Reviews About Online Businesses: Decisions Decisions Decisions

It can be hard to decide on a business opportunity online when you read a bunch of reviews.

With any business there are investments that need to be made and the decision can be quite overwhelming.

When I first ventured into looking at business opportunities online, I have seen so many ads whether it was video ads, one-page ad, advertorial ads, blogs, and even YouTube to decide on what business venture to take.

I know for myself I wanted a website and wanted to get into affiliate marketing.

At the time my knowledge about affiliate marketing was none.

When you don’t know much about how or where to begin, you could end up looking through a bunch of opportunities online.

What Types Of Business Ventures Are Out There?

If you were researching online and stumbled upon different business ventures, you probably saw opportunities like:

  • Different Types Of MLM Businesses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Binary Trading
  • Email Marketing
  • Drop-Shipping
  • YouTube Videos
  • eBay

These are just a few common ones online.

Within just one of these ventures, there are so many business opportunities.

You could be looking at 100s of MLM type business models alone that you could venture into.

This is why I understand how overwhelming it can get especially if you’re undecided on what type of online business venture you want to get into.

What Info Can I Get Out Of A Review?

When people read a review, people tend to want to know if it’s a scam, the cost, and most importantly can they make money with an opportunity.

I personally feel that is the wrong approach when you want to venture into making money online. The reason why I say this is that even with a scam, someone scammed someone out of their money with their gimmick.

People will tell you that what they are doing is totally legal and they are quite convincing when they want you to pay.

I feel that what you should look at is what you will be doing when you come across a review. To give you some examples,

One of my first ventures was practically when dial-up was out there on the net. It was a business model where they would send you a CD and you would place ads on the net asking people for money to do the same thing.

Similar to a chain letter type business. The CD I got was one of those bootleg CD’s that didn’t even work. I was so mad because at the time I was excited that I would start my first business online.

It was so low quality that there was no way I was going to do this.

There are similar ones out there today that have advanced from CD’s but the concept is the same.

I also tried my hands with the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing and I finally came to the conclusion that it’s not for me.

The reps are quite convincing when you speak with them. They go on and tell you all those great qualities and the potential money you can make.

Now MLM may be the one for you, but I personally feel if you are going to venture in that direction, please research the products and comp plan before you get into these types of businesses.

You should know how you’re going to get paid, what types of products they want you to sell, and if it’s more of a pyramid scheme based on recruitment rather than a sales-based business.

I’ve also come across a number of tier type business models. These types of businesses start you in small, but the way they get you to spend more money is by their comp plan.

Their comp plans works based on commissions and levels you’re in when you sell their digital products at different levels. Now each level of learning material costs a different amount and the price of these levels of digital products could be in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

To give you an example,

If you’re in a lower-level tier and you sold someone a higher level tier, those commissions pass you up and go to your sponsor.

Now for me, I want my tier money no matter what level I came in. If I paid and worked my butt off to make sales, I wholeheartedly believe I should get paid that tier money.

You could end spending a hell of a lot of money and time and may end up in a deficit. I know for myself I lived and I learned.

So what I’m getting at here is that the business model that they want you to venture into should be the utmost important decision that you should look at.

Of course, you should have the money in order to spend the money, but I feel if you have to take out a second mortgage to give someone online nearly 25 grand, you may want to think twice.

I’m saying this because even though you’re making an investment towards your future, online expenses are extremely less expensive than offline.

I See People Flashing Screenshots Of Money Made, That Makes It Worth While For Me

Okay, screenshots and shiny objects are quite tempting, but don’t let your eyes deceive you.

Also, that emotional feeling you get should not be a reason to run and try.

Emotions can be misleading and lead to regret. Make an informed decision and that goes back to what they want you to do to make a buck online.

What Makes Sense When Making Money Online?

I say this all the time, when you land on anything online it’s a website.

Even Facebook and Twitter are social websites. When you want to login to Facebook or Twitter it’s a domain name called and

If you look at Google, their domain name is

Why not get your own domain name and start there. Now each website is different, but it always starts with a simple dot com name.

What Made You venture Into Affiliate Marketing?

Well, when you want to make money, everyone sells a product or service to someone and that goes offline as well.

Now going back to Facebook and Twitter for a second, they may not make money with their members in a direct way, but one of the ways they make money is with ads.

When people go to a site where there are millions or billions of members, it’s going to be quite lucrative.

That is why your own dot com name should be a consideration. Also with affiliate marketing, you can suggest products or services to people in a non-intrusive way, it’s actually a win-win situation.

Now I’m not saying you should start a social site, but there are sites that are quite lucrative that don’t get millions or billions of viewers to their website on a daily basis.

This is why I ventured into affiliate marketing.

To Elaborate More About Affiliate Marketing

Just like I said, in order to make money more or less you would be selling a product or service to someone, that is how money is made.

With Affiliate Marketing, it is not so in your face type sales. More or less it’s your recommendations and if the person buys, you make a commission.

Let’s look at a lawn as an example.

Let’s say you’re the lawn master and you know a great deal of how to keep up with your lawn.

Now, there are tons of homeowners who may not know how to take care of their lawns.

Some people may feel that they can go really cheap and use some scissors that they purchased from the dollar store to cut their lawn, but who really wants to look like Edward Scissorhands in their neighborhood, all kidding aside.

You can totally recommend lawn mowers, hoses, lawn seeds, suggest certain types of products for different claimants. Some people have practically clay grounds and can’t get anything to grow, you can totally suggest products to people with a website and help people grow beautiful lawns.

In my book affiliate marketing is the most simplistic way to sell. How many times have you recommended anything to someone and they purchased based on your recommendations?

If you can do it once you definitely can do it multiple times.

The Final Decisions

The final decisions on any business venture are yours. You can really learn a great deal about a business venture based on what they want you to do.

Sites that give you a good amount of info before you dive in should be worth your time to learn more about.

If you come across a business venture that isn’t very transparent maybe it is a tell-tale sign to move on.

All In All

Online businesses are not as expensive as offline businesses and on top of that, it can be even more lucrative than an offline business.

All it takes is a dot com name, a website, and what type of website you’d like it to be.

Of course with any business venture, investments are required, but in the online world, it shouldn’t cost you 10s of thousands of dollars to get the ball rolling.

Again, the final decision is always yours! Be safe out there.

If you’d like more info on how I started my journey with Affiliate Marketing, you should highly check out My #1 Heroic Site.

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