Second Income Centers Scam: Warning Signs That You Should Know

The way I found out about Second Income Centers is through a job board yesterday. As I was eyeing their job listing, red flags already popped up in my mind causing me to dig a little deeper.

The reason why I’m writing this article is that I want people to notice these red flags right away and be leerier. In this Second Income Centers review, I’m going to show you the warning signs.

With that being said, I want to cover the warning signs.

Specs About Second Income Centers

Product Name: Second Income Centers
Year: ?
Free Access: Yes
Price: ?
Website URL: ? Overall Rating: 0/10

My Take

In today’s time, we are all connected online. There is a massive amount of scams going on about anything you can think of.

To give you an example, people get these threatening phone calls about their taxes, mortgages, social security benefits and so on. People have communicated to me in my own personal life asking me for advice.

It seems like scammers have escalated even more these days. Until something is done, I personally wouldn’t openly give out my info without doing extensive research.

Believe it or not, a lot of jobs that are hiring people to work from home, really don’t like to place ads online because of the number of applicants they get.

Because of the extreme amount of applicants it causes a company to take extreme measures to avoid getting these massive amounts of applicants.

Unfortunately, scammers know that they are gonna get a massive response so what they do is place an appealing ad in the job boards knowing that they will get responses.

So you being a job seeker it is really up to you to know what to look for when you see an appealing job listing online.

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Let Us Start With The Job Listing

SIC job listing

At the top of the job listing, you will see work from home positions open. It’s in bold letter and is appealing to the eye.

Next, they show what you can make, It says up to $37 hourly.

Naturally, we probably will just see the $37 hourly and don’t really noticed the up to part.

The warning signs is that wage and the up to because most work at home jobs doesn’t pay that much.

Then it says be the first 30 applicants. The first 30 applicants is a way to get you to hurry and apply as we all know.

Most employment seekers want the most qualified applicant. Usually, once they find the right person or people, they are done.

The Job Description Is Very Odd

The job description isn’t even a job. Most “fake jobs” are listed under data entry or completing surveys. This one really didn’t list a job, more or less they sound like another place where they will connect you with work at home opportunities.

When I clicked on apply on the company website, it took me to rapid interviews.

If you look at the top, according to the job ad, it even states Second Income Centers.

When I Googled Second Income Centers

There were no websites for second income centers, but there was a website for second income center.

If you don’t know this already, domain names are very specific in regards to how it is listed. secondincomecenter and secondincomecenters are two different domain names.

I went to my trusted source at Wealthy Affiliate to look to see the availability of those domain names.

sic domain names

When I looked up secondincomecenter, that domain name was taken however secondincomecenters available to purchase.

So What Do You Mean By The Domain Names Is Not Available?

Either the job listing was referring to Second Income Center or they were referring to Second Income Centers which has a nonexisting website.

I’ve run across a few job listings that were work at home opportunities that didn’t even have a website. If you do come across a job opportunity to work from home that doesn’t have a website, why bother wasting your time!

Usually, any work at home opportunity needs to have a website where you can log into and complete whatever job they want you to complete.

But What If It Is Second Income Center?

If you go back to that “job description” this part I’m going to quote,

“Our goal is to connect you with supportive resources in order to attain your dream career.”

When I went to the second income center’s website, their website content seemed to fit exactly what this “job description” listed.

SIC their subscription

Also, the first thing that happened was a pop-up to subscribe. It turned out to be an annoyance because whenever I tried to click on anything, that subscribe pop up just kept coming up.

For me, that is an aggressive tactic to get your email info. If any website takes that measure and you are trying to get details about who they are, it makes me do the exact opposite.

I did something unusual because I’m a website owner myself and sometimes scam sites like to steal web owners original written content to sell their scams.

Apparently, that is exactly what Second Income Center is doing, they are stealing website owners written content and posting it on their own website for their own personal gain.

The two websites are,

If you look at both images, you can see exactly what I’m referring to.

SIC copy content from hjm

SIC copy from hbz

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The images above as you can see Second Income center didn’t even write their own original content, they just stole content and posted it on their website. I used two examples because one example probably could be the opposite.

