Review Of Wealthy Affiliate: What 10 Lessons Did For Me

I have always wanted to start an online business but was faced with so much information online.

I have done my fair share of researching in the online business field.

What I found out is that there is just so much info online, and that could end up being a miss more so than a hit.

When I was lead to Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t join right away because of my experience before WA.

If WA did not give me options, I probably wouldn’t have bought into what they have to offer.

So with that being said, in this review of Wealthy Affiliate, you will find out my experience, my struggles, and more so than ever, what 10 lessons did for me.

Specs About Wealthy Affiliate


Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Year: 2005
Free Access: Yes
Price: $49 a month
Website URL: Overall Rating: 9/10

Let’s Start At The Beginning

I have an idea of what you’re thinking, let’s start at the beginning kind of sounds like it’s going to be long and do you have time for this!

Here’s the thing, I’m not preaching here, however, sometimes people miss out on something spectacular because of time constraints.

I’m not trying to hold you up. I want you to know when I checked out Wealthy Affiliate, it was and is a game-changer.

If you can take a few minutes and read what can easily be a new way you can make money from home, you better believe it will be the best investment of your time.

Back To The Beginning, Here Is The Tea! What Happened Was…!

I wanted to make money from home, so I did what most people would do.

I went to Google and typed in words like, “How to build a business from home.”

Immediately my computer was flooded with websites after websites of sales, ads, and stories promising success and lots of money.

Of course, as a skeptic, I read and researched a lot of these websites, and I realized I had a big task on my hands.

It can get overwhelming when you get the info that indicates that they have the way.

I realized that everyone had the way, and at the time, I just sifted through the info I like and didn’t like.

Back then, I added info that I liked to my favorites and let the other ones go.

Oh, How Time Can Pass You By!

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and being that the Internet has been the new gateway to making money, I wanted to be a part of that.

Time just kept passing by, and one day I looked in the mirror and realized how much older I was getting, and nothing didn’t change for me career-wise.

I was able to find one seasonal work from home opportunity. That seasonal work was the very first time I made money entirely online, and yes, the checks cleared.

I knew then that it is possible to make money from home.

The thing is, though! There was a lot of sifting that I had to do to find what I wanted.

I couldn’t let my life be at a standstill, so I rolled up my sleeves and didn’t give up.

I found a website that had all these easy ways to make money from home.

The info wasn’t going to help me make any big-time money, but what the info showed me is that there are many ways that people could make a little bit of money from home.

I tried some of his suggestions, and I was making money from home.

Each time I would return to his website for different info, I ran into one of his videos where he said something that struck a chord with me and stuck with me.

He said something like, “you must reinvest if you want to improve your lifestyle.”

Since things worked out for me on the other ways that got suggested, the word reinvests stuck with me like crazy.

I finally looked into one of his recommend sites called Wealthy Affiliate and joined as a starter member.

Training Can Be A Miss, Despite If It’s Legit!

Before I get ahead of myself, before joining WA, I did try another training service.

However, even though they offered valid info, it just didn’t gel with me.

I wanted to make sure that I got the correct niche and domain name because the domain name was another out of pocket expense that I was going to have.

I also realized that I wanted a niche that I felt could earn revenue.

It was getting overwhelming to figure that out. Then I was stuck not knowing what to do.

I went to their forum, and help wasn’t comfortable there.

To make a long story short, I moved on.

The 10 Free Lessons Gave Me A Great Start!


If WA did not have a free starter membership, I don’t think I would have bothered because I felt that with the prior training I got, it was not going to be easy to start a business from home.

Having that option to see for myself what I can do with no obligations was everything.

People are earning a living online, and I knew it was by using a website.

What I didn’t know was that affiliate marketing is an excellent way for people to make money as they are building their website.

What the 10 free lessons did for me at WA was show me clearly the possibilities.

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WA didn’t just explain the possibilities, but I was actively building a website for free and a domain name with these 10 free lessons that I got.

The prior training that I obtain did explain affiliate marketing. However, after WA showed how easy it is, I felt that the prior training courses complicated everything.

That previous training I got showed me that Wealthy Affiliate knows what they are doing.

What Kind Of Training I Am Getting With A Starter Membership?

When I joined, I thought I was getting 10 lessons. However, you get 20 lessons in different areas.

Okay, there are some similarities to both pieces of training.

However, I feel that both of the training can decipher how niches can get implemented with a website.

So I recommend that you take advantage of both pieces of training so you can get a feel of niches and making money online.

Niche Training

In the getting started training you are going to be able to follow Kyle through step by step video tutorials and written materials.

The tutorials actually will allow you to get a website started, learn about making money online, get your website ready for the search engines, and learn about keywords.

Bootcamp Training

Then there is the Bootcamp training.

In that training, it’s more in the area of promoting WA.

Wealthy Affiliate allows its members to make money through their affiliate network.

Even though there are some similarities, there are differences.

You will get a feel for targeting an audience in the making money online arena.

Both 10 lessons can help you decide the direction that you want to take for yourself.

