Real Writing Review: Is There Service Wasted Time

I came across the Real Writing Jobs website through an email.

It’s a product I decided to review because these types of services are all over the net.

These types of sites usually claim you will make a lot of money, but more than likely it’s a waste of money.

Whenever I come across services like these, often, they are all the same.

Mainly, these sites are nothing more than a database service that doesn’t supply people with a job.

What people will be getting is information that they can get for free.

Please take the time to read my Real Writing Jobs review and find out if the service is a waste.

Specs About Real Writing Jobs


Product Name: Real Writing Jobs
Year: 2009
Free Access: No
Price: $34
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Real Writing Jobs aka RWJ?

  • It’s a database service that is supposed to supply people with writing jobs that they can do from home.

How does it work?

  • You pay a fee to get information that you can obtain by just going to Google and doing some research yourself for free.

How much does it cost?

  • $34

Who can join?

  • Anyone 18 years of age or older.

My Take

When I came across the RWJ site, it was apparent to me it is similar to a few other services that I reviewed.

These sites do the same thing.

The only difference is that they rename the site and provide a new type of service.

It’s essential to be careful with these types of sites because people can get the information they provide you with for free.

Mainly what they do is try to get people to buy their product by adding this appealing job label into it.

Once someone pays for this database stuff, the first thing that happens is that these types of sites offer up-sells.

They like to entice people by thinking they can make more money.

People get offers to low-quality products or services that don’t amount to anything.

The Website Itself The Signs To Look For

rwj red flags

The first sign people should look for is how inviting they make it appear.

At the top, they say it’s worldwide. It is a sales tactic to get anyone and everyone.

The next thing people should look for is the urgency they put on people. This tactic is for someone to sign up right away without doing any research.

They also make it seem like they are looking for people right away.

Now they make it exciting by placing things that appeal to people.

  • Get paid to write articles
  • Books and Movie Scripts
  • Write blogs posts

We all know people get paid for doing these types of jobs. One thing someone should consider is who’s hiring people for these jobs.

Most companies already have their writers and editors; this may be a clue that maybe people will not get what they pay for.

The Appeal

Another thing I like to inform people is the appealing section to these types of ads. They make it seem like people are going to be making a great deal of money from home.

  • Work From Home
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Work Directly Online
  • Earn An Excellent Income
  • Pick What You Want

Who wouldn’t want these things? It’s appealing because it sounds like freedom. They make it appear that anyone can choose their assignments and have full control over everything.

The other appeal is that they say, No Experience Require. Sites like these, they don’t want to leave anyone out.

Some of us are looking to make money from home. The way this ad appears makes it seem like it’s the answers to our prayers.

The most significant appeal is that they make it seem like they want your name and email address.

If that’s all they wanted, then maybe this is appealing, but usually, that’s not the case.

I’m going to place a name and email address in there, and I’m pretty sure they are going to take me to another enticing page.

That is how it usually goes with these types of ads. So don’t let the hype fool you when you come across something like this online.

What Happen When I Placed My Info

I thought it was going to take me to another page, but it didn’t. It went straight to where they wanted my credit information.

What I learned is that different people are promoting this product. Some take them to another sales page, while other sites like what happened to me went directly to get my credit information.

rwj sixtyeight

On the sales page, it said a 50% discount on this product. The other site was charging me $68.

The good side of this is that ClickBank is handling the charges. It is good because ClickBank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

RWJ Thirty Four

If anyone out there needs to order this product, make sure you’re getting charged by ClickBank.

This way, if someone is not satisfied, they’re able to get their money back within 60 days.

Please make sure to save your receipt.

There is no way I’m giving my info and paying for something I know I can get for free.

I also know I’m going to get spammed with other junk.

How Do I Know I’m Gonna Get Spam?


They tell you this right on their sales page.

It says plus you will get more info on making money sent to your inbox.

They are even bold enough to tell you right there.

Like I said prior, this is what it is selling, is up-sell people more of those low-quality business opportunities that don’t work.

The Lies On The Net Smoke And Mirrors

Please, people, do your research.

A lot of people will promote products and services like these and make it seem like it works.

Just let me prove something to you so you can get an understanding of what I’m talking about.

In the video below, this guy claims he’s making all this money from Real Writing Jobs.

It’s quite convincing. If I didn’t know what to look for, I’m sure I’d probably fall for the claim too.

Here’s a way to check if you’re getting a bunch of bull crap.

I went to the Q and A section of Real Writing Jobs.

In the Q and A section, it said that “Real Writing Jobs does not employ you.”

Another part of the Q and A said you would get paid by the companies that hire you.

rwj question

real writing jobs questions and answers

Here’s something to think about!

Why would this guy get money in his PayPal account from Real Writings Jobs when right here it says, Real Writing jobs does not employ you.

It also says the companies that hire you will pay you.

It also states that Real Writing Jobs provide you with an extensive database of writing jobs.

There you go right there, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Just because someone claims they are making money doesn’t mean it’s true.

A tactic like this happens all the time on the net.

I get paid through my PayPal account, and from my experience with PayPal, it always states where I get my money from.

Other Database Sites

Here are other database services to stay away from if you come across them.

Click 4 Survey

Get Cash For Surveys

Real Translator Jobs

I’m sure this will grow in time because there are more similar scams out there.

If you know of a few and would like me to review them, I will be happy to do that. Just let me know below.

All In All

Anytime you come across some database service or a job asking you for some money before you join, please take a moment to research and think about it.

Usually, you can go to Google and type in Freelance writing jobs and you should be able to find the same ones on this database service.

There’s nothing worse than giving up your hard earn money to scams like these.

If you like to write and want to start your own business from home, I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

What is your take about Real Writing Jobs, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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