Steal My System Review: Is It Stealing Your Money

Okay, however, you’ve gotten to Steal My System aka (SMS), you probably watched the full video or maybe part of it.

I did watch the whole video about how SMS would help people make money from home.

In this review about Steal My System, I’m going to give you the rundown of what is going on and if SMS is a steal of a system or just stealing your money.

Specs About Steal My System


Product Name: Steal My System
Year: 2015
Free Access: No
Price: As low as $9.95
Website URL: Overall Rating: 1/10

The Rundown

What is Steal My System aka SMS?

  • It’s more or less a funnel to An MLM Business.

How does it work?

  • It’s more or less a site with a video that states how you can money by paying a fee.

How much does it cost?

This part is a little confusing:

  • They say it’s $30, but at the bottom, it says $49. When I placed my email it also said $49. You can also get it at a reduced rate of $9.95.

Who can join?

  • It’s a global opportunity.

My Take

When I saw the video, the so-called Steve’s voice sounded very familiar.

I know I heard that voice before and I had to dig to find out where.

Then it dawned on me where I heard this Steve’s voice before and oh wow, what a web weave on the Internet.

Okay, I’m going to say it now, it’s entirely up to you in what you want to do.

If you’re reading this currently, that is great that you are doing your research.

So now, let’s get into this review so you can decide for yourself what you want to do.

Let’s Start With The Video

When I watched SMS’s video, it was the same story I hear all the time.

If you don’t know what I mean, the story goes on about how someone has a secret and they are only giving it to a few people.

Then pretty much at the end of the story, they ask for money.

When I finished watching the video, the first thought that I had was how the video seemed like a repeat of Push Button Commissions.

Push Button Commissions is not about the same product or service that SMS offers, but the storyline is pretty similar. Both videos went on about how someone passed away and they had a secret online formula.

This “secret formula” kept generating money into their accounts and they were set for life; not only that, now they want to help you do the same thing.

If you’re new to the online world, you will come across many storylines that are fairly similar. All I have to say is researching before you jump the gun is a good idea.

I knew I Heard That Voice Before

Not only was the voice familiar, but the way the video was set up was very familiar as well.

Once I found out where this SMS leads to, I’m going, to be honest, I rolled my eyes. Yep, me being a Sista, as you can see from the sidebar image of me on my website, I rolled my eyes, like no other Sista, could, Lol.

Anyways, what I did was place an email to get started and that’s when the web weave came into play.

What Are You Talking About The Web Weave?

No, I’m not talking about hair extensions, but I could give you an example:

Have you heard the story of Rapunzel and Medusa?

Well, think of Rapunzel and her hair is of snakes, very long anaconda snake hairs and many people are climbing up at what looks like a castle full of money.

Then when people finally reach Rapunzel/Medusa, instead of turning into stone when you look at her, your money just disappears into the castle.

What Am I Getting At

If you watched SMS’s video, you really didn’t get details about what you will be doing in a transparent way.

This “Steve” just told you a story about how he can help you make money, but what you will be doing is what you should be really thinking about.

Of course, people do make a living from home through the Internet, but how and the way you do it will save you a lot of time and money.

Since I didn’t get many details and the work required to make that big-time money, I decided to dig a little more.

I X-Out

I X-Out to see what would happen. Sometimes when I X-Out, no pop-up will appear that allows me to leave the site, or sometimes a pop-up will come up that says something like wait or do you want to leave this site.

stealmysystem x out tactic

If I select to stay, this is when I usually see a down-sell.

If you didn’t know about this technique that I call the X-Out tactic; by exiting a site, it could allow you to get a lot of these products or services that you come across online at a reduced rate.

Sometimes if you keep on trying to leave a site by selecting stay and then exiting, you may even get the product for as little as a dollar or even free.

StealMySystem down Sell

When I X-Out of SMS, It reduced the rate from $30 to $9.95. If you look at the image below, it says right here it cost $49.

price smsr

When I kept on exiting the site, I was taken to other services that made me roll my eyes again.

Okay, we are not going to get into those services because we are talking about Steal My System.

So let’s get back to what happened when I placed the email address.

