Self-Discipline For Your Home Biz: The Key To Success

I want people to be successful with their home biz.

What this article is about is being self-discipline.

At first, when people start their home biz they are excited, then the excuses start kicking in.

Excuses are natural when we are starting to climb that mountain.

We all make excuses, but self-discipline is key to success in your home biz.

It Can Be Tough

I know it’s difficult to live a self-disciplined lifestyle, but is it really?

If you think about routines we do on a daily basis, how hard are those?

Is It Really Tough Or Is It Just Being Lazy Or Making Excuses

A daily routine isn’t that hard because they just come naturally to us, like getting that morning coffee, grooming, eating, daily house chores, and going to work even when people don’t want to.

People do these routines because either they want to or have to.

Why Are People Lazy When It Comes To Their Home Business?

I think for some it’s just because some people are afraid and for others, it’s because they just don’t want to.

Being afraid is natural and getting out of that comfort zone is kind of scary. Having a business is new to some and the unknown can be scary.

I felt that way too when I started, so I understand how people can put things off, making excuses or go back to that comfort zone to avoid doing work to reach their goals.

Then there are some that just don’t want to do it. I know how that feels too. I really can relate to this one as well because I’ve been there. You are your own boss and there are days where you do what you feel like doing.

Yeah I know your show is on TV, there’s a party to go to, you feel tired so you put it off for another day. If you think about any business that decided to stay close because they felt like it, that business would be out of business.

Their competition would eat that business up alive. I’m not saying there’s no downtime, but don’t make your downtime a common factor.

Sometimes people wait until the last minute to get it done. The last-minute ones are because they know they have to do it, but they avoid it till they have to.

I’m guilty of the last minute one as well. I’ve done that a number of times and yeah I’m not proud of myself, but I got it done.

When I get it done I feel really good that I did accomplish what I did. Last-minute shenanigans shouldn’t be a self-discipline routine though.

Why Not Last Minute You Got It Done?

Lol, last-minute routines are like avoiding what you need to get done.

Other things can get accomplished, but usually, what people do, like myself is to do other unrelated fun work activities or projects that can wait, but people tend to do those tasks first because it’s fun.

With any business, you’re going to have tasks that you will like and the tasks you don’t like. That’s just the way it is.

I know a lot of people think that working from home is really glamorous, yeah it’s fun being able to work when you want and make money while you’re sleeping, I’m not saying you won’t have fun, but there is work to be done.

Your Why

You gotta look at your “why” and how important are they to you. Your “why” is very important because it makes the difference between pushing on and stopping.

Some people can’t take where they are in life anymore so they make a change. These people make these changes without looking back.

They know what they want, they have a Why and because of those two reasons, they are self-discipline enough to get the job done.

A Strong Why But Um Yeah

Some people have very strong Why’s they know their needs and wants and have a way out of their situation. They may not even know how talented they are, but they are in their comfort zone.

These people are the um yeah I know, but yeah, Lol. I got other things to do first then I’ll do it. Then they realize that years pass by and they are in the same situation and haven’t budged.

People in this situation could make fantastic changes maybe even change other people’s lives by their examples, but instead, they sit in their comfort zone saying if maybe.

It Is Never Too Late

Some people start a home business and they realize it’s not for them. I have tried a few home businesses myself. I came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t for me.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. The self-discipline I did was to find something that would work for me. Something that I felt comfortable doing even when I wasn’t comfortable.

I know that doesn’t make sense, but what I mean, is that the overall business structure is what I liked, Yeah there are quirks and things that made me uncomfortable, but it didn’t stop me from being self-discipline.

I am Just Tired

I know we may feel old and tired, sometimes we are young and tired, sometimes our loved ones can hold us back and make us feel tired.

Those are just excuses to stay in that comfort zone. You gotta cut through that brick wall and get some new natural routines going.

How Do You Make Changes?

You gotta do it even when you don’t want to. Just like that job you go to, I know you gotta eat to pay the bills, that’s why you’re self-discipline to get up and go to that job.

Your job is the one that is reaping your benefits. Yeah, you get a paycheck out of it. It’s usually a paycheck that you need, I get that too, but if you want to reap your own benefits you gotta get self-motivated to get there.

Look At Your Cards

The first step is to look at what you got, think about what you want and how you’re going to obtain your wants. Depending on your goals you should take each step small.

If you work a full-time job it’s best to work on your business on your days off or maybe an hour a day when you don’t have days off, that’s if you’re not too tired.

I’m being real here, if all you got is the weekends then that’s all you got. You’re still going to plunge forward, it’s just going to take a little longer.

Some parents are single parents and I understand it can be tough when you’re also raising children. Single parents gotta cook, clean, and other life chores that have to get done. Everyone has different cards, but look at your reality and make real steps.

No Overdrive

I personally feel putting yourself on overdrive will burn you out. I see this all the time in the business I’m in. Some people put so much time in work in the first few weeks, then they start going back into their comfort zone.

Some people do too much and make their plates full. They feel if they don’t have this and that when they start off they are losing out on something big.

Some people try to absorb too much info and they feel if they don’t get it, it’s the end of the world and they won’t succeed.

Some people just don’t take action, they absorb the info and don’t actually do the work to make it happen.

Then there are people who want everything perfect. If it’s not perfect it won’t work. I get it that you want everything perfect, but let’s be real here nothing is perfect.

Finally, there are some who put a lot in and expect results like right now. I’m being real, here again, it’s going to take work, self-discipline, and trust in what you’re doing.

Start with small results. As you’re building your biz, you can’t expect the grand finale in the beginning because most likely it’s not going to happen like that.

Take Steady Steps

It’s best to get your routine going even if it’s just on the weekends.

You can put ten hours a week even if it is two days a week. Get that self-discipline into shape and gradually climb up the mountain.

Sometimes in life, we have to step sideways, that’s life, but always place your steps back where they need to go.

We all have those days that cause us to go in another direction because thing comes up. These side steps don’t mean you have stopped, it just means to get back on the saddle and continue on.

That is what self-discipline, self-motivated people do to succeed.

All In All

This article was important to me because the hardest part of owning your own home biz is being self-discipline. I know because I’ve been there.

A lot of people are used to a boss telling them what to do to get the job done. When you are your own boss it can be quite difficult to keep going and staying self-motivated.

The best way to being self-motivated is to just do it. Look at the cards you have, set up your work hours, and get the job done just like you would with any job.

Each time you do that a goal is accomplished a new routine is coming together just like it would be when you wake up every morning to brush your teeth.

As you keep going, you got a business that brings in revenue a full-time business that just isn’t a chore, but a business. A home business that will allow you more time to accomplish more.

And for those of you who haven’t started their own home biz, can I ask you why? It’s not very expensive to start and if you don’t know where to begin, check out this site here. Don’t worry no credit card is needed to check it out.

Actually, when you check it out, you get 10 free lessons, hosting and 2 free websites. This way you can figure out your routine, get your self-discipline going to make that full-time income, plus you’re checking it out with no obligation.

The only thing that could be holding you back is you.

What is your take about self-discipline for your home biz, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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