Opinion City Review: Can Of Worms


I’ve done my share of surveys and it’s true that you can make extra cash by completing them. There are so many different kinds of survey sites out there and it could be hard to determine which ones are the best.

According to Opinion City, the type of survey site they offer is that they do the research for you. It’s a service that is supposed to provide you with a list of vetted market research companies that you can safely sign up and begin completing surveys.

In this Opinion City Review, I’m going to explain what I mean by a can of worms along with info that can help you determine if you want to continue on.


Product: Opinion City
Year: 2017
Overall Ranking: 1/10
Website: opinioncity.com

The Rundown

What is Opinion City?

  • It’s a database service.

How does it work?

  • According to Opinion City, it is a service that connects you to market research companies that are screened so you can safely join.

How much does it cost?

  • Free!

My Take

When I landed on Opinion City’s site AKA (OC), I noticed the website didn’t provide a Q and A page.

Mainly what I got from OC’s website is a little snippet of what their services are about and to just sign up and begin completing certain offers.

The offers that I saw were mainly about survey sites. I didn’t feel comfortable signing up for their newsletter or to go any further because of their terms.

So with that being said, let’s start with the snippet on OC’s website.

The Opinion City Top Market Research Company’s Snippet

OC Alyssa

If you look at the image above and read the snippet, it states that OC will connect you with the best survey sites.

Everything read good and seemed cool especially when I read how Alyssa is the Consumer Trend Investigator.

I felt her image looked a little like a stock photo so what I did was researched the Alyssa image.

oc gsearch result

It appears that the image is some sort of stock photo and is used by many other websites either for testimonial purposes or the image has another profession with a different name.

To Get Access You Agree To Their Terms and Privacy Policy

OC Agree To Terms

I noticed if you sign up to get access to OC’s site, way at the bottom under the submit button, it says,

By submitting, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use, which includes adding your email address to our mailing list and receiving newsletters from Opinion City.

That all seems fair enough until I read their terms and privacy policy.

Before We Get Into The Terms

Before I show you all that fine print stuff, I just wrote in another review when you read fine prints to look for the odd info.

Most websites have their usual terms which tend to be standard for a number of websites, but if you find any info that you don’t agree with, then you may want to reconsider.

What Was In All That Fine Print?

terms ocity

If you use OC’s services you agree to receive phone calls or other communications from,

  • agents
  • affiliates
  • independent contractors
  • successors

When completing surveys, we tend to voluntarily give out info about ourselves.

Market research companies want to know what people like and are willing to buy.

With surveys I’ve done that have been about movies, TV shows, clothes, food and pretty much everything, I personally haven’t corresponded in the way that OC explained in their terms.

There are times where market research companies would like me to let’s say, bake a cake or try their food.

But, they would ask for my consent first on a particular survey.

So more or less, these questions and corresponding would come up within the survey that I’m completing not by telephone.

I personally haven’t had a lot of communication with affiliates or independent contractors by completing surveys.

You will get emails or snail mail, but other than that, nothing really major.

oc privacy

If you look through where it said “we collect and use”, they collect data about you. OC may even collect info about you from online and offline sources.

I don’t know about you, but I felt that was kind of odd.

Some of the data they use is to get insurance quotes or from other services by you voluntarily entering your data into some sort of offer.

For me, when I read that part of the terms in the image above, I was convinced that they want you to complete offers, which are different from completing surveys.

Not only that, in OC’s terms, they even share your info.

Opinion City PP sharing

If you were to complete some sort of insurance quote request to get paid, a can of worms is going to pop out because you are giving out sensitive info and it even states that they will share your,

  • full name
  • home address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • your vehicle
  • social security number
  • date of birth

You may also get phone calls for quotes from telemarketers and other services by completing an offer that only paid you something like $1 to complete.

But I’m On The National Do Not Call List

opc dnc list

Being on the National Do Not Call List doesn’t matter because according to OC’s terms, even if you are on that do not call list, you breach that and are continuing to keep those worms coming out.

If you like your privacy, keep the lid on that can.

In the terms, it does state that you may make a request to each service provider not to contact you, however, they may keep your information on file.

Can I Remove My Info From Opinion City?

opinion city will not remove

Nope, if you read their terms they do not remove your info.

When I read all the terms It got me wondering how long has OC’s website been online.

I wanted to check because they sure like to obtain a good portion of your personal information.

What I did was went to the WayBackMachine.

Inside the WayBackMachine they really didn’t have much info about Opinion City.

What was in the WayBackMachine is that from 2001 through 2007 Opinion City was not active and for sale.

From 2008 through 2016 there was zero activity.

In 2017 is where the activity of this Opinion City started regarding offers and surveys.

The reason why I bring that up because a domain age may not be that relevant if there was no activity for many years.

All In All

It’s your decision on what you want to do if you decide to give Opinion City a shot.

I personally felt that a can of worms will be open if I decided to enter my name and email address to get further access.

There are plenty of survey sites out there.

Most surveys are not high paying and you can make extra cash by completing them.

I’m also not a big fan of database sites because most of the time you can just Google Surveys and you will come across a number of them online, that way you don’t have to worry about a can of worms coming out.

Even though Opinion City claims they screen their market research companies, how much merit does that hold if Alyssa isn’t her real name and a number of websites use the same “Alyssa” image for various purposes.

Here are some tips to look for when you come across any job or task opportunity online.

What’s your thoughts about Opinion City after reading this review, do you feel a can of worms will be opened, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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12 thoughts on “Opinion City Review: Can Of Worms”

  1. Oh no I already put in my email and info. At first, it was fine, but then something felt odd about it all. So I looked up if it was truly as safe as it said it was and it turns out it’s if-y. I’m definitely reading the Terms next time!

    • Hey Joe, it is a good idea to read those terms even if a website is free join because it is apparent that a site is getting something out of it. It should always be a win-win situation. Thanks for stating your thoughts, all the best, Evelyn.

  2. You need to learn the difference between your and you’re. I can’t take you seriously when you demonstrate illiteracy, I didn’t find many facts in your diatribe, only opinions. One thing you should have said, NEVER give out your SSN. But, keep trying to get info out there.

    • Hey Buck,

      Well, read the terms and if you feel it’s worth trying then go for it.

      I read the terms and I thought I should let people know my findings.

      A lot of people don’t read the terms and join a service because it is free.

      You’re correct that you shouldn’t give out your SSN especially online.

      As for my writing skills, I wrote two articles in regards to my writing.

      But, if you have a passion about helping people make money online, you can put aside some of your not so best attributes.

      As for your and you’re, I know the difference it’s a typo and I will correct it.

      Thanks for the heads up, blessings, Evelyn.

    • Hey Virginia,

      if you are doing surveys that opinion city referred you to, you should be able to collect the money on the surveys you completed.

      My concern with Opinion City, is that they offer a way for you to obtain surveys through their research, however there is a lot of info that they collect about you and that is concerning.

    • Hey Jonette, Tellwut, paidviewpoint and pinecone research, I feel are pretty good ones. I do want to add that survey sites do like to collect data about you for marketing purposes. The problem I have with Opinion City is that they tend to go to the extremes, I always recommend you read the terms to see if it’s right for you. All the best to you, Evelyn.

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