The Bearded Picker: The Bearded Man Made Me Write This

I happened to be researching online, then I let YouTube run while I was reading online. I know, I know, I research kinda crazy.

So getting back to YouTube, more or less once I click back to the tab that had YouTube videos playing, this bearded man was on.

He caught my interest because the part that was on in his vlog, he had a bunch of products loaded into his truck.

I’m thinking, what is he doing!

So what I did was start his YouTube video over and that his how The bearded man made me write this.

I Love It When People Hustle

The first YouTuber I wrote about was Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. I loved that video because of Jeffree’s story. He struggles prior to becoming a beauty mogul, but through his hustle, he managed to make an empire.

You can read everything here in regards to Jeffree and Shane.

But I’m not here to talk about Jeffree and Shane, I’m here to talk about that Bearded Man I happened to run across on YouTube.

The Bearded Man

After watching his video, I went to subscribe because he caught my interest.

When I went to his channel, I noticed that he only had five YouTube videos listed. I don’t know if he deleted videos or if he’s new to YouTube, but whatever the case might be I am impressed.

List Of The Bearded Picker’s Videos

  • Retail Arbitrage at Walmart: I Made $2500 in one night on one item
  • Amazon FBA for Beginners: What is Sales Rank?
  • Reselling Unlimited: Integrity, what is your worth?
  • eBay for Beginners: Shipping is the hardest thing to learn on eBay-Haunted Edition
  • Bearded Live Show: How many resolutions have failed already?

The video that caught my attention was the Retail Arbitrage at Walmart. It was close to an 11-minute video where he was buying Monopoly for MILLENNIALS.

I’m all about making money from home, but apparently what the Bearded Picker was doing was buying low and selling high.

I know it sounds kind of like Wall Street lingo, but I believe the Bearded Picker was buying low and selling high from areas like Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The video was interesting because on his phone once he purchased the products he listed them right in the parking lot.

For me, I never saw anything like it because I do all my money-making from home.

Then when he went to the next location, he already sold 4 items. I was cracking up because I thought it was great.

Anyways, I think you should just see the video for yourself.

I believe that people hear how so and so made money, but no one really shows the hustle. You can get a feel from his video the hard work he put in.

I think you will get a kick out of how in one day he made $2500.

After Watching His Video

He didn’t really go into details about what got him to sell these Monopoly for MILLENNIALS. Obviously, he is a seasoned seller with Amazon.

But he vlogged knowing he was going to make a killing.

Okay, I’m speculating here, but I assume he had a gut feeling he’d make a killing with that one item. That is why he drove 700 miles to different Walmart locations.

He made an investment and once the product started to sell after he listed his 27 items, his crop grew.

In my book that is sheer faith.

That is why the Bearded Picker made me write this article.

I know it probably was a tiring day for him, but his hard work paid off.

Not only did his hard work paid off, but that one video he loaded into YouTube hit a little less than a million and a half views.

I don’t know how he stayed up without dozing off driving 700 miles. He must have had some energy drinks and coffee to keep awake, Lol.

So I guess you can say that picker picked it!

The Hustle Is What Wins

I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone said your strength strengthens me. I get it that everyone has to start somewhere.

But what the Bearded Picker did is show people how he made money from buying these Monopoly games at Walmart to sell them.

In my opinion, he’s showing people to have the guts to make money in other ways.

The Way I Make Money May Not Be The Same As The Bearded Picker

The way I make money is through my blog. My hustle isn’t driving miles, but I do have to spend time writing.

Someone once said that you have to put a price tag on each article you write.

There is nothing but a white sheet on my screen but I know by faith it can lead to a growing crop.

And I know for a fact that you never know where anything will lead unless you have the guts to go out and do it.

I’ve made sales, but I go back and think about if I didn’t write that article, I wouldn’t have made anything.

Just like the Bearded Picker did with his drive. He went out there invested his day and money. These are what I called seeds that are planted.

All In All

There are lots of different ways to make money alternatively than your average job. It does take a hustle.

I’m sure there are other key components to what the Breaded Picker did to make that one-day jackpot. What I recommend is that you just go to his YouTube videos and start by learning from him.

The messages and videos he creates can touch your life if you take the time to put what you learned into action.

That is what I did! When I started, it was 10 lessons. From there I had a gut feeling this was my golden nugget.

What is your take about The Bearded Picker, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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