I went for the Bootcamp training because I like helping people find ways to make money from home through reputable services online.

As you can see, you get access to great info without ever pulling out a single credit card.

You get a free website started that has no ads and no obligations.

It Doesn’t Stop With Training

If you decide to further your education in the online marketing field, you are going to get access to the best training.

Once you decide on your niche or it could be niches, you can scale what you learn more profoundly.

You are going to get…!

Online Entrepreneur Certification

WA training

5 courses 50 lessons

  • Getting started
  • Build your own traffic producing websites
  • Making money
  • Mastering social engagement
  • Achieving maximum success through content creation

Affiliate Bootcamp

7 courses 70 lessons

  • Get your business rolling
  • Content keywords and conversions
  • Giving your site social value
  • Visual, aesthetic and branding through social media
  • Know your audience
  • PPC Through Bing
  • Scale successful PPC Campaigns

You are also going to get access to live weekly training done by Jay!

Live weekly training is vital because Jay covers all kinds of topics that help in different areas of your business.

You can ask questions and watch what he does live.

To give you an example, if you want more info about Google Analytics, as you can see in the image below, Jay has webinars about Google Analytics and other topics like how you can track your affiliate links.


He also covers other topics that you can watch in the WA archives.

The cool part about live training in WA’s archives is that if you are unable to attend a live training, you can watch it at a later date and on top of that, you can ask questions if a question didn’t get covered in the live training.

As you can see, help is there!

There is also a pretty cool feature that WA does!

The Community Of Like-Minded People

If you ever used Facebook or Twitter, you will get that kind of feel inside Wealthy Affiliate.

You can network and communicate with like-minded people. The difference between those social media sites is that people are talking about business.

You can ask questions and can answer questions if you know the answer.

The cool feature about their community is that you can speak with people live, and you can blog inside WA on your profile.

Blogging inside WA is excellent because it is another way that allows you to earn revenue.

To give you an example, you can blog about your experience inside WA.

Your blogs can get found in the search engines, and if someone reads that info and joins Wealthy Affiliate’s premium service, you earn a commission.

So what can end up being an out of pocket expense can end up being revenue for just blogging inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Tools That Does Work And Help You Earn Revenue

If you never built a website or hosted a website before, you probably don’t realize what you are getting.

If you have, then you should know that these features and tools are only going to help you.

There are eight tools and features that WA has that will help you all in one platform.

One of my favorite tools that I use is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy: What Jaaxy is, is a keyword research tool that helps you find out what people are searching for online within any niche.

If you are building an online business, you need data to help scale what you are doing. Knowing what people are searching for will help you rank in the search engines.

Site Manager: This is another feature that briefly helps you look at your website to see how it is doing. In site manager, it will list all the websites you have hosted inside WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Site manager

Each website shows

  • Site Health
  • Backup
  • Last update
  • Security information
  • WordPress version
  • How many pages
  • How many posts
  • Approved Comments
  • Pending comments
  • Google Index
  • Site Plus

Site Builder: This is where you can start a new website by obtaining domain names. You have the option of using a free domain name, or you can purchase a domain name easily.

Site Domains: List all the domain names you have. You can manage all your domains there. If you want to auto-renew every domain name, so you don’t have to worry about losing it, you can easily select Auto Renew. You are also able to move domain names from one registrar to WA.

Site Content: This is another feature where you can write all your content on one platform. People don’t realize how important this feature is.

wa site content

Losing content has happened to me before. I’m writing content on my computer, and for some odd reason, I lose all the content that I’ve written. If that has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating that is.

It is frustrating! I’m saying it is frustrating! Like very frustrating.

I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was frustrating!

WA took care of that by creating a feature where bloggers can write content, add free royalty images, and on top of that, edit your content by using their grammar tool.

You can also publish your content from Site Content to your website without ever logging in. There is so much you can do with this feature besides just writing content.

You can schedule your content and even make fresh templates that make writing easier.

What I love about site content is that it keeps track of the amount of content that I’ve written.

It also shows my productivity, which helps me continue adding fresh content on my website.

Site Comments: It is a feature where you can obtain comments from WA’s community. Comments are great because it brings engagement to your website.

Site Feedback: I know getting feedback can be a scary thing when you are starting a new venture.

We are all unsure of what we are doing when we first start something new.

Sometimes I can be unsure to this day, and just getting feedback is a great feature to use.

You can get feedback about the whole feel of your website or only on specific content.

I’ve used this feature, wondering what kind of feedback I’m going to get.

What I did was submit a post that I’ve written.

What usually follows after I submitted my feedback is that WA gives you notice that I got feedback.

What I experienced is not as bad as I anticipated.

Wealthy Affiliate
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What happened to me is that the members politely explained to me that I needed more graphics, images, and I should add more content to my post.

What people should realize is that getting feedback from people can shed some light on user experience for your business, and you can get that with your premium membership at WA.

Site Support: This is where you can obtain help with your website. If any glitches occur, all you have to do is open a support ticket.

