The Click Agency Review: A Price Of An Agent

I decided to write a review about TCA (The Click Agency) because someone left a comment about how they got paid from a review I did about MyEmailMentor.

I noticed that Kit Elliott from The Click Agency was the one who paid that commentator.

It made me want to look into The Click Agency by Kit Elliott.

When I researched TCA, the price of an agent is not just in the cost, but as a whole.

Check out my review to see if it is worth the price of being an agent.

Specs About The Click Agency

Product Name: The Click Agency
Free Access: No
Price: Start at $349
Year: 2008
Website URL:
Overall Rating: 4/10

The Rundown

What is The Click Agency aka TCA?

  • It’s a business opportunity.

How does it work?

  • TCA pays you a commission on every agent you recruit or find potential clients who are looking for sales through clicks.

How much does it cost?

  • $995 one time fee
  • 3 payments of $349

Requirements to join?

  • It’s a global business.

My Take

When I was researching TCA, I was floored how much this service cost to become an agent.

The cost to become an agent brought up a big red flag for me.

It’s highly important to look at exactly what someone is getting into before they decide to take action.

What Exactly Is The Click Agency?

The Click Agency is more or less program you can promote.

You have two options.

You can find clients to purchase clicks or you can get others to become an Agent at TCA.

I noticed on TCA’s ad the word partner was used.

It was also stated with MyEmailMentor.

What you will be doing with TCA is supposedly purchasing a very expensive license to promote their product.

The Comment Left From MyEmailMentor

The person who left the comment on my site didn’t really give any details about TCA.

She said she got paid from MyEmailMentor, but I don’t know if she had to pay to become an Agent with TCA or if she’s involved in Commission Check Club.

If she did pay the fee to become an agent, she would still be in the red of $400.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started

To become an agent, it’s a one time fee of $995 or 3 not easy payments of $349 which adds up to $1,047.

From what I gathered, it turned out to be more of an MLM type of business because they offer a 2nd tier commission for their agents.

This is pretty much how The Click Agency works. They offer a high price tag, to become an agent.

TCA Comp Plan

  • $500 on every agent you refer to.
  • 10% commissions down to 2 levels when your agents and their agents sell clicks.
  • $100 commission when the agents you refer bring in agents into TCA.

If you become an agent, you get $500 for every agent you refer to.

TCA offers a second-tier referral program. This is where the MLM comes into play.

You get a 10% commission if your referrals sell clicks down to the 2nd level.

What they mean by the second level, is that you make a 10% commissions when your agent you signed into TCA makes sales on their clicks, plus the people they referred also made a click sale.

You also make a $100 commission when your referral refers to a new agent to TCA. What that means is, when you bring in an agent and they refer an agent into TCA you make $100.

Does TCA Offer Training?

You do get training and materials at no additional cost.

  • Facebook training software
  • Advertising training
  • Banners Ads
  • Traffic Stats

The training is supposed to help you get more agents or sales. I haven’t taken the training, but I’m familiar with these types of training.

It’s not really that hard to learn. The price Kit puts on that training I feel is overpriced.

Commission Check Club

When I did my research I stumbled upon Commission Check Club and saw a video with Kit in it.

I believe Commission Check Club is just another funnel to TCA, just like MyEmailMentor.

The Product

The product is Clicks to your client’s landing pages. Your future clients are looking to get more potential sales for their business. The price tag for clicks depends on the package of what a potential client is looking for.

These clicks are not inexpensive. It’s actually quite costly. With a high price tag, anyone thinking about doing a service the requires clicks should think about if this is worth it.

Are Clicks Worth It?

When I read on TCA’s ad it said that millions of network, affiliate, and internet marketers are desperately searching for traffic. I would have to somewhat disagree.

I do affiliate marketing and I do just fine with traffic. I’m not desperately seeking traffic. As for network marketers which I tried in the past, I can see they may need traffic.

Lots of time network marketers are stuck with some sort of stock website that doesn’t rank in the net. They usually have to find other avenues to get viewers to their website.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to get out of the MLM Industry. Some MLM companies have guidelines on what you can and can not do to get customers.

Another thing to consider when you’re in the MLM Industry is the high price tag of advertising.

I kid you not, with MLM you pay an entrance fee, auto-ship monthly fee, then if you want to make money you gotta advertise and that can get expensive.

Before you think about becoming an Agent with TCA, you should consider if some of these potential customers either need clicks or have extra out of pocket expenses for these clicks.

Even though there are some marketers out there that are probably struggling and if that’s you, you may want to reevaluate what you’re doing.

I know they say this and that on the sales page, but you also have to strip it down. You gotta look at the business model you’re in as a whole. You also want to look at what you’re achieving or not achieving in your business.

Strip It Down?

You may be wondering what I’m talking about. Okay, if you’re not getting the traffic through SEO which is FREE traffic and ranking in the net, you may want to strip down what you’re doing and fix the issues of why you’re not getting clicks, opt-ins, and sales.

