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I know a lot of you out there are looking for jobs online and also you do not want to make an investment in order to work from home, well you can get it here.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you get online are claims that appear to be jobs and when you check it out, what seems like an opportunity turns out to be some sort of an investment.

If you haven’t heard of MyFlexJob, this is the epitome of what I’m talking about. Boy did this service really do a great job getting people to think that they are able to work from home for fortune 500 companies and make a full-time income.

Turns out, MyFlexJob wanted people to complete offers and on top of that, require people to pay a fee for MyPCBackup, which in my book was really the first offer that they wanted people to complete.

Fake Jobs Are Out There

I have spent a number of years looking for jobs online. The problem I faced with jobs that are completely from home is that there were a number of “jobs” that required investment.

Opportunities that require some sort of fee usually are not jobs.

More or less what they are telling people is that you are hired, however, we need your money and you don’t get paid unless you make sales.

What turns out to be a sales job is really some sort of MLM Pyramid Business or some sort of offers that they want you to complete.

With these offers, it can end up costing you thousands if you do not stop these charges from hitting your credit card before they start charging you on a monthly basis. (just like I said with MyFlexJob).

What is really happening is that there are a ton of fake jobs out there that use the word job to get people interested.

I’ve Been Looking Too

I know how you feel because I’ve been there and I’m going to list opportunities that can help you make money completely from home.

Yes, some of these are jobs and do not require an investment in order to work.

Now the pay won’t be as great, but if you are a stay at home mom, someone who needs extra cash or a starving student, you may find these services quite useful.

For anyone looking for a full-time job from home, it’s going to be quite difficult. You may be able to find something outside the home and look at these options as a way to earn money from home.

I also will update this page when I come across other real means as a way for you to supplement or make a full-time income from home.

Before I list these jobs, I’m going to be real here, these jobs are not perfect and may not be for everyone.

They are not rated in any particular order. I just add them when I do my research for people that might find them worth

They are not rated in any particular order. I just add them when I do my research for people that might find them worth their time. So let us cut to the chase and begin.

Number 1

Yardi Matrix: I did this years ago and back then it was called Pierce Eislen. I’ve done this for a couple of years back in the day and it was a great way to supplement my income. This is not a full-time job and requires testing before you are hired.

The bad thing about Yardi Matrix is that you don’t get paid when you go through their hiring process, but if you get hired, you will get paid. The jobs are seasonal so you would have to check periodically when they are hiring.

Here are the good points. If you don’t get hired the first time, you can always apply again. If you didn’t finish the season for whatever reason, you can reapply. Actually, you would have to mess up really bad in order to never get hired again.

As for the pay, it depends on the effort you put in. They do have a quota that you must meet on a weekly basis. If you go over that quota, you make more money.

The pay usually will be around $1,200 within a 6-week seasonal time frame. Now don’t hold me down on that number because you do have to work the hours and meet their quota.

Now that I got the gushy stuff out of the way, you’re probably wondering what the heck will you be doing.

It’s quite a simple job. You will call apartments and pretty much get info about their properties that Yardi requires you to obtain. That’s the gist of what you will be doing and the good news is that there is no selling at all.

You can get more details here if you’d like. I’ve gotten paid and I know people who still do this today to earn some extra money from home.

Number 2

Lifebushido: Okay, I hadn’t done this because I have a child with special needs and I didn’t think it was flexible enough for me.

I have a friend who applied and got hired at Lifebushido, but my friend didn’t stay long because she found Yardi to be more up her alley.

Lifebshido hires people globally and all their positions are part-time jobs. The owner of Lifebushido is Steve Kantor who started his business knowing that there are a lot of talented parents out there who are unable to work outside the home.

If you’re a student or anyone looking to work part-time don’t count this one out. You do have to go through a 30-day hiring process, but if you get hired, you get paid if you complete their hiring process.

Lifebushido hires people to do various work such as accounting to customer service. As for the pay, it depends on what you do to get hired.

If you get hired, you do start off small. You would have to complete 100 hours before you can meet that 25 hours a week position. To get the full details about Lifebushido, please continue here.

Number 3

Apple: Apple needs a quiet environment if you’re thinking about applying. It’s one of the best work at home positions I’ve come across online.

What Apple is looking for are At Home Advisors. Apple didn’t cover the pay however, it’s not set in stone, but I did dig and found out that people were getting paid a couple of dollars more than minimum wage.

