Private Message Inside WA: Shhh Secrets Are Getting Told

I’m almost in my fourth year at WA, and I wanted to talk about the Private Message feature inside WA.

The reason being is that I feel it’s a great feature that WA has to offer.

You’re probably thinking is gossip going on, but the secrets are getting told is private.

I’m going to express why I use the Private Message inside WA, so yeah, a little of my secrets will be revealed.

Are Secrets Being Told?

Hell if I know because secrets are supposed to be private, but sometimes you just want that private conversation with someone.

I’m not talking about gossiping either, I’m talking about business here and when starting off with a business online, sometimes a person may want that personal business advice with someone.

One thing good about WA’s PM feature is that you don’t have to just PM the owner’s Kyle and Carson, there are a number of experienced website owners who developed their website into a full-time income.

I Remember My First PM Advice

I couldn’t decide on a domain name, so I decided to the private message (PM) someone who has been in WA for a while and managed to do great things with their business.

Of course, my first question was about domain names. What happened was, I couldn’t decide on domain names. I found 3 domain names that I thought would be good choices.

These were very long domain names, so what I did was ask someone through PM.

Once I sent my PM, the person responded quicker than I anticipated and said in general,

the domain names that I selected were pretty long and try to come up with shorter domain names.

The person was really polite and the person told me it was because I want a domain name that people can remember easily.

Then I was like, huh, Lol.

I didn’t PM the person back, I just really thought about how many types of businesses I tried and every time I looked at some sort of back-office through the businesses I tired, all the numbers were zeros or not where I wanted it to be.

I was sick of seeing those damn zero’s.

That is how I came up with Begin At Zero. Just so you know, I thought of domain names that were similar to what I was thinking such as, start at zero, ground zero, but those were taken.

How I Came Up With Become Your Own Hero

Become your own hero came a little later. What happened was, I went back and PM the person after I purchased my domain name and went through some of WA’s training and implementable what I learned.

I felt a little unsure and I felt I just wanted more advice before I kept going. I PM the same person and I asked this person about two articles that I published.

This person replied quickly again and gave me some advice. More or less the person said that I need more personality within my articles and I should write like I’m communicating to a friend.

The person told me everyone writes like that with similar data and blah, blah, blah, which is understandable because most people starting off especially someone like me, who really didn’t write much, within my lifetime, maybe a little unsure at first.

So I went back to the drawing board and started thinking from my experience and it was this article here that I changed.

I thought about how I wanted to write this article and then I revised it (the cool part about websites, you can revise them).

Then I looked at my website as a whole and that is where to become your own hero started.

I went back to the person to see what they thought and what other aspects I needed to work on.

This time, when I got the red PM notice that this person responded to my message, I was like oh no, Lol. I don’t want to read it, Lol.

Mind you, starting off with a website, if you never did it before, sometimes you can feel unsure of yourself, and hitting the publish button is kind of scary.

Anyhow, I got some really positive feedback. I was all happy, Lol. I knew I was headed somewhere but, had a lot of work to do.

Getting that kind of recognition along with taking someone’s advice helped me with my confidence.

Advice Is Great, Don’t Take It Personal

I got feedback that wasn’t what I wanted to hear at first.

Of course, I wanted to hear that I’m doing everything perfectly, however, I know as a grown woman if I wanted to succeed, asking when I was unsure really helped me.

The reason why I selected the PM feature was that I was new at WA and for me, I wanted to feel comfortable asking for advice without the whole community all up in my grill, Lol. (no they are not all up in your grill) I just wanted personal advice.

I could have asked the whole community, but I personally felt I wasn’t ready for that. I knew that one on one advice would be a better fit for me.

Other Communication Features Inside WA

You have two other communication features that are great if you want advice.

You can go to live chat and asked questions that way.

You also have the ability to ask questions in one of WA’s classrooms.

Don’t Get Stuck

When I started at WA, I remember reading how Kyle said he doesn’t want people to get stuck.

Getting stuck really struck a chord with me because prior to WA, I tried building a website before.

Unfortunately, the first time I tried, I was stuck and questions on their platform were odd to me.

I really don’t want to get into that and my point with the prior service is from my experience.

What I’m getting at here is when you’re building a business from home, you’re not at a facility where you can go to a teacher’s desk or raise your hands to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything.

At WA, there are plenty of options to ask questions.

If you have any questions and feel shy to ask the community, you can PM someone and ask questions that way.

This is at no additional cost, WA is an educational community, and giving back should be priceless.

All In All

When you begin a journey like a business for yourself, questions come up.

WA (Wealthy Affiliate) does an excellent job with their platform.

The owners know that questions are going to come up.

Who wants to get stuck?

This is why WA gives you options on ways you can ask. It’s about you, you being able to move forward efficiently.

If you don’t want to get stuck building your own business from home, then don’t hesitate to check out Wealthy Affiliate!

What is your take about PM’s inside WA, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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