Shane Dawson Pig Merch: It Is A Beautiful World

It’s after the main launch, and as you know, all the products got launched, and Shane Dawson uploaded more videos that were entertaining.

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying this series.

After the Dangerous World Of Jeffree, Shane’s Merch was on his new website called

Shane uses pigs in the past as part of his merch, and yes there is pig merch that even Shane can make a beautiful world by using pigs.

By the time I found out the merch was available and I was ready to buy some of it, it was sold out!

Every last product was sold out. It seemed like it was gone in two points five seconds.

I know his merch will get replenish in time, so I’m not going to complain about it.

Except for boy, my daughter and I want those piggy backpacks.

I’m glad that Shane Dawson has a website for his products, it’s nice to go there and see if he added more merch or other stuff for the future.

There Are Other Pig Products That Are Sold Out

shane pig merch

I know I said sold out again because yeah, I didn’t get my merch yet, Lol.

However, you can get an email indicating when they will replenish their stock by merely going to and pop up will come up where you can place your email address and get notified when they have more in inventory.

As for the design, I like how Shane and Jeffree kept the merch simple. They didn’t overdue the designs, and it’s fun, eye-catching merch that should appeal to both sexes.

Most of the merch is a simple black and pink colors that we can match with other clothes we like to wear.

So what are the other pig merch besides those cute pig backpacks?

  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Slippers
  • Joggers
  • iPhone cases

Are what I saw in Shane’s website.

More Pig Products Are In The Making

in the making

If you watched the series, we know other pig products are coming out like makeup bags, mirrors, purses, and a box that holds cool lipstick colors.

I get it that too much pig is just piggish, and if you watched the series, I like the design that Shane and Andrew decided on.

What Got Created I Felt Was Awesome

I’m sure there were countless hours of putting everything together. You have to give it to Jeffree’s team along with Jeffree, Shane, and Andrew getting everything together.

Watching the series doesn’t show how everything got created, but you get an idea of the number of people and work it takes to make it happen.

I like the fact that Shane paired up with Jeffree because Jeffree wants quality, and he allowed Shane to get creative without really interfering with his ideas.

Jeffree did give his advice and knowledge when he thought it was appropriate, and Shane listened and learned from him.

It was a great match that leads to some freaken excellent products.

As For The Series

So much love and care were put into everything and in the series. Some of the series showed memories of the past. It took me back to a time when my daughter and I would bond by watching Shane’s videos.

It was the series when Shane went back to his old home and had to take care of a few things. He showed old footage of his videos.

My daughter and I used to sit in her room to eat snacks and watch Shane’s new videos. My husband, who past away this year, would look in the room and say, “what are you guys watching?” and our daughter would reply Shane.

After watching Shane go into his old home, I just needed a moment away from writing on my website. I don’t know how to explain it, but sometimes certain things can trigger feelings, and it’s hard to tell why, but it’s part of I guess a healing process.

What About The Whole Series

I know a lot of you already watched it. For me, it doesn’t even seem like each video uploaded was around an hour-long.

For instance, I started watching one of the series, and I paused to get a snack. When I saw how much of the video I watched, I’m like it’s almost over. That is how much I’m enjoying the series. Shane and Jeffree showed a side that I love, and that is business.

The last video that got played since I last blogged about the whole series was “The Dangerous World Of Jeffree.”

The series started with some messed up tweets about Shane having sex with his cat. I remember seeing it on Twitter too.

From a fan’s perspective, I knew it wasn’t right. When I see stuff like that where there is no reasoning for such hate, I always think that a child or someone who doesn’t like themselves does things like that.

I wish Shane never even put it in the series. I feel that he’s just fueling anyone willing to do such tactics to say anything negative to make their reaction on one of his videos.

As for Jeffree, he literately got robbed. Whoever did this cut a hole in his warehouse roof and stole one million dollars worth of Redbull and Blue Blood products!

I saw a video that Jeffree did about his stolen products. The robbery happened before Shane and Jeffree’s series aired.

I like crime TV as well, and from what I’ve seen and heard, it does sound like an inside job. To put a hole in a roof, load massive amounts of products had to be a group of people.