There are some perks for working for apple such as paid training, Apple supplies you with an iMac computer and headsets, full-time and part-time benefits, paid leave, no commuting, and other perks.

You can get the full details here, it’s worth checking out!

Number 4

Contract World: I think this may be a great option for people who want to begin the independent contractor lifestyle. CW is a great way to start earning money from home.

What this service does is supply you with work at home jobs that are mainly in the call center field. When I looked at most of the jobs available, they were taking orders for Pizza Hut.

A friend of mine does this and makes some great extra cash. I did some digging despite the fact that I have a friend who actually makes money from their service.

If you want the full details regarding CW, feel free to check it out here. I wish you luck!

Number 5

Rev: If you like to find work whether it is regular working times or two in the morning, then Rev might be a good fit for you.

You do have to apply, but it’s completely free to apply.

What Rev is looking for are people who would like to transcribe their audio and videos.

The pay is okay and the better you get at transcribing the more can come your way.

Your best bet though is to apply and see where it takes you.

If you want further details, feel free to check Rev out here.

Number 6

Sigtrack: This is a data entry job that hires on and off. Their pay is pretty good.

What makes Sigtrack really cool is that you can work at any hour of the day.

Once you accept a block, you can complete that job required in the middle of the night if that works for you.

Oh, I’m not done with the cool because you can work with noise. This job right here might be a perfect fit for some of you.

To get the full details and requirements please don’t hesitate to check out Sigtrack here.

Number 7

OnPoint Advocacy: If you are into the interesting then OnPoint Advocacy might be just for you. OnPoint has been in business since 2007. You do have to be a USA citizen to apply.

It is a work at home opportunity for any who enjoys writing and communicating. OnPoint is the work at home division DDC Public Affairs. It is a bipartisan service. They are hiring Advocacy Coordinators to communicate with voters.

To get further details, please take the time to read here.

Number 8

TTEC at home jobs: Is looking for at-home associates. You will work remotely in the customer service field. TTEC has been in business since 1986 and has been growing ever since.

They have early morning shifts all the way to late evening shifts that are available. Before you start the application process I recommend you read here.

Number 9

DoorDash: If you like to drive and don’t like having passengers in your car, then DoorDash might fit your needs. It is a service that has been in business for over 5 years. The opportunity they have is for drives who are willing to work independently deliver food to their customers. DoorDash refers to these drives as Dashers.

You can make anywhere from $6 to $10 per delivery and on average most Dashers make around $70 a day. To get the full gist of being a dasher I recommend you read about DoorDash here!

Number 10

Capital One: This is another customer service job. For the Fraud Contact Center Associate, it pays $16.80 an hour. What is cool about Capital One is that if you are looking for a full-time position to work from home, Capital One does.

What sucks is that you have to live at least 100 miles from their hub site. To find out more info and to see if you qualify, you can click here to check it out.


Number 11

Walgreens: Did you know Walgreens hire people to work from home! I didn’t either until I stumbled upon a job listing.

The job listing was one of those iffy listings that make you question if it’s true or not. After researching, I give info about Walgreens. You can check the post I’ve written about Walgreens right here Does Walgreens Have Work At Home Jobs: Yes.

Other Non-Investment Making Money Opportunities

I didn’t want to leave out other ways you can make money from home. For some, this may not be what you’re looking for. Others may look into these opportunities and find value in them.

We are getting at a much lower pay rate. If you’re a person who wants to earn extra money from home for whatever reasons this might be a good fit for you.

Mturk: I’ve done Mturk before and I made some extra money by doing their tasks. Mturk is run by Amazon and it’s a way for people to earn money who like to shop at Amazon or if not, transfer the cash they make into their own bank account.

What Mturk is, is a service that allows people to complete various tasks and get paid for completing these tasks.

The good news about Mturk is that there is no hiring process. For me, I start off at the bottom of the barrel and complete task that are small and pay less but I did get paid and those cents sure adds up.

There are other tasks that pay more, but my suggestion when you go there is to find tasks that you’re good at and complete them.

You’re probably wondering what kinds of tasks do they want you to complete. Well, you could be completing tasks like searching for items online, answering questions and surveys done by colleges are just a few ways to earn cash.

There are some odd tasks in Mturk too. A while back I did some games, kind of like math games. I also did a task where I would have to guess what nationality I thought a person was.

I can’t remember exactly how much I got paid for doing those odd tasks, but I thought it was a fun way to get paid.

