Decisions You Make Shapes Your Life: Decide For The Future

I read an interesting article today about decisions and I thought I’d blog about it.

We all make decisions every second and minute of the day that shape our lives.

Decisions are what we all have in common.

The experience or result will always be different for each and every one of us, but it was a decision, a decision that shapes your life.

If I could go back in time and change some of the decisions I made in my life, I most likely would and I’m sure some of you would too.

The one thing we can’t do is go back in time and change bad decisions, but what we can do is change the choices we make for our future.

The Decision To Avoid Your Decision

The decision to not do anything is the easiest decision to make.

I’ve lived a few years and I’ve seen this happening in my life and others.

Sometimes we have a choice that could change our lives for the better, but we decide not to do it because we may feel it is safer to be in our comfort zone.

What should be a thought when you want a change is, how has that comfort zone been working for you? If it’s working just fine, then that’s your decision.

If that comfort zone isn’t working, then it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and try something different.

The worst mistake that you can make is if don’t try a different approach. You can’t make changes unless you decide to make changes.

Getting To The Next Level

In time you will get a clear picture if a new approach was made.

“The days, months, and years eventually reveal, like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives.”

-Hoda Kotb

If you don’t like the Polaroid that shaped your life, then I would suggest making some changes and different choices.

We can stay in our comfort zone and decide to keep taking Polaroids that we’d like to burn, but what does that do for any of us?

If you want to get to the next level in your life and make changes, then the decision is yours.

Negative Thoughts Rule Our Minds

Changing the way we think about ourselves can alter our lives.

Trust me, you’re not the only one who has negative thoughts. It’s something we all do.

Negative thoughts usually come from our own negative experiences in our lives.

We all can remember the bad like it’s no tomorrow, but what about the good?

I’m sure we can come up with some great experiences that happened in our lives.

A good start is to focus on those good experiences rather than the negatives ones.

This is your life and holding on to the positive events in our lives will alter the negative.

I know we can’t avoid negativity from happening, but what we can do stay positive even when the bad comes.

The Key To Success

The key to success is to commit.

If you can commit you’re on your way to success.

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of committing.

Sometimes it hard to commit.

Commitment is about just doing it even when we don’t want to.

Usually, this goes back to making the decision not to do anything, and yeah, back to those negative thoughts.

A Decision To Stay Committed

No one wins the gold by doing nothing.

Every Olympian practices every day and decides to commit to a daily routine.

The decision to stay committed is yours.

I have and had my own battles when I decided to commit to building a business, but I decided to stay committed.

The reason being is that I was tired of “burning Polaroids.”

I get those negative thoughts in my head daily, but I made a decision to stay committed.

When those negative thoughts come to my head, I think of something positive or just say I can do this.

You Can Do This

If you want to reshape your life, the decision is yours.

Decide and commit to what you want for yourself.

I like to look at Tyler Perry’s life and what he said the reason why is because I admire and respect the drive he has.

All In All

The decisions you make are all up to you.

When you find yourself thinking those negative thoughts, just say you can do it.

Don’t let people make your life, you make your life.

What is your take about decisions you make, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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