The Millionaire’s Brain: Check Out These Red Flags

The Millionaire’s Brain is supposed to change your mindset to think like a Millionaire.

According to the video, they will show you a bunch of inspirational movie clips that you are supposed to watch to change your life.

I don’t know exactly what movie clips they are showing.

I personally didn’t buy the product because I feel it will not make me millions.

Read my review and consider the red flags that I discovered about The Millionaire’s Brain.

Specs About Millionaires Brain

themillionairesbrain review

Product Name: The Millionaire’s Brain
Year: 2014
Free Access: No
Price: $47 to $27
Website URL: Overall Rating: 3/10

The Rundown

What is Millionaire’s Brain?

  • It’s a product that teaches you how to attract success.

How does it work?

  • You watch 2 movie previews twice daily for 90 seconds a day. They also have other routines they want you to do.

How much does it cost?

  • It costs $47, but when I hit the X-out button it goes down to $27.

My Take

I don’t find anything wrong with getting inspired to change your life.

I think everyone can improve on something in their life. Getting inspired is great.

When I watched the 45-minute video, besides the car accident, Winter Vee told the same story about rags to riches.

Winter explained how he became a millionaire by studying the mind.

Does It Work?

I’m no scientist, so I couldn’t tell you if it works or not. One thing I know, if you want to get inspired, all you have to do is to check out some YouTube videos for free.

There are plenty of inspiring clips that we all can watch.

When I rent a movie, I don’t want to waste my time watching previews.

I tend to fast forward to the movie.

When I go to the theater, I will watch them of course, but I’m trying to think of the last movie preview that inspired me.

If you think some movie preview is going to help you get inspired, then go for it.

The Car Accident

When I watched the clip about the car accident that Winter said he was in. The first time I saw it, I thought it looked a little strange.

Now, I can’t tell you if he’s been in this car accident or not. I want you to see some of the things I found strange about the clip and you can tell me if you agree or not in the comments below.

What really caught my eye was when the news reporter said the whole entire car was in the building, all I saw, was some plastic covering something.

themillionairesbrain weird plastic over car

Then they showed part of the car. What I found strange is that the car looks like it’s been sitting in that garage for years.

I noticed there is damage to the rear. According to Winter, he ran into the building.

Shouldn’t they show the damages to the front of the car? Now I’m not saying this is impossible, I’m just letting you know what I found strange.

The Millionaires Brain Rear Damage

Another strange part about the footage was the building. It looked like an aluminum building.

The news lady said that a guy was sleeping upstairs. I’m trying to figure out where is this upstairs?

I noticed Winter was standing there with his arms crossed. Why isn’t he arrested or handcuffed?

He also looks like he has no injuries. The police lights aren’t even on. Where are the fire department and the paramedics? Shouldn’t these emergency people be there as well?

TheMillionairesBrain Review did not

One more thing I noticed, is the news that was reporting the scene of the accident.

Usually, the news advertises their channel, I noticed I didn’t see that.

TheMillionairesBrain Review Did Not Show Media

I thought I’d point out what I found strange. I wondered if any of you reading this would think it was strange too?

Red Flags To Consider

Winter states he works for Fortune 500 companies consulting employees. He didn’t state which companies he worked for.

Winter said he spent over 100 hours studying the brain. 100 hours equal to 4 days and 4 hours. Being that Winter said over 100 hours, I’m assuming it’s 101 hours but not over 200 hours.

Winter states he placed an ad on Craigslist and got people to try his method. He didn’t state how many people he tried it on.

He also said his method of watching two 90 second movie previews out beat the previous experiment by 120%. My question is what the previous experiment?

He also claims he got several Neurosciences studying his movie preview method. Who are they?

He’s working on a study in a major peer-reviewed journal. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

He tried the study on his sister Cara. She landed a job. Sounds nice, but that’s not a million dollars. Winter stated after he took action on changing his mindset he netted 1.2 million.

CJ the entrepreneur tried the product. He was making $120,000 per month and now he’s making $350,000 per month. Doesn’t that deplete the purpose of the millionaire’s brain?

When I heard Winter say this I started laughing. It was comical because he said that every millionaire will be successful at whatever they do because their brains are wired differently.

Why even bother testing it on someone who’s already got a millionaires brain? Wouldn’t you think that CJ would make $350,000 a month regardless of this product?

What Is Really Happening?

Winter Vee states that if you give him 7 days, your mindset will change. I’m sure that’s a quick sale to get your money. It all sounds good when you first watch it, but when you really think about it, you may change your mind.

I find this product to be the kind of product that sells you on emotions. I find that Winter did an excellent job of doing that.

I’m sure they just want you to buy this product so you can be on their mailing list. I’m pretty sure they will sell you other products that make Winter and Alvin money.

Reality Of Changing Your Life

The way to change your life is by making different decisions.

If you decide to sleep all day, you’re well-rested, but no other accomplishments were made.

If you decide to watch TV all day, you were entertained, but that didn’t change anything.

Same for those app games. If you decide to spend your day getting to the next level in Candy Crush or other app games, then that’s a goal and if you did it, you made an accomplishment.

I’m sure the decisions were not moving towards a million dollars, but when a person decided to take that route that’s what a person gains.

If you want to make millions, well you gotta do what millionaires do, make a plan, put it to action, and don’t quit until you get there.

I know this sounds a lot easier than it is, but it’s the truth. If you want to be an actor, entertainer, writer, surgeon, or whatever you want to do in life, you gotta take action. Watching movie clips is a very easy task to do, but action speaks louder than words.

To get where you want to be in life, you have to decide what you want to do. No one can do it for you.

The first step is to decide what you want to do. The second step is to take action for your plan. Those two steps go hand in hand. Start writing your life because it’s your right.

If you can’t figure out a plan, check out My #1 Heroic Site. You can check them out for free and see if this is the one for you.

Should I Purchase This Product?

Like I said prior, you can go to YouTube and get inspired there. I’m not against getting inspired or watching or reading anything inspirational. I love the idea of not giving in.

I’m gonna warn you that there may be some up-sells. If you’re adamant about buying this product, I suggest getting a new email and leaving the rest in spam.

Get the product at a discounted rate of $27. If you don’t see a change within 7 days get money back through Clickbank.


I decided to change the title from The Millionaire’s Brain: Will It Make You Millions? Think About these red flags because someone left a comment on my site about my title. At first, I was on the defense because I thought I gave some information that people should consider.

Then I thought about it and I don’t want to mislead people with my title. Ben who left the comment made me think about my title. So I felt my new title fits my review. Thanks!

All In All

I found some interesting things you should be aware of before you even think about getting this product. I suggest you watch that news clip and see if you find anything strange about it as I did.

I’m pretty sure if you buy this product you may try it for a week but will go in the archives like a lot of things we purchase. Maybe it would be a good idea to start off watching some inspirational videos for FREE on YouTube.

I believe the only way, to change your financial situation in whatever you want to do in life, is by taking action and committing to it. Read Julian’s story and how he changed his life.

If you don’t know what career path you want to take, then maybe My #1 Heroic Site can help you.

You can check them out for FREE and get 10 FREE lessons with free hosting and a website and see if this is the pathway you want to take.

What is your take about The Millionaire’s Brain, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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