Jeffree said they were there for a long time, so they must have felt comfortable being there to steal a massive amount of beauty products.

It’s amazing how people would risk their freedom to steal products and then sell it knowing darn well people who buy it is going to show it on social media. I’m sure there are trails somewhere, and the thieves eventually will get exposed.

I feel for Jeffree because he worked so hard to bring his idea to life. And I don’t blame him if he takes it personally. He put together a crew that he thought he could trust, but you can’t help but understand why his guard will go up and trust levels changes.

What is so amazing about Jeffree is that he still was able to launch Blue Blood. The colors are amazing, and he is always pushing through.

As for Shane’s line, Jeffree and Shane got a first look at Shane’s eyeshadows, and when Jeffree was putting the pieces together to show a sample of what his Conspiracy Pallette was going to look like, it was pure genius.

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a young girl. I don’t wear or experiment with it as much as I did as a young lady, but I still have to have some makeup.

Even in my younger days, I wouldn’t have grasped how to put colors together like the way Jeffree does. He’s in his field, and it’s great to see the other side of how they put together a makeup line.

What was cool about this video was the ending. Shane did Ryland’s makeup. He did a great job.

They also showed footage of Shane asking Ryland to marry him. It was the sweetest ending to so much drama thrown in that series.

In the Dangerous World Of Jeffree, you have to give it to Jeffree’s team. Everyone who works in the warehouse to all the other designers and executive team that made it happen.

I’m not talking about those thieves either; no one wants black market products. What I liked about the series is the thought, care, and love that got put together. Even the packaging for the buyers was thoughtfully thought out.

After Seeing What Was Going To Get Launched

When Shane thought of a cool looking old school TV, I thought that was a great idea, but when I saw the sample, I thought it looked cheap.

It was like Shane turned into Jeffree when he was deciding on which sample he wanted for his Conspiracy Pallette. He was looking at it the same way Jeffree was lining up the eyeshadows.

None of the designs hit a home run with Shane. When Shane, Andrew, and Anna went back to the drawing board, they did come up with something phenomenal.

I must give it to Anna. There are some people out there who won’t go back to the drawing board. Some people feel like they gave everything they got and would complain instead of bringing more ideas to life.

Not Anna, she showed her true spirit by pleasing her client. She emailed Shane more box samples and by Andrew and Shane adding the design, and that is how they made it happen.

Another Interesting Touch

The interesting touch was not really about business, but in the series, they showed Morgan, and she talked about how people in the beauty industry told her she needed fillers and all this stuff done.

I lived for several years, and people like to point out other people’s flaws as if they don’t have any themselves.

Beauty is a preference, and what seems appealing to one person may not be appealing to the next.

I feel that Morgan is quite beautiful. The camera seems to love her, and she doesn’t need to do all that crazy stuff to herself.

People love her for who she is, and she doesn’t need to change anything.

Shane said it best, change things about yourself because you want to do it, not because everyone is throwing insecurity in your ears.

The Series Isn’t Over

I don’t know what is going to happen in the final series, but Shane was concerned about publishing beauty drama.

When I watched the series, I thought there was already a lot of drama. I’m sure there is a lot of tea that we don’t know.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to know, and there are people like me that don’t mind not knowing.

Sometimes when people create things, it takes a different direction.

An example would be when Shane had an idea for his Conspiracy Pallette, and when it got created, he wasn’t feeling it.

So he changed things and came up with something pronominal. I’m getting the feeling that was how it was when the final series is going to get created.

The Real Drama

omg drama

The drama started when Shane and Jeffree’s collections got launched. I feel a lot of people were able to get something, but OMG, it was DRAMA.

Jeffree’s website went down, and at Morphe’s site, the wait was a long time.

Being a website owner myself, the best way I can describe it is when you put too much power into one electric socket, and the breaker goes out.

Yet, this time, it was like a whole city had put too much power into one socket, and the entire city’s electricity went out, it was a blackout!

Millions of people were at the website at once, ready to buy. Jeffree uses Shopify to host his website, and from my understanding, the whole Shopify website went down.

It’s a bittersweet result because there were a lot of people ready to buy, yet the buyers couldn’t when the launch started because the site broke.

