Shane Dawson’s New Videos: OMG, They Are Doing It

As everyone knows, Shane Dawson has new videos. It is a 9 part series. In this article, it is my written reaction to Shane Dawson’s new videos.

I blogged about the first series Shane Dawson did with Jeffree Star. I loved that first series, and one of the reasons why I loved it was because Jeffree and Shane hinted about collaborating by creating a make-up line for Shane.

When I saw the hints, I was excited because of what can transpire. Shane and Jeffree do vlogs, and mainly Shane does vlogs that are kind of out of the ordinary.

Shane’s new video series from what I gathered from the trailer, is that they are doing a documentary about creating a beauty line. When I saw that I was like OMG, they are doing it.

I’m A Fan But Not The Number One Fan

I’m a big fan of these guys. I explained in the first article about how I came to watch Shane. Of course, Shane got me to become a fan of Jeffree, and ever since, I’ve been watching their videos.

I’m a mom with a child that has autism, and I have my life too, so I watch as much as I can and when I have the time.

Does that make me less of a fan from people who are more into what they do and the tea, yes!

But I watch, and I’m a fan!

The Type Of Blog That I Have

The kind of content I write on this blog is for people who want to make money independently.

I look for reasonably priced quality services out there that help people.

What I’m primarily a fan of is when people put out excellent reasonably priced products that work well, and the masses can have access to it.

I look for services like that or legit jobs from home.

What I like about Jeffree even though we don’t really line up in the same business spectrum is that he creates products that are reasonably priced for the mass market.

I wholeheartedly respect that about him, and he helps people in his field by preventing people from getting ripped off by other companies.

Also, when I watch his make-up reviews, he is not afraid to hold back his thoughts and concerns, and I genuinely believe people respect that.

People want to spend their money, but not on products or services that don’t give people the quality they deserve for the money they spend.

I Get It That Jeffree And Shane Has Momentum

shane jeffree real business

I believe we are going to see an unprecedented series. I mean, this is some raw shi*, and I am going to love every minute of it.

Even though Shane and Jeffree have momentum meaning, they both have a considerable amount of fans; I feel it’s fantastic that they are showing in this series that it just doesn’t happen overnight.

Work is required. You can’t get anywhere without putting in the work.

Anyone who is a fan of these two guys knows that they started with zero followers, zero subscribers by putting themselves out there, and at times they may have regretted some of their decisions.

However, if you look inward at your past, we all have done things that we are not proud of. The only exception might be is that it isn’t on video for everyone to judge.

The people who stampede despite the mistakes they’ve made and keep pushing through are people you gotta respect.

They made their momentum and now fast forward to today; they are working with the energy they got.

I feel it is a win-win situation for all of us because we can purchase products from these guys who are making quality made products that are reasonably priced.

Or, you may just get entertained by their videos.

Some people may learn a thing or two about putting out a product line or preventing oneself from getting ripped off, are some other win-win situations you can get from their videos.

As for me, I got content to write about that I’m excited to express. Me being about people making money independently through their own entrepreneurial spirit by sharing quality info is what I’m gaining.

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. You could be the next person who has momentum, and if you get approached with a deal, you may want residual income and not a flat payment from a company to use your name or brand.

And that is part of what we are learning in the second video.

So Let’s Start With The Two Videos

The first video was called the “The Beautiful World Of Jeffree,” and I think everybody and their mama watched it.

It was an hour-long event, and it wasn’t like you could stop what you were doing to watch a 20-minute video. You had to take the time to view it, which isn’t a bad thing!

To cover the gist of it, the first video I enjoyed because it was fun to watch. The music selection I felt was excellent.

What I liked was the fact that they showed clips of the first series that Jeffree and Shane did in regards to starting a make-up line for Shane.

What got my attention was the racist stuff. I think maybe Shane’s next series should be about the topic. More about hate getting put out there for one reason or another.

Who knows, but it sure would be an exciting topic to cover because the racist or hateful words is being used a lot these days by everybody, and it might be a good time to start a discussion about it.

Another interesting part about the first series was that Ryland wasn’t able to go to the event that Jeffree had.

Shane said it was because they were flying in a private jet, and if the jet went down, Ryland would be safe at home, which I believe is understandable.

I love Ryland, and I think Shane and Ryland have a great relationship.

