The Six Figure Mentors Review: An Overpriced Service

When I started looking through The Six Figure Mentor, I thought their service was overpriced and Stuart Ross can overkill people with the talking.

Stuart Ross loves to talk a lot, boy, Lol.

I saw a number of his videos on his site and on YouTube.

One of his videos was about how Stuart started his first business and it was a complete failure.

Another one of his videos I also saw on YouTube was a 2-hour video that I felt didn’t get anywhere.

I felt the video was a bit of him rambling and it could have been a lot shorter.

This is my opinion though, but there are a number of videos you can watch if you choose to do so.

If you’re considering SFM and you’re not sure, please read my The Six Figure Mentors review because a good investment, doing your research and considering what is out there is important.

Specs About Six Figure Mentors

SFM review

Product Name: Six Figure Mentors
Year: 2010
Free Access: No
Price: Starting price $29.95
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

The Rundown

What Is Six Figure Mentors aka SFM?

  • A service.

How does it work?

  • SFM offer people training and tools to start their own online business with Affiliate Marketing.

How much does it cost?

  • Application fee $29.95. Prices vary depending on memberships.

Qualifications to join?

  • 18 years or older
  • Global

My Take

I’m going to be like Stuart Ross and talk a little bit about my journey.

I’m just kidding.

I’m just going to let you know that I started my online business for more than five years, and I’m going on my third year.

Even If I were beginning an online business journey, I would never consider, knock on wood, Lol.

Investing the amount of money that Stuart and Jay charge.

I find it outlandish that they would even ask people for that kind of money to build a business in the digital world.

We’ll get more into the cost within this review.

I’m going to state that it’s entirely up to you in what you want to do, but again like I said at the beginning of this article, it’s always a good idea to look at your options.

What I Found Odd

SFM questions video

What I found Odd was that the Q and A section were videos.

The reason why I thought it was odd is that if you wanted to get an answer to something, you must watch a 5-minute video and listen to Stuart tell you the answer to the question.

Then he elaborates and explains more, it’s almost like he was making excuses instead of just having people read the Q and A.

Some people just want to scan read to find the answer, but you have to watch him talk to find the answer if it’s even stated in the video.

On A Good Note

I did find a site by SFM that had a Q & A section that offers written materials.

However, at the top of their Q and A section, there was a video.

I didn’t play it because I couldn’t watch another video of Stuart talking, Lol.

What Does SFM Services Offer?

SFM is teaching people how to make money doing Affiliate Marketing. I’m very familiar with Affiliate Marketing and it shouldn’t ever cost anyone the amount of money that SFM charges, period.

I’m saying this because you’re working from home. There’s no building, no extra utilities to pay, starting off you don’t need people to hire and stationery items are minimal.

Seriously, all you need to get started is a computer of some sort, Internet, hosting, site name, and a website platform.

From there, you may want to get help on what to do next. This is what SFM does, provides a service that helps you get a business going, but BUYER BEWARE.

Before I get into the price let’s get into their services.

SFM Services

What SFM provides are training materials and tools that a person can use to get a business going online.

  • Support
  • Private Coaching
  • Advertising Tools
  • 35 Pre-written Webpages
  • Sales Team
  • Customer Service
  • Website Analytics
  • Website Lounge

Sounds great, if I were new to the Internet and read what they had to offer, it would sound great to me.

They also offer a formula that will help people make money. They call it the SFM Formula.

SFM Formula

Three Income Streams

  • Residual Income
  • High Ticket Income
  • Joint Venture aka JV Income

Residual income is where you have recurring revenue coming in.

High ticket income is where you sell a top price product or service to someone.

JV income is where you sell other people’s products.

SFM starts you off with those squeeze pages and have you sell one of their products. These are pre-written ads you can send to your list that you will build.

SFM calls it their front end offer. Depending on what level you’re in, you can make up to a 100 percent commissions.

I’m not a fan of squeeze pages because it’s a sales funnel. Usually, when someone comes across a squeeze page, there is a limited amount of info on them, causing someone to place their email in them so the person reading them can get more info, and the squeeze page maker can add you to their list.

Squeeze Pages Are Like…!

Here is a squeeze page scenario. In other words, some dude wants your phone number. You don’t get the full picture of this dude it is all filtered and everything.

Then when you get the full clear picture, you wish you never gave your number to that dude.

Like those squeeze pages, now you’re getting spam mail because you wanted a clear picture of what they are getting at.

What I Found Out

What I found out that SFM does is funnel people to higher ticketed services that they offer. So once you pay the fee you’re in the funnel.

There are other similar services that do similar tactics like Empower Network, MOBE, and Digital Altitude.

I want people to think about that before they opt into SFM services.

Now that you get an idea of what they offer, let’s get into your wallet because I feel you gotta dig pretty deep to get their laptop lifestyle.

SFM Training Prices

sfm training

Basically what you’re paying and selling is SFM different levels of training. You start off by paying an application fee.

Intro And SFM Levels

The application fee costs $29.95.

What you get for your money is a back office to see if it’s for you, plus you get a bonus training by Stuart Ross.

SFM also offers an optional $25 monthly fee.

On a good note, you have up to 30 days to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with their service.


Then there is the Basic Membership, this one costs $297, but you can get a $100 discount if you purchase it right after you pay for your application fee.

On top of that, you will pay a $97 monthly fee.


This one will run you $2,500 a year, plus $97 a month.

Elite Plus

This one will cost you $2,500.

The difference between the Elite and the Elite Plus is that if someone pays for the elite package within 10 days of paying for their application fee, they will be able to make high commissions unlike the regular Elite Members could.

