Online Businesses That Work: No Gimmicks

If you encountered a lot of online businesses that are gimmicks or scams you’re probably here searching for online businesses that work.

I know for myself that I’ve been in your shoes either watching a sales video that talks a great talk, but turns out to be some sort of gimmick or a business models that offers what seems to be very easy and obtainable scenarios until you get involved and realize that it was just a way to get you in.

Your Time Is Money

With an online business, your time is money. You have to invest your time into an online business in order to generate money.

I’ve yet to have come across a business even if it’s online that is push-button ready and you don’t have to do nearly anything to generate income online.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is that I want you to start thinking about time investment as part of your business plan because that’s just the reality of any business you are going to build.

If you don’t want to put in the time, then you may want to reconsider using your time working for the man.

Expect Out Of Pocket Expenses

You can encounter freebies out there.
However, freebies have their dark sides.

The main concern with freebies is that you don’t own the work that you put into it.

If you do find a freebie that doesn’t require upfront fees, know that you will be paying in other ways.

I know that sounded kind of odd, but what I mean by this is that, if you make money using a freebie business plan, you may pay a fee when you make sales.

In other words, if you sold your own designs using other business products, your commissions could be 50% or less for each item you sold.

Also, you can obtain experience with freebies and that may be time well spent, but if you are serious about building an online business know that you are going to have out of pocket expenses.

If you ever find a business model online that requires tens of thousands of dollars to build a business, my suggestion is to look elsewhere.

Know Who You Are

The reason why people have trouble building a business online is that people tend to look at those scenarios that I just stated at the beginning of this article.

They tend to look at the money and not the whole scale of the business plan. More or less that shiny object. Building a business online is a gradual build.

I know because that was me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try new things, but if you know who you are you are going to have a better outcome than someone running from one business plan to another.

What I’m talking about is what do you like to do.

If you’re more into crafting and art, or someone who has showmen ship talents, someone who is more introverted or someone who is opinionated, believe it or not, there are online businesses for you.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t put yourself out there either, but when you’re starting off, you want to be comfortable with what you’re doing and feel it’s the right fit for you.

I’m saying this from experience. There is nothing worse than investing in a business where you didn’t feel comfortable starting in the first place, don’t let those scenarios fool you.

What Are The Online Businesses Out There?

Let’s look at online businesses that fit you. If you are into crafting, vintage products, or photography, Etsy is a great platform to use.

Etsy is recommended because they have a specific buyer on their websites.

These buyers are people that are looking for handmade crafts, vintage items, or artwork and these people tend to go to sites like Etsy.

If you’re into drawing and photography, Teespring or Redbubble are sites that I recommend you check out.

Teesprings is actually growing quite rapidly. Their main product is T-shirts. If you like to draw or take pictures, why not have your art on T-shirts.

Redbubble is another cool site that offers various types of products that you can sell.

Redbubble offers Mugs to clothing that allows you to upload your photographs or artwork you created and sell your art pieces on specific products.

These two sites don’t have upfront fees, but as I said earlier within this article, you are using their products to sell your artwork on. So once sales are made, your commission will not be 100%.

The really cool part with using services like Teespring and Redbubble is that you don’t have to ship anything out.

Besides uploading the images that you created, you don’t have to manufacture any products. More or less all that shipping and manufacture fees are applied when you make sales.

If You Have That Demonstrator Type Of Personality

This applies to sing and acting as well, but if you have that type of personality that likes to demonstrate, then consider YouTube.

If you didn’t know, YouTube is free.

  • If you like to cook, start a cooking channel.
  • If you are a makeup artist, demonstrate your abilities on YouTube.
  • If you just like to teach people, Teachable is a great platform to use.
  • If you just like to talk, start a talk show on your YouTube channel.

YouTube has a lot of different types of niches that people use as a way to generate income.

You do have to build up a following.

However, if you start putting in your time, you can end up having endorsements by companies along with ads that allow you to make money using a free platform like YouTube.

The downside to using YouTube is that Google is in control of its platform.

If Google doesn’t agree with the video content you are airing, you may not make any money.

Certainly, though, I watch YouTube all the time and know for a fact that you can make a substantial amount of money utilizing their platform.

I’ve subscribed and watched people grow their followings and business from the ground up.

You May Have A Service

Fiverr or Upwork is another platform that you can use to sell your services online.

If you are really good at graphic designs, writing, editing, Voice Over and I’ve even seen singers make jingles or rap songs on Fiverr, you can build a business by charging a fee for the services of your choice on these platforms.

You may also want help promoting your service and this place does an excellent job helping you out.

Like To Just Sell Products?

eBay is a great place to sell items. If you have your own products that you’d like to sell, eBay is a great platform to use.

I like eBay because of the odd items I could find through their site.

Sometimes my son likes specific items. My son is autistic and he tends to like products that you really can’t find in department stores.

My son and I will sit together and shop on eBay and he will let me know the products he wants.

Also, there are times where I’m looking for a specific item.

Items such as a specific cord or adapter and I never have a problem finding it on eBay.

So if you are one of those types of sellers, you will find customers looking for your specific types of products.

Get Your Own Website

Did I miss you? Are any of the ways I mentioned above don’t fit you? Well, this is where I found a way to make money online.

Having your own website can be a lucrative business too.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there that allow you to promote their products online.

What makes having your own website really cool is that you don’t need your own product to sell.

You can become an affiliate to places like Amazon and make money promoting their products.

What is really cool about affiliate programs is that they are free to join and you make a commission when someone purchases a product or service through your affiliate link.

If you want to learn more about having your own website, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

You Are Your Own Affiliate

Don’t dismiss a website either for the business plans that I’ve just mentioned above.

Having your own dot com name and website allows you to own your own business online.

Sure using platforms like YouTube, Fiverr, Upwork, Teespring, and Etsy are great.

However, a website is your own platform that you own.

If you want to sell your brand or products, having a website is just sensible, it’s like your own affiliate site.

A Website is great because you can direct people to other platforms that you use, such as the ones I’ve mentioned above.

I always say start with your own website first then build out from there.

Did You Know You Can You Build A Great Following Through Your Website Alone?

Besides owning what you’re building, There are people who just want more informed info before they buy, your website can provide that info.

Your own website can generate traffic through free search engines alone.

As you know, everyone goes to Google when they are searching for info online and your website can provide the info.

Owning your own dot-com business does require skills.

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome, awesome service that will help you build that brand that you want for yourself and will show you the skill required to generate traffic and sales.

All In All

I laid out some legit ways that you can build an online business that works.

There are platforms that I’ve mentioned that may not even require a fee.

With online businesses though, the biggest investment is your time.

There are going to be out of pocket expenses, but these expenses will not cost anywhere near the thousands that an offline business cost.

Actually, you’re looking into the hundreds a year.

I suggest you start with a website though because you want to own what you’re building.

You want a home base that you own and from there branch out and use other platforms that fit your style.

If you can do that, you are on your way.

Ready to be on your way?

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