OnPoint Advocacy Jobs: An Interesting Way To Work From Home

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I love to research for jobs where people are able to work from home. I especially enjoy letting people know about interesting jobs from home.

Everyone has different skills and interest and are looking for a variety of ways to work from home. When I learned about OnPoint Advocacy, I thought I gotta let people know about this interesting job.

So if you’re into the interesting, keep reading because OnPoint Advocacy may be just what you are looking for.


Product: OnPoint Advocacy
Year: 2007
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website: onpointathome.com
BeginAtZero Overall Ranking: 8/10

My Take

If you are someone that is into politics and or like helping others, OnPoint Advocacy might be the one for you.

With any work at home job opportunity, you do have to meet their requirements. Don’t worry because the requirements are not too bad and we will get into all the details.

What Is OnPoint Advocacy

OnPoint is the work at home division of DDC Public Affairs. It’s a bipartisan firm that engages in a range of topics from energy to taxes.

The best way I can describe OnPoint Advocacy is that they hire people to communicate with voters in a wide variety of issues for their clients.

What Kind Of Work At Home Job Is Available?

Skills Needed

  • Email
  • Word Processor
  • Spreadsheets
  • Instant Messaging
  • Data Entry

OnPoint is a service that doesn’t hire all the time, but as of now, they are hiring for Advocacy Coordinators.

They are looking for people that live in the United States with good verbal communication and good proficient writers.

To break down the duties further…!

It’s a pretty simplistic service that OnPoint Advocacy laid out.

I want to start by saying that you will be an independent contractor and that you have the flexibility to accept a project.

Update: Denise Dreyer, left a comment below indicating that they are not independent contractors. They get paid through a staffing agency on a weekly basis. If you want benefits, you have the option to pay for it. You are able to work 40 hours a week the minimum requirement is 25 hours a week. again I just want to thank Denise for clarifying that info, thanks!

We all have different political concerns and being that OnPoint Advocacy is a bipartisan service for their clients, if you feel that a project isn’t a viewpoint you agree with, you don’t have to accept the project.

If you were to accept a project, you will receive a list of supporters that have an interest and concern for a particular political issue.

You will talk to people in regards to legislation that they are concerned about. It could be legislation that they do or don’t want passed. As an Advocacy Coordinator, you will then outline a letter on their behalf in regards to the issue.

Now that you get an idea of what the job entails, let’s get into that tech requirements to become an Advocacy Coordinator.

Technical And Skills Requirements

As of now, they only support Windows. I’m sorry but no Mac users and no cellphones.

  • 1 Mbps upload and download or more. You can test your Internet speed here. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements don’t stop there, contact your service provider and find out the problem.
  • No wireless Internet connection, Ethernet connection is recommended. So if you need that long cord running through your house, go for it.
  • A satellite can work if you have the Internet speed required. Just so you know, from jobs I researched online, this is a first where a satellite is okay. They recommend you contact your service provider if you have the capability to meet the required speed.
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • USB headsets
  • Processor 1500MHZ or greater
  • Memory 1.5 GB or higher

The tech requirements I feel in today’s time can be met easily. If your house is wireless, all you have to do is plug in an Ethernet cord from your router to your computer.

All computers and routers have the capability to connect an Ethernet cord to your router to your computer. So please do not let a simple cord hold you back.

The requirements needed is because OnPoint Advocacy has their own systems that you will run through your computer.

Now that we got all that requirements out of the way, now we will talk about the money.

I Know, I Know, Show Me The Money

I know you guys love the money and you definitely don’t want to miss out on any payment.

From what I gathered, each project pays differently. I know that is not a lot of data, but one thing I know is that people do not complain about the pay.

From what I gathered through Penny Hoarder, the pay can be from 12 to 15 dollars an hour or more.

Each project can go longer than 2 weeks. Once you’re done with a project, you can get assigned a new project if you choose to select it.

Hours are pretty flexible. You are able to work 25 hours a week.

Also, the workload can be seasonal. So I wouldn’t count on OnPoint as a full-time job.

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I’m Not That Good Of A Writer

Some people feel that they may not be that great of a writer. If you can write a basic letter than don’t let writing hold you back.

A good tool to use is a service like Grammarly to help with those basic writing errors that people tend to have.

I’m not the best writer either, but I don’t let that stop me to help others find legit jobs from home.

Again, if you can write a basic letter, then I’m pretty sure you will be okay.

The Scam

I noticed on OnPoint’s website that there are third parties claiming to represent OnPoint Advocacy. OnPoint is a legit opportunity that hires people to work from home.