I’ve seen tasks from .01 and some that were over $80. The more skilled you are at a task the higher pay you can make. One of the best perks about Mturk is that you can do this at any time of the day.

The downside to Mturk is that you may not find many tasks to do within a day, while other days you may find a whole bunch of tasks.

InboxDollars: has a variety of ways you can earn from home. Mainly what I like to do to earn through InboxDollars is watch videos.

They are always adding new features like scratch and win. I’ve done that as well after watching a few videos.

It’s another way you can earn extra cash and it’s also free to join. If you would like more details, you can read it right here.

Clixsense: is a cool one too. I recommend Clixsense because if you never made a dime online you sure can do it with Clixsense.

Update: Clixsense, is no longer a PTC site. They are still open and mainly offer surveys, however, they do have tasks that you can complete similar to Mturk along with some video offers. Other offers that require money I personally wouldn’t recommend.

Clixsense use to pay people through PayPal. What happened was PayPal discontinued PTC sites completely.

The reason being is that there were a number of PTC sites duping people and leaving people hanging without ever paying them.

I don’t want that to discourage you from looking into Clixsense.

I’ve experienced this with some of these PTC sites out there on the net and I found Clixsense to be the #1 PTC site service that does pay and is highly recommended from people globally.

How Clixsense works is by you looking at ads and you get paid by the cent for watching their ads. You also can find other ways to get paid through their site such as,

  • Watching videos
  • Surveys
  • completing offers
  • Tasks

I do want to clarify these offers. If these offers require you to use your credit card and you have to cancel something within like 14 days, please don’t complete the offer.

You can make some extra cash just by looking at those ads, watching a few videos or complete some tasks similar to Mturk.

There is no hiring process and you get paid. If you’d like further info about Clixsense, feel free to read more here.

Paidviewpoint: is a cool one too. This is completely a survey site.

Before you run, this is not a survey site where you have to go through answering tons of questions and then be told you don’t qualify to complete their surveys.

If you check your emails regularly this might be a good one for you because they will contact you when there is a survey available.

All you would do is answer questions that don’t take longer than 5 minutes and you get compensated.

Once you reach $15.00, you are able to cash out and the money will go to your PayPal account. If you would like further details about PaidViewPoint, feel free to read here.

PineCone Research: is another survey site that I recommend. I never did PineCone but, I know someone personally who raves about this survey site and comes highly recommended.

Pinecone Research is another survey site that doesn’t go through that crazy qualifying process to get paid.

You do have to apply and get accepted because it’s a bit exclusive. If you get selected, they will email you and let you know you have a survey to complete.

Once you complete their survey, you get paid $3.00 per survey. If you want more details, feel free to click here.

FusionCash: this service here is similar to InboxDollars. They both have some similarities, but also some differences.

What I like about fusionCash is that if you stick with it, you will get paid a lot faster than you think.

I also like the fact that their tasks pay a little bit more than some of the sites that offer tasks.

FusionCash also has some kicks, I lay out those as well. If you’re interested in finding out more info, feel free to check it out here.

Merchandiser: Merchandiser is run by survey.com.

It has been getting a lot of traction these days. Merchandiser is a great way to make some extra cash. It is not completely from home, but if you want to get out and make some extra money you sure can do with Merchandiser.

The way their service works, in a nutshell, is by you going to an actual store location. There will be instructions about the project that Merchandiser wants you to complete.

If you accept the project what you would do is follow the instructions, mainly what you will be doing is taking pictures of products displayed at the store, answering a few questions and uploading the info to Merchandiser.

Once you do that you get compensated for the task you complete. On average the pay is around $7 for 5 to 15 minutes of your time in the store.

To get full details I recommend you read about Merchandiser here.

PlaytestCloud: is a great option for people who enjoy playing games on their devices. The way you get paid is by testing games.

Yes, there is an actual way to get paid to test games. The pay is on average, $9 for 15 minutes of your time.

The cool part about PaytestCloud is that there is no payout threshold. Once you test a game, it takes a couple of days to load the money into your PayPal account.

To get further details about PlaytestCloud, all you have to do is click here!

Work For Yourself

I don’t want anyone to ever leave my site without knowing what is truly out there.

I know at the beginning of this article, I talked about how opportunities tend to require an investment to make money.

Most of your investment will be putting in the time to make money from home.

The reason why I’m not leaving this one out is that it is the best investment I’ve made, period!

If you read what I said about Lifebushido, I have a child with special needs, and I did search and look for opportunities that are quite flexible.

