Real Translator Jobs Review: What Was Found Out

Someone sent me an email about Real Translator Jobs.

In the email it stated, lots of bilingual people are making lots of money by translating information.

When I went to the website and placed a name and email in the signup form, it took me to a sales page.

I then began to wonder, does Real Translator Jobs work?

So I check them out and this is what was found out!

Specs About Real Translator Jobs

real translator jobs review

Product Name: Real Translator Jobs
Year: 2009
Free Access: No
Price: $34 to $68
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Real Translator Jobs?

  • You pay for a service that is supposed to give you a list of translating jobs from their database.

How does it work?

  • Once you pay a fee, you can search for translating jobs. If you find one you’re interested in, you can apply for that job, but there is no guarantee they will hire you.

How much does it pay?

  • It depends on the job you get. They claim the harder you work the more money you can get paid.

How do I get paid?

  • PayPal
  • Xoom
  • Check
  • Direct Deposit or Bank Deposit

Who Can Join?

  • According to Real Translator Jobs anyone, anywhere and even if you only speak English.

My Take

First off, when I got the email, I thought it was pretty cool that many people could make money anywhere.

Like all the other so-called “opportunities”, they make it seem like it’s really easy to do.

When I reviewed this site, I came across some red flags you should consider before you even think about giving this company any of your money.

I placed a name and email information on their sign up page.

Just like I did with Profit With Michael and what do you know, another company that is asking for more money once I give them a name and email address.

What Appeared To Be Deceptive

Real Translator Jobs Deception

The first deception I noticed about this site is that they made it seem like it was free. They even said, fill out the form to get started.

When I placed a name and email address in the sign-up area, like I said prior, it took me to another page that talked about how much money you can make and how the system works.

Then on the bottom of that page, it stated the price.

How come they couldn’t do that in the first place?

Why do people have to place their name and information just to get taken to a sales page?

I feel they could have stated that in the beginning.

Other Money Making Opportunities

rtj rant one

This site also says there are other money-making opportunities.

According to one of the complaints, they said there were not really any jobs there, but a lot of sales pages that are probably asking for money to join.

What Are You Paying For?

Real Translator Job info

According to this site, you have access to all the available jobs, plus you get other money-making opportunities.

Do you really want to pay for a database of information on money-making opportunities?

Don’t we see enough of that on the internet and you can Google that info for free.

If you go to any temp agency, they make a percentage off of what you make if you get hired for a job.

A temp agency doesn’t ask you for any upfront money because they get paid on the back end.

MTurk that is run by Amazon offers translating assignment tasks and it’s free to join.

If you just take the time to Google and do your research, you will find plenty of freelance translating jobs without paying a dime.

Who Are These People?

realtranslatorjobs testimonials

This is very odd, to have some sort of testimonial where their name isn’t disclosed and their pictures are blurry.

If I were making that much money from this site, I sure would be happy to let people know what a great service this company offers.

It is interesting how RTJ made the earnings red.

It appears like that is what they want your eyes to be directed at.

I don’t know if they made this money, but according to the complaints I read on the net, it is slim to none.

Complaints On The Web

Real Translator Job Complaint Three

Real Translator Job Complaint Two

According to the number of complaints on the web about Real Translator Jobs, many people said when they paid the fee, but they didn’t get any jobs.

Others said it was difficult to contact customer service.

I also read that lots of these jobs were not hiring and they will get back to them. You know that saying, don’t contact us, we’ll contact you.

Should You Take The Risk?

I personally feel you shouldn’t even bother, but that is entirely up to you.

Like I stated before, you can just Google translating jobs or freelance translating jobs and get results rather than paying for a service.

Even though this company gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, you may have a difficult time trying to get your money back.

All In All

A lot of people are looking for jobs online these days.

I feel a lot of companies take advantage of people by placing these low-quality products on the net to try and make a quick buck.

I’m highly against paying someone for database information.

Some of this database information may be so outdated that many of the companies may not even be in business anymore.

You can also search for translating jobs yourself.

I came across a lot of complaints on the net about this Real Translator Jobs.

Paying an upfront fee without knowing what you’re getting into is risky.

Do your research first before you give anyone any money, especially online.

If you’re interested in earning income from home, don’t hesitate to check out this article here.

If freelancing is something you’re not into and want to start your own business online, I highly suggest My #1 Heroic Site. Yes, you can check them out for free and not worry about trying to get your money back.
If you have any questions or comments about Real Translator Jobs, please feel free to let me know below. Thanks!

What is your take about Real Translator jobs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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