In the end, Shopify was able to get the site back up and running. I was able to purchase a makeup bag, and my daughter was able to get me the Mini Conspiracy Pallette, the Conspiracy Pallette, and the pig mirror.

It was a long day for us, too, but we were excited for Shane and Jeffree for having a successful launch.

When Jeffree launched Shane’s merch, his site didn’t go down as far as I know, and it just sold out so fast.

I think Shane’s site didn’t go down because no one knew the exact time of the launch. I learned about it from Jeffree on Twitter, and when I went to purchase those piggy backpacks, it was sold out.

I want my piggy backpack!

Men Created It – Did Women Approve?

I get it that men wear makeup too, but the mass majority is women.

Some of us, as of today, are still waiting for our products. But the people who got the PR packages reviewed it, and from what I watched on YouTube, men and women loved it.

I watched Trisha’s two series, and I enjoyed it. The first video was her talking about her relationship with Shane and Jeffree. She also expressed her feeling about her name on one of the eyeshadow colors.

The second video was her getting glammed up using the Trish color.

I watched Nikkie Tutorials and was expecting more tea, but overall she likes it.

I watched one of my fav YouTube Vloggers Bunny and loved what she said.

Patrick Starrr did one side of his face using Shane’s Conspiracy Pallette and the other side of his face using Tati’s Beauty Palette. He loved it, as well.

My all-time favorite review came from Tana, she didn’t review the products but stated her thoughts about one of the eyeshadows called Tana Con that got named after her.

She was so funny and lovingly explaining her thoughts about Shane and Jeffree while she was unboxing the products.

On twitter, OMG, there were so many different beauty ideas shown. Like I said earlier, I don’t experiment with makeup like I used to, but dang everyone look so beautiful.

I can’t wait to experiment with my products. I even went to Ultra and got some brushes and other products to use.

I don’t want to freak people out in the makeup scene, but I tend to use a pressed powder, eyeliner, and lip balm. That’s it, Lol.

I also saw on Twitter Shane liked a YouTube Vlog. It was by a guy who doesn’t wear makeup but just wanted Shane’s pallet because he was supporting him and thought it was a cool collector’s item.

Dang Shane, you are making an impact!

Why Would Jeffree Star Still Use Shopify

According to Jeffree Star, it was the biggest launch in history.

There were so many people at once on the site before the launch. It caused his website to go down.

Being that Jeffree is still using a Shopify site, he may have a great relationship with them.

I understand why he uses Shopify because it caters to an e-commerce business.

We don’t know what got said about the site going down behind the scenes, but I think since the series is about business, they should have a rep or the owner explain to us buyers exactly why their website couldn’t handle the mass amount of people on their platform.

I do not hate Shopify; I’m just saying that if you think about a site like Google, every day billions of people are on there, and their website works.

User experience is another area that people love. Good user experience is why Google makes it a point to make adjustments.

Back in the day when we used to watch YouTube, YouTube used to buffer, and it was so annoying. With faster internet speeds and Google doing their part, they are always trying to make things more user-friendly.

It is rare when Google goes down, so I know that adjustments can take place for Shopify.

I don’t know what is brewing up in regards to Shopify, but I’m hoping they will do something about that for the sake of their customers.

I get it that a lot of us were buying because we wanted to support and wanted Shane x Jeffree’s products, but I’m sure site owners don’t want this to happen every time.

Even Jeffree had Shopify reps in the series before the launch. He wanted assurance that everything will go smoothly, so I know it was a concern that Jeffree had.

All In All

I believe there are two series left in the making. It was fun to watch the business side of making a brand. I’m sure there was a lot of stress involved.

But these two guys did it. They didn’t just put something together; they put a lot of love and hard work to make it happened.

The products are of quality, and beautiful looks happened. We were also entertained and learned a few things about the other side of the business.

I also found a new song that I love because of this series; it is called Sick by Butterfly Boy.

All I can say is thank you for sharing. We all know a lot of money got made, but Shane said money isn’t what drives him.

If you think about people doing things they love, the money will fall into place when the time is right. Just keep creating.

You can check out Shane’s pig merch and other merch at and Shane x Jeffree at

What is your take about Shand Dawson Pig Merch, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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