The Neobux Review: What I Have Experienced

I tried Neobux and I want to tell you about my experience with it.

It was a while back when I used this service.

I decided to discontinue using it because of my experience.

Neobux did pay me when I was a member, but before you get too happy, there were some experiences I had that made me stop.

Read my Neobux review before you decide to join.

This way you can decide if it’s the right PTC site for you plus, you can prevent some valuable mistakes that I experienced.

Specs About Neobux

neobux review

Product Name: Neobux
Year: 2008
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 7/10

The Rundown

What is Neobux aka NB?

  • It’s a PTC Site.

How does it work?

  • You get paid to look at ads.

How much does it cost?

  • Absolutely free to join.

Who can join?

  • Global opportunity

My Take

PTC sites can be a way for anyone to make some extra cash globally.

If the Admin is really good at what they are doing, then you may have a site that helps people make extra cash online.

I tried a number of these PTC sites, some are gone while others are still going.

All PTC sites are pretty much the same, you watch some ads daily and you get paid a few cents for looking at these ads.

The good news about these sites is that they are free to join, but like I said prior, it takes a good Admin for you to make that extra cash.

How Does Neobux work?

It works pretty much like all the other PTC sites like I just said, you watch ads and you get paid a few cents for looking at them.

There are other ways to make money with Neobux like watching videos, do some tasks or do some offers. I do want to warn you that any offers that require you to pay I highly recommend you just avoid.

The ads you see may seem appealing, but before you join please do your research first.

Neobux does offer rental referrals that you can purchase. Let’s get into that right now because I feel that is the reason why a lot of people join Neobux.

Rental Referrals

If you heard of Trafficmonsoon, their ad packs are similar to rental referrals.

I wanted to get into the rental referrals because this is how I ended up leaving Neobux. The reason being is that rental referrals can end up costing a lot of money if you choose to purchase them.

How Do Rental Referrals Work?

NB offers you from 3 to 100 rental referrals to purchase on a monthly basis.

  • 3 = $0.60
  • 5 = $1.00
  • 10 = $2.00
  • 15 = $3.00
  • 20 = $4.00
  • 25 = $4.00
  • 30 = $5.00
  • 40 = $8.00
  • 50 = $10.00
  • 60 = $12.00
  • 70 = $14.00
  • 80 = $16.00
  • 90 = $18.00
  • 100 = $20.00

These prices are for people who have under 200 referrals. I won’t get into the larger costs because it will take a while to get over 200 referrals without outright buying them within 2 months.

Once the 30 days are up, you have the option to extend these rental referrals. You also have the option to recycle them if these rental referrals don’t click for an additional cost.

You would have to click every day in order to get paid from your referrals. If you don’t, you will lose out on getting paid from your rental referrals on that day.

I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone rent referrals at all. People say there is a formula to it, but in my book, I think they are bots.

Why Do I Think That?

I’m talking about my experience, I would notice that when I had rental referrals, I noticed they would click then there are days they won’t.

NB allows more than one member per household to use NB, but only one member per household is allowed to get paid for their clicks within a 24-hour time-frame.

To give NB credit, this could be because more than one household member is using NB and that’s why the clicks change.

From my experience, sometimes out of 100 referrals 10 of them would click on a consistent basis while others were here and there and most of them would never click.

Then when the 30 days come near for me to decide to keep my rental referrals, some of them who never click would click.

Then I’m thinking, should I recycle them, but then again, Lol if I recycle them, will the new recycle team ever click since the majority of my rental referrals never clicked.

I then decided to give these seldom rental clickers another time frame.

What I mainly did was order more rental referrals, keep the ones I had, and recycle the ones that never click.

Down the road, I noticed that the money I was making started to decline, I thought about upgrading but then I went ahead and decided to count my losses and cash out.

Just so you know, I did get paid from Neobux in a timely manner.

Something To Think About

Think about this, if everyone was renting referrals which I believe the majority of Neobux users do, wouldn’t you think that the majority of these rental referrals would click because you get paid based on your rental referrals clicking every day?

Down the road, I thought about if these rental referrals are bots. Look I’m not stating that Neobux is not legit, but what I’m stating is that the time I spent there and the money I spent on these rental referrals was a loss.

Most of these rental referrals are clicking here and there and you make money based on you clicking and your rental referrals clicking.

In my opinion, I think there should be a majority of more referrals clicking than non-clicking.

I do get that people may discontinue using a service, that’s something that happens and that’s a given fact.

I am proof that people do discontinue using a service even when it’s absolutely free to use and you can make money without even opening your wallet.

Here is the catch, I don’t run off and quit stuff especially with a service like what NB offers. I do feel it should be a win-win situation, though.

What Is A Win-Win Situation

neobux referrals

If you decide to try Neobux, it’s best to get your own direct referrals. Do not rent referrals. it’s just a waste of money.

You also get paid a lot more from referrals you get on your own.

I want you guys to make money, not waste time and money. I get referrals from Clixsense and I make money even when I don’t click.

If you want to do a PTC site, go with Clixsense. You don’t have to click every day. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to click, then when I go back inside Clixsense, it’s time to cash out again.

For me, that’s a win-win situation because I don’t spend money on rental referrals or spend time watching these rental referrals to recycle or purchase more.

With Neobux, you gotta click every day to make money from your rental referrals.

The good news though is that it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to click on these ads and it’s not the end of the world if you miss a day of clicking.

Is Neobux A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. They actually have been around for a while now. The thing, though, don’t think that you’re going to make all this money with those rental referrals.

If you do plan to rent referrals because I know some of you will do it, my suggestion is to rent a little at a time and don’t get caught up in those rental referrals.

I would suggest you focus more of your time on getting your own direct referrals.

NB does pay you and they do it in a timely fashion. It’s a global service and it’s another way for people to make money.

It won’t be a lot of money, but shoot within a year you can have a few hundred bucks by just spending as little as 30 minutes a day while you are watching TV with just a few direct referrals.

How Do I Get My Own Referrals?

Get your own website is the best way to get referrals.

If you don’t know any info about websites and how to build one in order to get referrals, you can check out this website here.

All In All

This is my experience with Neobux. I don’t think it’s a scam. I probably would have still been a member if I didn’t waste my time on those rental referrals.

Today I could go back, the reason being is that those rental referrals are a temptation and I don’t have time for that, Lol.

I personally like Clixsense and that’s one PTC site that I suggest people use.

If you’re interested in getting more referrals, check out a great service here.

I’m going on my third year as a member there and it’s an awesome service that helps people make money from home.

If you’re interested in making extra cash online, you may want to check out the info here!

What is your take about Neobux, Tweet me @evelnbaz!

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