What made me check out this opportunity to make money from home because it was free to check out with no obligations. I mean, I didn’t have to enter a single credit card digit, period!

Let me explain what this service does to help you make money from home.

Have you ever recommended a product or service to someone and didn’t get compensated for it?

I’m not talking about MLM or Network Marketing either, I’m referring to merely explaining a product that you like to a friend, and they purchased it!

Better yet, has someone ever asked you about a product or service you use or used?

I know for myself, I’ve been asked questions about a lot of products and services that I have used or use.

When I learned about this opportunity and found out how lucrative it is, I decided to check it out since there were no obligations.

What I learned is that there are billions of people out there online looking for information.

I learned that recommending products and services can earn you a commission and even be a full-time income entirely from home.

It’s not like you are running up to people telling them to buy stuff. More or less, these people find you, and they decide for themselves if it is the right product or service for them.

Believe it or not, people do buy from your recommendations, and it’s a lucrative way to earn a living from home.

To get the lifestyle that you want if you don’t want to work for the man does require an investment.

To be an independent earner without relying on a person is freedom.

There is nothing wrong with checking out your options, especially if there are no obligations.

What makes this opportunity so special is that you have the option to see for yourself what you’re getting without ever trying to obtain a refund.

With an opportunity to make money from home, it does require work, and if you’re not afraid of work, this option is for you.

If you don’t think it’s lucrative to make money through your own recommendations, read how these marketers made $109,431.18, right here!

If you want to read more about what about, you can check it out right here!

All In All

I know that finding an excellent online job can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I was there, and I know there are other opportunities out there. The problem is that sifting can take a bit of time.

I feel that people should check out their options without pulling out a single penny.

I’ve laid out some options for you to check out. I only wish the best for all of you out there. Stay safe and keep your money in your wallet.

If you have any questions or comments regarding opportunities online, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!

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  1. Good morning, I plan on joining Wealthy Affiliate. I know their is no clear answer to my question so her goes. I’m retired on a fixed income. How many months does it take to realize a profit. I know some people work harder than others. I have A advertising background as a Art Director for advertising agencies.

    • Hey Peter, You’re correct that there is no clear answer, for me it took me six months to see my first revenue. I didn’t count the first profit that I made but I believe within the first year I seen a return on my investment. Ever since, I’ve been profiting and I’ve been with WA for over 5 years now.

      Know that it does take work and effort. It is not always beautiful sunshine and rainbow days. However, if you take everything in small chunks and don’t really think about the money but accomplish small goals, when you look back you can really see how far you’ve come with goals you made.

      It doesn’t hurt to take those ten free lessons and figure out a plan for yourself. That way, you can figure out if WA is the path you want take and it if it is, see it through.

      I hope I answered your question Peter, and if you have other questions, feel free to ask, I hope to meet you inside WA.

      Many Blessings to you, Evelyn

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    Thank you so much for this information, it is a God send! I do work a traditional full-time job outside of the home, but living in a metropolitan area and being a single parent, at this time supplemental income is a must.

    It is imperative to find work from home that I can complete in the evening, and your site has been more informative than many others that I have checked out. So thank you for your time in researching and making this easier for others. May God bless you for your sacrifice!

    • Hey Kimberly, You’re very welcome. I hope to find more in the future. Blessings to you as well and thanks for the compliment, Evelyn.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for providing all this information and all the research you have done. I am just wondering if all these are available for Canada? I noticed a lot of them is paid according to state ect…

    • Hello Tiffanie, no not all of them are available in Canada. Lifebushido, Apple, Contract World and Rev I believe are available in Canada. Those pay to websites, I believe Merchandiser, Clixsense and Mturk. As for my golden nugget, it is a global opportunity, actually the owners are Canadian. I hope I answered your question. I also hope some of these work out for you. If you have any other questions Tiffanie, feel free to ask, Blessings, Evelyn.

  4. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I am semi-retired from the traditional workforce and it has been a work in progress to find a trusting online company to supplement my income while pursuing my new found profession in the entertainment industry. Your feedback has helped tremendously and several questions were answered.

    I will be checking these companies out.

    Many blessings on all of your future endeavors!

    • Hey Cheryl, I understand how you feel in regards to trusting online companies. It is quite the challenge to find companies that are willing to pay people to work from home or at least make some extra money completely from home. I’m hoping to add more to the list, but it isn’t easy Lol.