Automated Daily Income

automated daily income site

When I placed the email address, it led me to a service called Automated Daily Income. I immediately went to the terms and that’s where I knew that Rapunzel/Medusa shown the web weave.

adi is mobe sms

Oh wow, It was MOBE. I already reviewed MOBE and I noticed that it was called My Online Business Education.

When I reviewed MOBE it was called My Online Business Empire.

Don’t confuse the two because the two are the same. MOBE is MOBE – the very expensive MLM business that can eat through your wallet like no other web weave.

Let’s Get Back To The Web Weave

I told you about the video and the familiar voice, well if you go to My Internet Success Coach, you will hear the same voice that leads to the same MOBE.

The video production is pretty much the same, but the story is a little different. Actually, does that video really matter?

It’s all about what you will be doing to make the money.

What Will I Be Doing?

More or less if you are unfamiliar with MOBE, MOBE is mainly a recruiting based MLM business. It’s an MLM business and its product is very expensive digital training.

I’m very familiar with MLM businesses and from my experience, MLM businesses are mainly recruiting people for money.

If you haven’t heard of The Automatic Edge, which is pretty much another extension of the web weave.

They use systems like:

  • My Internet Success Coach
  • The Automatic Edge
  • Steal My System
  • 6 Figure Toolkit

I’m sure there is more out there.

Now, I understand that people need a way to market their business, but the problem I have is how deceptive a lot of services tend to be to get people in.

If you watched that SMS video, it didn’t tell you exactly what you will be doing, plus at the end of the video, they are asking for thirty bucks.

Not only that, if you’re not familiar with what I call the X-Out tactic, but you could also have paid a lot less to check it out.

If you’re into the MLM thing and you want to check out MOBE, be ready for the contract. Also, don’t think it’s going to happen as quickly as what SMS claim.

If you’re not into the MLM thing, well, you’re kind of going to be a little upset that they didn’t tell you exactly what their business entails upfront.

Making Money Online

It takes time and works to make money online. I try to tell people who want to go into business for themselves to stand behind the product they are going to sell.

Yes, if you want to make money most likely you are going to be selling someone something, so why buy into a system that doesn’t really give you the details upfront?

We are talking about your own business here and your own business requires your money and your time.

You should be looking at what you will be doing and what you want to do to get there. Yes, the money is always great, but getting the money is by the fruits of your labor.

The labor you put in is what will get you there and if you want to get there, think about what you want to do to get there.

I know I just doubled said that but I’m trying to tell people don’t waste your time and money on the fantasy, look at the reality and start the labor.

Well, Mrs. Eye Roller What Is Out There?

Okay, we are getting into your options. Think about what you want to do. Do you want to get involved in an MLM business?

Do you want to spend your time recruiting people into a business? I’m bringing this up because I was in the MLM industry and I finally decided to say NO to the whole system, I had enough.

Now people do believe in the Network Marketing thing, but if you want to go that route please stand behind the product you will be selling to people even if it’s MOBE.

You should be looking at the product and how you are able to sell the product to people first. People join Network Marketing businesses all the time, but what is left out is how many people leave as quickly as they come.

This is why the product should be of value to you if you want to go to the MLM/Network Marketing Route.

What Are You Doing To Make Money From Home?

I decided to check out Affiliate Marketing which is quite different from Network Marketing. Some people may say network marketing and affiliate marketing are the same, but there is a difference.

I knew that people were making money through Affiliate Marketing, but I didn’t really know exactly the steps to take.

I did my labor by researching and I finally found a service that showed me the way.

What is so cool about this service is that I didn’t pay a dime not even pull out a single credit card to check them out.

This way, I was able to see in a transparent way in what I will be doing to put the fruits of my labor.

All In All

I know that the SMS video seemed quite appealing when you first watched it. I also understand that many people do want to make money from home.

When I watched that SMS video, the video content didn’t go into many details about what will be done to make money. The video just talked about a system.

I also understand that quick and easy seems to be great, but that quick and easy way is just a fantasy.

Knowing what you will be doing to get there is the first step to becoming your own hero. You gotta look at your options realistically. From there, you can decide the starting point and put the fruits to your labor.

I know that work sounds Yukie, but that’s how the great ones do it.

What is your take about Steal My System, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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