From what I read, the scam sounds similar to Hospira, Inc.

I’m quoting OnPoint Advocacy because I feel it is very important.

“All of our communications will come from an onpointathome.com email address and we will never ask anyone to communicate via Google groups, deposit any check into your bank account or make any purchase.”

Scams take advantage of people. Their goal is to gather your info and try to scheme money out of your wallet.

People may disagree with me on this, but I recommend that people apply for jobs on their actual website.

I’ve written many reviews in regards to real jobs to schemes out there. Applying for jobs inside third-party websites can be risky.

No one has time for games when it is about your personal info, your money and your time. I’m a true believer in this.

If you are not sure who contacted you, OnPoint recommend you go to recruiting@onpointathome.com to confirm that you corresponded with a real representative from OnPoint.

All In All

OnPoint Advocacy is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to work from home.

Like I said in the beginning, if you’re into the interesting it is an interesting way to earn extra income from home.

The workload may be seasonal so you may want to look for other opportunities from home.

If you have any questions or comments about OnPoint Advocacy, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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8 thoughts on “OnPoint Advocacy Jobs: An Interesting Way To Work From Home”

  1. We are in strict confidentiality agreement here, so I can’t tell you about what issues we represent or the way we do it, or the pay. However, there are some inaccuracies in this post. We are not independent contractors, we are paid through a staffing agencies payroll department weekly since we’re the at home division thats how they handle it The staffing agency has benefits available if you want to pay for them.

    We have the opportunity to turn down projects if we need to for whatever reason, including if its an issue we are really not on the same page with or that might be conflicting for us. Projects do last 2 weeks or sometimes months, depend on what it is, but there’s always work except it slows down toward the end of the year because of the cycle of Congress.

    Being connected by wire just beens Ethernet to modem. That is a security issue. Wireless can easily be hacked.

    You can work 40 hours per week, minimum requirement is 25 hours unless otherwise noted (example: while switching projects we might be out of work a day, or you can have a day off from holidays etc so the time is adjusted).

    • Hello Denise, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and clarifications about OnPoint Advocacy. I did indicated within my post that people do not have to accept projects. I am all for wired networks and do recommend it especially for security reasons but it has a more stable connection. Again thanks for your comment and I wish you many Blessings, Evelyn.

  2. Flexible hours, writing and emailing? I wasn’t quite sure what the actual job description was. Perhaps you could give me a better idea of exactly what you would do for the jobs? Is it just whatever they need done? I would be interested, I just wasn’t sure what was entailed in the job description. Thanks.

    • Hey Babsie, Mainly what an Advocacy Coordinator does is correspond with voters in regards to legislative concerns that OnPoint Advocacy’s clients have.

      The way OnPoint Advocacy works is that they have projects available and as an Advocacy Coordinator, you have the ability to accept or deny a projects.

      If you were to accept a project, you will call list of supporters and speak with them in regards to an issue that OnPoint Advocacy clients has. Then you will write a letter in regards to the issue, whether they want the legislation passed or not.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask, thanks, Evelyn.

  3. Interesting is a good way to describe this job you found. Very different from most work-at-home ads that are posted. I think it’s a plus being a seasonal/part time thing, as it’s fun adding extra side jobs such as this for a little experience in something different.

    On the plus side, the requirements, both technical and skill set, are not asking of much. The basics really, which people will already have if they are already doing any kind of work from home, and easy to set up if they are just getting started. Thanks for including your review on this company. Surely helpful to those considering extra side gigs at the moment.

    • Hey Cris, I totally agree with you that side jobs like this can bring in experience by doing something different. Yeah, the requirements are not bad at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the best to you, Evelyn.

  4. OnPoint Advocacy is a good opportunity for everybody who is looking for a work from home job. The only factor you must have in mind is that you must be a USA resident! So if you are from any other place you can’t be part of the program. Another thing is that you must have a “non-wireless” network connection, this is one of the bad requirements because people are now moving from cabled network to wireless. I think that part should be do away with! Maybe it’s a security measures to ensure that the participants are USA resident which can easily be verified.

    • Hello, I could understand why OnPoint Advocacy is a USA only job and why some job services require wired networks. The reason being is that OnPoint deals with USA politics that corresponds with the government and you must be A US Citizen to do that. As for the wireless service, wireless network can sometimes get unstable whereas wired networks tend to have a frequent connection. An easy fix is to connect a Ethernet cord from your router to your computer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the best, Evelyn.

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