to scam you.

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start a business from home, I suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

They don’t allow spam and you will be building your own business. You can check them out for Free and see if this is the opportunity you were looking for.

What is your take about Neurs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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