Review: Will Viewing Videos Earn You Cash

When I saw the advertisement on THWGlobal, I must say it was quite appealing. Who wouldn’t want to make money by watching videos? I think we all spend time watching videos online.

It could be on YouTube, services that pay you a few cents to watch videos, or you’re streaming something on your devices.

The most exciting part about THWGlobal is that it is free to join, and according to their ad, people could make up to 25 dollars an hour, and on top of that, people can make commissions by referring people.

With this enticing business plan, I’m sure tons of people may give THWGlobal a shot or at least have some interest in what they have to offer. I want anyone interested in THWGlobal to take the time to read my review. The reason being is that there is a lot of enticement here.

Are these videos they are asking people to view too good to be true? I’m not going to try and steer your away from joining THWGlobal, but I want to give you some info to think about before you even decide to join.

Specs About THW Global

thwglobal review

Product Name: THW Global
Year: 2016
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Overall Ranking: 2/10

The Rundown

What is THW Globa?

  • It’s a service.

How does it work?

  • According to the ad, they are supposedly going to pay you to watch videos.

How much does it cost?

  • Free!

Who can join?

  • 18 years or older
  • Global opportunity

My Take

I’m all for making money from home. I know a lot of you are too. There is just too much too good to be true going on here with THWGlobal.

  • Free To Join
  • Potential Pay
  • Referral Downline
  • Not A lot Of Work Required
  • Anyone Can Do It
  • World Wide Opportunity
  • Make Money In Your Bed

If what THWGlobal is offering is true, I mean if this is true, you don’t even have to get out of your bed, Lol. What they have to offer seems like the biggest most lucrative business opportunity that can globally out beat any paying program out there.

Who doesn’t watch videos on their devices and on top of that, the comp plan they offer is what people are looking for? From what I gathered about their comp plan if you don’t even get referrals you’re still able to make a nice chunk of change.

This will go so global that I’m sure it would put their server down.

It’s Time To Look At This Realistically

When I checked out THWGlobal, they are in soft launch meaning they are not fully launched yet. They have beta testers and as of today, no one is making any money right now.

For me, anything that is new and just hasn’t ripened just yet, I let people know to hold off. So let’s break down this hold-off period and what is going on.

Let’s Start With Free

With THWGlobal, as of today, there is no fee. I’ve reviewed a number of services out there that allow people to sign up before service launches.

By having people join before a service launch, this allows members to get in early or to see what is going on.

It also makes it appear that a lot of people are interested in it. Yeah, people are interested, but normally it’s because it’s hyped up, so people check out the hype.

Normally what happens is if it’s a paying service a few people will pay, others will sit and wait while others will just move on.

For me, just because a service is free doesn’t mean I will sign up.

Why Not Sign Up If It’s FREE?

The reason why I didn’t sign up is that I like to research first. When I checked everything out with THWGlobal, I didn’t see the owners of the site, the transparency was very little and they didn’t go into depths of how they are actually going to pay people.

Many people can get duped or it could go the other way around and we might be looking at potential here.

For me, if there is potential, I would rather wait. If it’s a thriving site, they will still be there, so that rush factor thing for me I just don’t buy.

Look At What They Are Asking You To Do

thwglobal videos r

As for what they want people to do, I give this a plus. I checked out THWGlobal’s website that offers videos.

There were a lot of videos that were displayed and I was able to watch them without signing up.

Most of the videos I watched were about political info and some sports. Some of them ran for 30 seconds to around 2 minutes.

I could find a lot of videos that interest me so I could see how people can easily spend some time watching their videos.

The Comp Plan

As of now, no one is getting paid so this is a nay. What I want to do here is discuss this potential money. For now, that potential money is monopoly money.

What I gathered from their comp plan is quite enticing. They claim that people can make up to $25 dollars an hour watching videos.

They claim you can make up to $250 per week watching videos, Not bad!

There Is A Downline Side To This

You also get paid down 10 levels according to THWGlobal. If this is true, you’re looking at,

  • Free to sign up
  • Make $250 a week
  • No fees or auto-ship payment
  • Make money from your referrals
  • Make money from your referrals, referrals

I could think of at least 50 people alone offline that would do this.

As for the downline, now you are looking at five dollars for every hour of friends and family you refer to who take the time to watch these videos. You could make up to $200 a month from each person you refer to.

We are not done yet because now you can make one dollar down 10 levels for every hour of videos that the people you refer get their own referrals. This is all the way down to 10 levels.

According to their ad, you can make $40 dollars a month for each person your referral gets referrals, again that is all the way down to 10 levels.

Okay, now that you see the potential money, let’s start thinking about this a little bit.

I Thought About Some Other Scenarios

Let’s say this takes off and no more monopoly money it’s real money now.

I watch videos online and the going rate to get paid to watch videos is around 1 cent per video you watch.

My first thought that came to mind is how are they going to pay all these people that kind of money without some sort of auto-ship? I also thought of some “but there is a catch” that this site might have.

First Catch

There may be a cap time on how many videos you can watch per day. THWGlobal may only allow 2 hours, an hour or 30 minutes a day to watch videos. This is one of my thoughts, who knows as THWGlobal is still working out their kinks.