Why Did I Become A Premium Member?

I could have stayed as a Starter Member or not continue, but I liked the training that I was getting.

From the 10 lessons that I got, I realized that I landed on a goldmine.

I was able to get a website started without paying a dime. I knew that through the lessons I just did, I was able to follow along easily.

I wanted to learn SEO techniques that help rank high in the search engines.

Other monetizing factors that help earn revenue through their training.

I also wanted to see Jay’s live webinars and check out other training videos that I’ve missed.

I Get It That It Is $49 A Month To Get Access To Everything, Is There Other Price Points?

That is an excellent question because when you are investing, you want the best savings.

As you know, you have options and can get access to everything despite the payment option selected.

Payment Options!

  1. $49 A month = $588 every year
  2. $495 yearly (two months off you save $93)

There are savings, and you have options. I recommend if you are investing your time and money into building a business, it is a no-brainer for option #3.

You get everything needed to start a business from home, and you don’t have to worry about it for another year.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee And Can I Cancel At Any Time?

There is no money-back guarantee.

I know that sounds a little iffy, but you have access to 10 free lessons to decide if you want to take further lessons to earn revenue online.

As for canceling your membership, you can cancel at any time.

If you select the monthly plan and cancel for whatever reason, the next month, you will not get billed.

If you selected the six-month plan and decided to cancel for whatever reason, once your six months are up, you will not get billed on after.

The cancellations also apply for the yearly membership.

If you selected the yearling plan and decided to cancel, once your annual plan is up, you will not get billed further.

Note: If you intend to cancel your membership, do it before the next billing date happens.

By doing that, it prevents you from getting an unexpected charge for the following month.

Check this little tidbit out! Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

The first month costs $19. Then the following month is $49.

What I’m getting at here is if you decide to go premium, and for some reason, you don’t want to go any further, you’re only out $19, not $49.

How To Make Money With A Website

OMG! Let me give you an example. Everyone likes to eat or at least most of us, Lol.

Let’s say your passion is cooking, and let’s go with the cooking as your niche.

Your niche could be a cooking blog.

You can review and recommend other authors cookbooks, recommend cooking products, sell your cookbook, or add a little gossip area about shows like Top Chef and other cooking shows that you like to watch.

You see the picture, though!

You can select any niche, even a hobby, and build a business around it.

The best part about this is that you’re making money from it and from home!

Why I Selected The Niche That I Did?

As you already know, I like to look for ways to make extra income from home.

I have experience and research on this topic, so I decided that the make money online niche seemed like the right fit for me.

I knew for myself that I would love to help others like me find ways to earn from home.

A Flexible Schedule Is EVERYTHING!

I do have a child with special needs, and it can get difficult out there in the world because my son tends to need extra attention.

I wanted to do something that allowed me to work around my schedule.

I also wanted a schedule that I could do around the clock.

Wealthy Affiliate is a 24/7 educational service that I can do at my time.

WA also provides a 24/7, pretty cool community.

Everyone is encouraged to help others at WA.

There shouldn’t be a reason to Google something because everything you need is right at WA.

If you need instant help or if you need private help, WA’s Community is there to help 24/7.

WA also has a live chat, and it’s cool because you can get instant help if you want that support right away.

Oh No, That Means I have To Write!

I was unsure about my writing and thought there is no way I could do this. I always was one of those people who avoided writing.

I learned through WA that you shouldn’t complicate writing. Writing on your website is different. You are writing just like you would on any social media platform or email.

I feel that your personality should reflect your website, and that comes when you build out your site.

I don’t dwell on my writing like I used to. I do it, and you can always go back and fix or update content.

I now use a premium version of Grammarly. It has helped me out with many grammatical errors.

The Bad Stuff

I can’t say too many bad things about WA, other than there is a lot of information to learn.

I’ve been with WA for more than five years now. I’m giving you more tea here!

People can get distracted too much by the social aspect of WA, which can cause someone to neglect their business.

I suggest getting what you need to get done first and following the training that Kyle teaches because by doing that, it will keep you going in the right direction.

What Can 10 Lessons Do For You!

Looking back at those 10 lessons was the start.

Wealthy Affiliate showed me how easy it is to start a website.

The first 10 lessons I took explained to me the possibilities to earn from home.

Those 10 lessons can do the same for you.

You can easily set up an account by,

  1. Place your email address (Click Here And Get Started!)
  2. Place your name
  3. Create a password
  4. Create a user name

From there, you get access to the community and lessons that will be the start of a business that you probably didn’t think you could accomplish.

All In All

WA is an educational community that has been successful for over 12 years.

WA has active members since 2005 that are making a beautiful living from home.

We all begin at zero, and becoming your own hero is possible.

You will meet me, the owners, and all the members who’ve been with WA for years and members who just started right now.

I’m an average person making something spectacular out of my life.

So be spectacular and become your own hero now before the years pass by.

I will be there along with others to help and support you on your journey.

See you on the other side!

What is your take about Wealthy Affiliate, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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