I feel that even though it was a flying thing with Shane, I don’t want to offend Ryland but, I think it should be about Shane and Jeffree.

I think that Ryland should have his input, but this is Shane’s thing, and more of a business deal that should be between business partners, and I thought it was a good idea not to have Ryland come.

I’m sure they discussed what they went through with their partners off camera, but I feel it shouldn’t be too intertwined.

Then Shane talked about how nervous he was about flying. Once they got to the private jet, they were checking it out and asked the pilot about plane crashes.

I felt that the pilot wasn’t much of a comfort to Shane, but once Jeffree got there, he sure knows how to comfort people with his confidence.

Jeffree pretty much said I do this all the time; everyone is going to be safe. Once Jeffree noted that shoot, I felt safe, and I was sitting at home eating smacks.

Once they took off, the beautiful world of Jeffree showed because Jeffree held Shane’s hand as the jet took off.

It was a kind gesture that shows the type of person Jeffree is.

As for the rest of the video, it was mainly about Shane going to Jeffree’s event, and we got a look inside what a beauty Mongul does behind the scenes when they have live events.

The first video was the start of what is to come about the other side of a brand.

The Second Video

The title of the second video is, “The Secrets Of The Beauty World”. In this series, I felt it was an exciting time for Shane because he was starting the process of getting his beauty line made.

Shane, Jeffree, and Jeffree’s team talked about numbers. Jeffree even explained how many make-up lines price their products.

For me, I wasn’t shocked because we all know that a lot of products are shipped overseas, and brands tend to price their products to make a pretty penny.

What was shocking to me was that Jeffree takes a hit from his profits for his customers. He does it more for art and how people express themselves using his product line.

It isn’t always about the money, it’s about his customers and their experience using his products.

It appears that Jeffree is doing okay financially, so I feel it’s a win-win situation.

His customers can buy quality products that are reasonably priced, and Jeffree makes a profit from it.

I also feel that is what Shane wants for his customers as well.

Another shocking reveal was how allegedly, Nikkie Tutorials only made a flat fee of $50,000 from a brand called Too Faced, while they made over $10,000 million using her name.

She didn’t even get residual income from the deal. I don’t know what went down, but sometimes you have to lawyer up, or people will get duped. Nikkie works hard at what she does, and the right thing to do is give people a fair shot.

Another shocking point was that Shane realized that he wasn’t making the kind of money that a lot of YouTubers are making. He realized that he’s been getting fucked as Shane put it.

The touching moment in the video was when Jeffree said, “you deserve that!” Shane took that to heart and even had to go to the bathroom and take in that moment.

For me, I felt what he was going through. Sometimes people work so hard and the stuff they go through, and the money isn’t what it should be.

But they keep going and doing what they do not just for money because they love what they do.

Shane even said most YouTubers who come in after him makes more money than he does.

I always thought that Shane did well financially, and he doesn’t flash his success. I get it that he does make money, but it’s not like Jeffree money, Lol.

It’s quite alarming and sad that these business people take advantage of someone’s name, and as they are building, they don’t work with them to offer more.

The Good News

We got someone like Jeffree out there that says fuck this shit. (Sorry about my language). Who is using what he created to help people get fair deals!

He’s just not making products for himself; he is helping others out there begin the process of making quality products that they can be proud to present to their audience.

That is freaken awesome!

All In All

So far, what we are getting out of this series is what goes down. Shane and Jeffree both had zero subscribers when they started.

My daughter was a young girl when she used to talk to me about Shane every day, and yeah, I used to roll my eyes (sorry Shane). Now I’m a fan and enjoy watching what he creates.

At that time, Shane didn’t know he’d end up working with a guy named Jeffree and vice versa.

What they did is create and continue to build. Both of these guys do that by doing things they love, and it is impressive what can spiral when people continue and keep advancing.

Jeffree didn’t just stop with himself; he kept his momentum going by making fair deals with other big names out there who felt they weren’t getting the deals they should.

We have a lot more series to watch, but so far, we’ve learned a lot, and I look forward to viewing more.

I want to end this article by saying, thank you Shane and Jeffree for creating this series, it’s something I’m so excited to continue to watch.

You two are some brave Beyoches! Love you guys!

If you have any questions or comments about Shane Dawson’s new videos, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Plant, Water, and Believe!

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