The ad also said the pay is up to $25 dollars an hour.

When you see or hear the words up to, that means most likely you won’t be making $25 dollars an hour.

I felt what they mean by that is by you watching videos, your referrals who watch videos and your referral, referrals are watching videos that can add up to $25 dollars an hour.

So what I’m getting at here is that most likely you are going to have to get a bunch of referrals and you and your referrals are going to have to watch a whole heck of a lot of videos in order to make that potential money on a monthly basis.

Second Catch

Each video may be worth 1 cent per 3, 4 or 5 videos you watch per session. So for every five videos, you watch you make 1 cent.

Again, you will be spending a whole heck of a lot of time watching videos.

These two Scenarios here would be a lot more difficult to build a downline vs free with big money to be made.

Third Catch

They are going to start having some sort of fee or auto-ship that people may need to pay on a monthly basis.

I don’t know how much they would ask people to pay, but I didn’t want to count that one out.

Fourth Catch

There was never a comp plan at all. They needed people’s info to build a list to sell. There are a number of lists services that people purchase leads from.

People want lists that are in the making money online arena, especially when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing.

This is because MLM is quite difficult to build and when someone has a list of potential people who are interested in building an MLM business, the buyer of these lists would have a great warm prospect.

People are willing to pay top dollar for a list like this. These people on their list are interested in making money from home, just like when someone signed to make money with THWGlobal.

Now, these are all scenarios and may or may not happen. I was just thinking of their motive here.

What Is The Payout Threshold?

One more thing I want to bring up and that is what is the payout ratio? In my book, any service that won’t let you cash out over 50 bucks and 50 bucks is on the high end, I would have my guard up.

With The Email Syndicate and My Email Mentor, their payout ratio was so high, it was impossible for anyone to cash out. This could be the same as THWGlobal.

What I’m getting at here is that there is not a lot of info to go by with their comp plan. I would suggest people hold off and see where this site goes. There is nothing wrong with waiting.

Let’s Find Out The Motive First

thwglobal r members

The ad even stated to start the company they would need 50,000 active partners in each country and as of now, they have over 800,000 partners worldwide.

Is this the catch, it will never launch?

I’m bringing this up because it’s difficult to have active members. People sign up for all kinds of stuff and never are active. So what do they mean by “active”? “Active” could mean, once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year.

Will this be the reason why the comp plan is so high because they know that these “active members” would be so difficult to attain?

Not only that, does this mean it applies to every Country? If this is the case, that makes it even more difficult because now what is needed for THWGlobal to launch is a bunch of people to be active members worldwide.

This means that 50,000 people in each country have to be active members in order for this THWGlobal service to “fully launch”.

Let’s keep the faith and say that this service is what it’s intended for, but I’m still having a huge problem with their comp plan. I’m also having a problem with how they are going to pay people.

The ad said your card, what your card are they talking about? Your debit card, your NetSpend card, your Amazon gift card or your Starbucks gift card?

Again, what is the cash-out amount? They don’t get into details about that either.

Some people may disagree with me by telling people to wait, but from what I reviewed online, more than likely there is some sort of motive behind this.

Wait and see what they have up their sleeves, then you can figure out if it’s nay or yeah.

Anything that just launches I’m just too skeptical about because launch sites have a lot of kinks to work out. I just don’t have time to play. I want real ways to make money from home.

Would I Join If This Is All True?

With no auto-ship payment and you can make a decent amount of money without ever referring anyone, plus the owner of the site comes forth and people are actually making real money? Heck Yeah!

I would give this site a few years first because like I said there are just too many kinks new sites have going on. Look at what is going on with Traffic Monsoon and ChatAbout.

All In All

I know I may have raised an eyebrow with this review. I feel it’s important to know how and what you’re getting paid.

The comp plan that THWGlobal is offering just seems too good to be true and very enticing. I feel it should be a win-win situation when making money from home.

Of course, a site has to make money some way in order to pay people, but I feel they are leaving that part out. We need to know the motive.

At this point, THWGlobal is offering videos, but no pay. In the end, it’s up to you in what you want to do.

If you’re looking for a way to make money from home, too good to be true tends to be a red flag.

The good news is that there are ways to make money from home. I learned how to do it and from the services I’ve tried, I got transparency.

To learn the process of making money from home, I would suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

What you get without pulling out a single credit card is 10 free lessons, hosting and 2 websites. This way you will have an idea of how their service works and how to really make money from home.

If you’re looking to make money from home you may want to check this info here.

If you have any thoughts or questions or other scenarios about THWGlobal, feel free to let us know below, thanks!

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  1. I was looking over your site, I too joined that THW Global, I was doing it only a day, I was viewing, and then trying to comment it would keep saying error, You must view video. So, I considered to look around and realized I cannot report to them at THW Global, there is no Contact. So, I am leary.

    • Hey Darlene, THW Global have been making promises for a while now and haven’t delivered. I’m glad you did do your research after you realized you can’t even contact anyone. From my understanding, THWG, is more or less obtaining people’s email addresses for their own benefit. I really appreciate your thoughts and expressing your experience with THW Global, I will keep in touch all the best, Evelyn.

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