For me right there I wouldn’t even go any further. Also, They don’t even have an about us or about me info.

In my book, if you are resource place to help people find work at home opportunities that pay up $37 hourly, why not have your own original content?

What Is Second Income Center’s Agenda?

Obviously, they that aggressive move with the pop-up to subscribe to receive exclusive opportunities is their agenda.

Most likely, you’re gonna get emails to receive opportunities that are more than likely going to cost you money.

sic payment transactions

I went to their privacy page and it says in there that there are some instances where they collect credit card info for individual purchases.

sic may sell

Their other agenda is that they sell your info. It also indicates that in their privacy page.

Another Strange Thing I Found

sic address

I noticed that if you wanted to unsubscribe to receive their opportunities they listed an address. Being that they stole content from other web owners sites, SIC could have just listed an address.

So it shows other listings that have the exact same address, but different business names and phone numbers.

The Reality Of Work At Home Opportunities

Jobs from home are there. A sure sign that it’s a real opportunity is that the pay is not going to be $37 an hour. Most jobs from home start around on average $10 per hour.

A lot of times work at home pay may have a unique pay system depending on the job. Unless a job caters to work from home as an independent contractor like TTEC or ContractWorld, they may list their jobs in very exclusive areas on the web.

All In All

Work at home opportunities is out there. The problem is that there so many scams out there that make it really difficult for people.

A sure sign that you can look for is the pay wage. A higher paying job with no experience is a sure sign something is up.

Another red flag is if there is no website, you’re supposed to work from home, you gotta login somewhere and if that is not an option, your best bet is to move on.

A website like Secure Income Center at first glance may look okay but a good task to do is to look at their privacy page and see exactly what is going on.

You can find out a lot of info there to make a decision.

If you have any questions about Secure Income Center, feel free to let me know below, thanks!

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12 thoughts on “Second Income Centers Scam: Warning Signs That You Should Know”

  1. Thanks for this, I’m relieved because I almost fall a victim. Second Income Center uses an age-old marketing tactic to market a promising job-at-home opportunity. It also gives an impression as to how affiliate marketing works, according to your review. For many reasons, however, the program is an obvious scam.

    That said, I see no reason why you should even bother to spend 5 minutes on their homepage.

  2. The review was great. I really do not need to boarder you with any questions as regards second income center because I have already seen is nothing but just a crappy product of no value. There are so many red flags in it which indicates they are here for only to extort hard earned money from people. It is good you did the review to teach newbies on the right programs to join and be free from scammers.

    • Agreed, once you are experience in look at services out there, you can really identify the red flags right away. Unfortunately newbies who don’t do their research may learn a lesson the hard way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

  3. Wow, I really love this informative review on Second Income Centers. Since I had learned to researching online about finding the right information I come across, am a little bit safer from scam site. This review really tell me more about the red flags I need to know as to take my final decision on this platform. I come across it in my email spam box yesterday and I had begin to some strange thought. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • scams are gonna find new ways to make what they are really doing appear more transparent. If you ever feel uncomfortable it is always good to research. People will let you know the new ways of what to look out for. thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

  4. Unfortunately it’s just that we can do away with scammers both online and offline. The first red flag about second income haters are no website, this automatically disqualifies a business to be legitimate. Reading between the lines of your article I deduce that it’s gonna be a waste of time to join second income center. This is a no for me. Thanks for sharing this article.

  5. Thanks for writing this review on second income. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this review on this scam platform. Most of this scam website target newbies most time that is why it is essential to do your findings and research before participating in any program or job offer.that why I always make sure to read reviews from a professional like you before I engage myself in any work from home offer. I see this second income review as an eye opener.

    • I agree with out that they like to target newbies even in the job arena there are wolves out there. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, Evelyn.

  6. Thanks so much for your review on Second Income Centers Scam. Your review is so detailed and explicit. The way you explained with screenshots even made it a joy to read. It very true that one needs to be careful nowadays online because there are too many scam sites that promises high yield of bucks with little or no job to do. This article has really been helpful. Cheers!

    • It is kinda scary out there in the online world these days. People should do their research before even giving out any info. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciate it, Evelyn.

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