      I’m very excited that you are perusing your dream profession in the entertainment industry. We only live once and people should go after their blessings. I’m sure you are going to do well. My fingers are crossed and my prayers are with you Cheryl, Evelyn.

  5. It’s quite depressing to search for work from home jobs and find so many shams and falsely described jobs. You’re absolutely right that the “data entry jobs” lure is the main thing that has people applying for or seriously thinking about applying for a work from home job. I recently retired, need extra income and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to go back into an “office” environment or be “on the clock” again. I had no idea how hard it would be to find LEGITIMATE work from home jobs. I really appreciate all of the research you’ve done and the information you’ve offered. I’m going to continue until I find LEGITIMATE work from home income, I know it’s out there somewhere. Thank you so much.

    • Hey Charmaine,

      I too couldn’t work at an office anymore due to the fact that I have a son with special needs. Also, I understand that there are many people out there who are like you and do not want to work on the clock again.

      When I started look for legitimate work from home jobs, it was quite difficult to find anything that really allowed me to work around my lifestyle schedule. The data entry job listings are the most sketchy ones out there and people should always have their guard up when people read a job listing that says data entry.

      It got to the point for me that I just needed to start my own website and I’m so grateful that Wealthy Affiliate actually instructed me how to do that. I’m going on my 5th year at WA and I love everything I’ve learned through them.

      I wish you the best Charmaine with many blessing and I appreciate your thoughts, Evelyn.

  6. Well I just stumbled on your site while looking for part time, work from home jobs. I have looked periodically in the past for these jobs, but felt very skeptical about what I was finding. You have done a lot of the research providing trusted job sites which has been a tremendous help. I will soon be 59 years old, but not the age to start collecting my social security. I had a career that paid very well, but had to leave it in 2014 due to extreme stress that I could no longer handle. It’s very difficult to walk away from a career, but the stress took it’s toll on me and it took me about 2 years to recover physically and emotionally. STRESS can kill! After I recovered, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016 and then this past November he was diagnosed again with a different form of lung cancer which is terminal. It’s a blessing that I’m not working so I’m able to care for my husband, but I’m looking to prepare myself for what my future holds. I’ll be able to start collecting a survivors benefit from Social Security when I turn 60, but it won’t be enough to live on. So I’m researching once again to see if there are any part time, work from home jobs. I really don’t want to return to the work force and endure the stress. I’ve come to terms with letting the career go and move into another chapter of my life. I typically wouldn’t post this level of detail, but I wanted to let you know how much your research has helped and the impact it has had. You have helped put me at ease when it comes to the scams and provided some trustworthy job sites. You have given me hope and you are a God Send! PS: If you do find any ‘true’ data entry jobs, please let me know. I did this type of work when I first entered the job force. Best Regards!

    • Hey Kathy, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so sorry about your husband my sister just passed away from cancer and I understand what you are going through.

      I totally believe you in regards to how stress is a killer and I get you that you have to pick your battles in how you want your life to be. We all want great finances without the stress to get there and I totally understand that peace of mind and your inner stability is just priceless.

      The jobs I listed are great, but there are not perfect you have to find the one that fits your needs and I’m also adding new ones when I find them. As for data entry jobs online, OMG, I know you must have sifted through a number of so-called data entry jobs.

      I wrote in my last article here about how we don’t want to enter our own data, our intentions of working for a company is to enter their data.

      If I find a good data entry job, I sure will post it in here instead of ranting about data entry jobs online.

      I wish you and your husband the best and my prayers will go out to you Kathy, Evelyn.

  7. Awesome! Very informative. I’m so thankful I found you. I have two daughters in college. I had a small stroke therefore not fully ready to to anytime very physical.Looking for ways online to make extra money. I honestly was in the process of completing LOJ until I was asked for credit card but pay nothing now risk free crap. So I googled it. And like a God send. You appeared FIRST in the search feed. Thank you so much and God bless you. P.S. Perhaps I can work for you Boss Lady!

    • Lesia, you’re very welcome, I hope that one of these jobs can help you out. As for me hiring, I’m not at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future, best of luck to you Lesia.

  8. Do you do business mentoring? Like how can I get like you? I want to have my own website but I just do not know if I want to sell something or have information on my site.

    • Hey Clifford,

      I always say to people if you want to start your own home business is to get your own dot com name and build a website because if you go to everything online line it’s some sort of website. If you need help with building out a website, Wealthy Affiliate is a great service that helps people do that. If you have any further questions feel free to ask, Evelyn.

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