You better believe you can get a lot of sales through the engines. What is great about SEO is that people are actually searching for what you have to offer. This is free traffic that is an important part of your online business.

When I started my journey online, I learned that there were over 2 billion people online. That’s a lot of traffic.

I advocate it’s a must to do properly use SEO because it’s another big part of your business.

More Pieces

There are other pieces to bring revenue to your business.

  • Social networking
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Even Paid Traffic
  • and more

To make these pieces fit, you must gradually build. The first piece is SEO. What is great about SEO is that there is a nice big amount of free traffic. Getting natural organic traffic is the tree to your branches.

Once you master that, you can branch out and get that money tree going. With the money you make through FREE traffic you can start reinvesting some of your profits if it requires that.

Your Business Is Important

Knowing how to do everything yourself first should be your priority. Relying on services and paying a ridiculous amount of money can be dangerous. There is no guarantee that you will get what you pay for.

When you look into clicks you should understand how the system works and how to do it. If you’re going to shell out money for others to do it, how do you know you’re getting what you pay for?

If You’re In The MLM Business

I tried MLM in the past and it’s a very difficult business to stay afloat. With MLM businesses, the product should speak for itself. If you’re not selling a good amount of their products, what the use of doing it?

Meaning if the product isn’t great, are you just relying on getting people to join the business? Think about this, if it’s not working for you, why would you think it will work for others. If you think clicks are the answer, I’m gonna tell you right now, it’s not.

You may want to reconsider the business itself. I’m not trying to get you out of the MLM industry, but I want you to look at your options. There are other options out there to consider when building a business online.

Have you thought about your own website? Building your own business? Branding your own brand? Not some MLM brand?

These are options I think you should consider and look into. Trust me I was where you were.

Standing Behind A Product

If you’re thinking about becoming an Agent for TCA or whatever product you’re thinking about promoting or selling, you should stand behind it.

Be proud of what you’re selling, don’t sell out of desperation or think because a service has a high price tag that you’re won the lottery business. There are way less expensive services out there that people will use.

Sometimes these site owners decide the price tag and you should research if this is a fair market to invest in. Just because someone says it’s $995 doesn’t mean it’s worth it. A lot of the info you can learn for free or at a much lesser rate.

If you don’t want to take the time to research and just want to learn everything from the ground up, you should highly take a look at this service here.

I kid you not, you can learn everything there, plus you can check it out before you invest. Learn and Earn is a great win-win situation.

Here Are The TCA Red Flags

When they say it’s really easy and doesn’t take much time That’s a RED FLAG.

When they say it’s free and it’s not, That’s a BIG RED FLAG, plus the trust is broken. Kit does that with Commission Check Club. He’s looking for “beta testers now,” but eventually there will be fees or other ways they will try to get you to open your wallet.

Once you make a commission, you can’t get your money back. RED FLAG with TCA.

The Price to promote RED FLAG. They ask you to help them promote their stuff, but at a cost.

A sketchy red flag for me and you may not know this, is the clients he has. Some people may not know these sites or services, but I’m telling you right now, you gotta be careful.

I haven’t reviewed all of these clients, but the ones I have may need the clicks because they may not have the best reputation online. I know Empower Networks can’t even promote their services on Facebook.

Another red flag for me was the cause of this review. As you read earlier, I did a review on My Email Mentor and now rehashed a new game service called The Email Syndicate. As for Wake Up Now, they went back to sleep. They are not in business anymore.

This is where a person left a comment that she got paid from My Email Mentor.

memr tca

This to me was another deception from My Email Mentor and TCA. What happens to this Bobby dude who said he needed “Partners” for his massive email list.

Why is Kit paying Bobby’s bill? Are we talking about another funnel that leads to many funnels?

Like I said earlier, it’s important to stand behind the product you want to promote. If you feel that way about TCA, then go for it.

Anyone Can Write A Convincing Sales Page

When you read these ads, they do a good job of making you think this is the right way to go. It’s very important to do your research and think about it.


When you think about clicks, how do you know if you’re getting clicks? I had someone actually leave a comment on my site about clicks. This person uses to use services like these. His main problem was that there wasn’t any good proof that he was getting clicks.

It was just part of the comment. You can read the full comment on my site if you’d like.

The thing is, there are many better avenues to take before you even think about paying for clicks. If you’re not making money through SEO, maybe it’s time to strip it down.

All In All

To become an Agent for TCA is pretty pricey. You should consider this before you decide to become an agent. What you also need to consider is that with a heavy price tag, are people willing to pay to become an agent for TCA?

I also want you to consider if any of Kit’s services and business offers are fair market value. The online world tends to add a price tag on what they see fit.

You also have to believe in the product you are going to sell to your potential clients. Are the clicks your going to sell are needed? Are people willing to pay top dollars on something they may or may not work?

Think about that before you even think about pulling out your credit card. One more warning, do don’t give out your phone number.

What is your take about the Click Agency, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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