DEA Membership

The DEA Membership stands for Digital Expert Academy. The price for these gets higher, but you get a higher commission rate and training if someone decided to go this route.


The Silver Membership is $2,499. You can get a $1,000 discount if you purchase the Silver Membership within the first ten days after completing your application fee.


This Gold Membership is $6,999. They should just say it’s 7 grand because it’s only a dollar away.

If anyone purchases the Gold membership within 10 days of the application fee there is no discount, but you also get the Sliver Membership along with the Gold Membership.


Hold on, this one is $9,999. Okay, you mean ten grand for a Platinum membership.

Within the first 10 days of paying the application fee, you can get the Platinum Membership at a discount of $7,999.


If you can afford to risk your money, this membership costs $19,999. When I saw the price on this one, I started laughing.

There is a discount If you purchase it within the first 10 days of completing your application.

Even with the discount, I wouldn’t even call it pricey, more like extremely high price and that is $14,999.

I can think of a lot more ways to invest my $20,000 besides paying for a membership, on top of an application fee, and the monthly fee they require.

Then I thought, seriously, have they lost their minds.

You can buy a brand new car with that, put a down payment on a house and after a few years sell the house and make a profit.

I’m pretty sure that you will NOT make your money back if someone invests that much money in DEA.

Oh, I’m Not Done

You have to buy all 4 memberships because they are not available individually.

Let me explain, you would have to buy the Silver Membership to get to the Gold, the Gold to get to the Platinum, and the Platinum to get to the Black.

I don’t know if you can bypass the Silver Membership at all because according to SFM, you have to get the Silver to get to the gold. It sounds like they are ripping people off on that one.

If you decided to purchase these expensive memberships, and they explain there is a free silver, then it should be free.

The cost for all the memberships would run a person nearly $40,000.

I would suggest just putting a down-payment on a house and give it a few years and sell it.

This is a Brand New Car money. I can think of a lot of better ways to utilize my investment, WOW!

It can get more confusing with their commissions.

I’m going to break it down to you in a simple way.

They higher Membership someone is willing to pay, the higher commissions a person can make.

The Prices, I mean really, IT SHOULD NOT COST THAT MUCH. I put this in caps because of who they are SFM targeting.

People could be refinancing their homes thinking this is a great investment.

Think About This

How would you feel if you are in SFM, and you found out someone refinances their home try and obtain their laptop lifestyle?

I picked $40,000 because that’s the most expensive, and to refinance a home does not take ten days.

A person will have to pay full-price if a person is talked into building a business and making the money they dreamed of by utilizing SFM’s training.

This should be a win-win situation between the business you want to build and the investment someone makes.

I’m telling people now that $40,000 for this service is like throwing your money into your fireplace.

Why Are SFM Fees So High?

SFM owners made these price tags.

I feel that they want to sell high ticketed commissions so they can make some fast money on people willing to invest.

The people they are going to target are people who started off by paying the $29.95 application fee.

Just like I stated earlier, it’s a funnel.

It goes a little like this, If you want more training and want to make more money you should go for the Basic Membership.

That’s only a one time fee of $297.

If you do it now, we will give you a $100 discount, then you only have to pay $97 a month.

We will help you build your business by giving you our services and tools to get your money back.

Then the sales team will come back to you and say, you need this training because this will make you more money.

This will go on and on until someone spends nearly 40 thousand dollars on training.

I want to stress that I haven’t seen an MLM business model.

When I discovered how their services work, it reminded me of one of those MLM businesses that I did.

What happened was they told me I needed to upgrade to make higher commissions. I was also told I should hurry up before the offer ends. So Buyer Beware.

There Is Training Online That Cost Nearly 40 Grand That Will Give You Even More!

There are a few alternatives that you can do. Purchase a domain name, research some hosting services, and find a website platform that you’d like to use.

You can go about it on your own if you’d like. You will be paying pennies compared to what SFM charges.

I feel that people who are reading this review are looking for training. If that’s you, I would suggest you check out this website right here.

The reason why I’m suggesting that site is that they offer the same training if not better than SFM offers with many more benefits.

  • 24-hour help if needed
  • WordPress Websites
  • Hosting
  • Keyword Tool
  • Valuable Training
  • Weekly Live Training
  • and more…

At no additional cost.

What makes them way cool is that you get a website, hosting, and 10 active training that you can follow along for FREE no credit card needed!

That means you can check it out without paying a dime, plus start building your business and see if this is the type of business you’d want to build, FOR FREE!

If you’d like to go premium, it cost nowhere near SFM prices. You have a choice to pay a monthly fee of $49 or you can pay for the whole year at $495, that is it!

  • no downpayment for a home
  • no new car price
  • no college fees
  • no refinancing your home
  • no bankruptcy lawyers
  • no up-sells
  • no putting yourself in a bind

That is it, take either monthly or yearly.

Start learning and earning.

That’s what I’m doing. They have been in business for over 11 years and I’ve been building my business for almost 4 years.

All In All

When I saw SFM’s up-sells my jaw dropped. You have options. If you decide that SFM is the way to go, stand your ground on the up-sells because I hate to see people wasting good money.

SFM is about building a digital lifestyle, but how much of this digital lifestyle do you need to shell out because it shouldn’t cost nearly 40 grand.

There are a lot of people who build profitable businesses online without paying nearly what SFM charges. I know because I didn’t pay that much and I’ve met many others who didn’t either.

How could I ever recommend a service that charges people extremely high rates, when people can start off without putting themselves into bankruptcy or debt.

What is your take about the Six Figure Mentors, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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