Old Scam With Twists: Mobile Text Media Manager Review

Mobile Text Media Manager is similar to those old email processing scams.

The new twist is that instead of you processing emails, you’re processing text messages. These ads are placed all over places like Craigslist.

In my opinion, there are just way too many unethical things going on with this program.

When I reviewed Mobile Text Media, they made it seem like you will be doing a job by adding the word manager in the ad.

I reviewed everything on this ad and I want you to read this review before you think about paying for something like this.

My Take


Back in the day, I even fell victim to something similar.

Back then it was 5 bucks.

Just so you know I never sold a similar product to anyone, but I felt like a victim once I got that bootleg CD.

A lot of these old email scams are not even running anymore.

The reason is that these programs are scams.

If people were really making a lot of money like this scam claims, I am sure the old business back then would still be in business today.

Let’s Go Through The Ad

mtmm job claim

At the top of the ad, they make it appear to be a job.

Then at the bottom of the ad, it says, as a high paying in-demand Mobile Media Manager. They made it seem like you will be working for a company.

Once you pay for this service, what you get is some learning materials that will teach you how to run the same ads you just purchased.

mtmm learning claim

You are really not processing any text messages, you’re just getting text messages that you scammed someone for the same product.

Claims In The Video

MTMM begin

I’ve come across different videos, this one says you’re hired, then they entice you with $122,000 a year Guaranteed Income as a text message processor.

This is so deceiving because there is no guarantee you will be making any kind of money.

The woman’s voice in the video makes it sound so easy and simple.

She said, All you will be doing is processing 10 text messages a day and you will be getting paid. She even says Guarantee twice.

She claims it’s the fastest growing industry in the world because everything is going mobile. You can work anywhere, anytime, and get paid instantly. You don’t need any experience as long as you have a couple of hours a day and you will be making bank.

I agree that everything is going mobile, but let’s be real here. We all know you can bring mobile devices everywhere, but it doesn’t mean it will be that simple and easy. Just because you can bring your devices with you doesn’t mean there’s no work involved.

I work from home and if I were using a mobile device, that only thing that would change is that I can bring my mobile device with me anywhere, but the same amount of work does take place.

This doesn’t mean the hours are less or the money is much higher. It just means I can work anywhere I want.

What Will You Learn

Think about it! We all know if we were getting paid this kind of money and able to work anywhere, we would be going through some serious interviews.

No reputable company would ever just hand anyone all these responsibilities without some serious training, especially if the salary is $122,000 a year guaranteed.

The True Sign It’s Not A Job

mtmm nonwork

Remember, they said guaranteed income, and now the ad says you could make $2,100 and could have more than $109,000 in your account by next year!

When was the last time you came across a company that is hiring that made these types of statements? Pay off your bills, travel anywhere, spend time with your family, quit your job, and so on.

Usually, a company that is hiring describes the type of candidate they are looking for. I’m sure most companies don’t care where you travel to and so on.

The Red Flag

mobiletextmediamanager what you need

This is a red flag right here! This indicates that people are being duped.

Anytime you run across ads like this, they always ask for money to get started. This is something that is not uncommon.

Real jobs that will pay you a real salary or hourly wages normally don’t ask for any money upfront.

If you were getting trained to work, usually they have paid training or they will straight up inform you that they don’t pay for training.

Different Rates

MTMM nintey nine

MobileTextMediaManager Other Costs

Finding ways to make money from home is very difficult. There’s just way too many scams out there that outnumber the honest ways to do it.

I’ve seen the rates at $25, $47, and $99. Also, they either call it a mobile text media manager or mobile media manager.

What it appears to be is that this program has different types of ads running. The ads are very similar to the same girl talking in the video. They just change the name and place these ads in places like Craigslist.

I’m not interested in purchasing this product, but I’m assuming that these ads could be up-sells or they just place these ads on how they want it to appear.

This Product Also Has An Affiliate Program

The way these programs make their money is by pushing some sort of opportunity to people who are not familiar with the internet.

The unethical marketer and the owners of this site will sell a product to people. They try to make these products legal by giving people low-quality training materials and up-sell people with more low-quality products.

There are some other similar ones out there such as Email Processing System and 5 Figure Day.

There are plenty of ethical ways to make money online. You don’t always have to promote a business opportunity, you can promote products that you like such as appliances, games, TVs, computers, clothes and even your own products.

I personally like to tell people about finding ways to make money online. It’s the new railroad and I feel many people should take advantage of it.

All In All

If you’re looking to work from home, there are places that offer real jobs from home, you can check it out here and see which ones work for you.

I’m looking around for other companies that you can make money from home, but I tend to come across scams after scams after scams. It’s tough out there and I’m sorry about that.

If you’re interested in running a legitimate business from home, it does start with a website and My #1 Heroic Site teaches you how. You can check them out for free and see if it’s something you’d like to do.

What is your take about Mobile Text Media Manager, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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