Top 3 Drama Inside Wealthy Affiliate: No Sugar In This Spice

I’ve been a member of WA for years now. I’ve experienced some of the top 3 drama inside Wealthy Affiliate.

If you read some of my articles then you know I call WA My #1 Heroic Site and I’ve even rate WA a 10/10 service.

I know a lot of you may think that nothing is perfect, but what makes life perfect is our imperfections.

Come on, how many of you can look back at one or two dramas you’ve experienced and are able to laugh about it.

I know it may not have been funny at the time, but sometimes it’s okay to laugh about it once our wounds are healed.

Drama is a part of and we will experience more drama in the future and will laugh about those too once we lick our wounds.

Before I Scare You Away

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The drama I experienced inside WA is actually rare.

Just so you know, the drama inside WA is not an everyday experience, most of the time people are helping each other out.

So before you run away, there are some simple solutions to the drama.

I believe that’s why the drama happens so rarely.

What is all this dramatic stuff going on inside WA, you may be thinking?

Well, I will give you the rundown. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. Its drama and drama is drama.

Let me just get right to it.

I’m going to start with the least traumatic of them all. So let’s start with the third.

No. 3 Drama Taking Things The Wrong Way


Inside WA, you’re able to interact with each other.

Interacting is a great way to learn and help each other out. But of course, sometimes people can take what someone said the wrong way.

Let me explain, when we are on the Internet we are not interacting with each other in person.

Someone could be having a bad day, but someone on the other side of the screen may not know about a person’s bad day.

To give you an example…!

A comment to a question may have been with a little humor. Someone could be having a bad day and could do without the humor.

I know for myself when I am really focused on getting something done the last thing I want is a little humor, Lol.

So someone’s reaction to the humor could be understandable.

I myself have been part of the drama and even left a humor comment and had to apologize. I don’t want you to think I’m some crazy or a very immature person. I’m ripe in my age, but I’m a Toys R Us kid at heart. That’s me!

We all have different personalities so what I learn to do is get to know a person first. Some people have that executivish (yep, that’s my new word) personality, while others are Toys R Us kids like me and then there are some that are in between.

I know this sounds like real-life drama, but, of course, the person on the other side of the screen are real people. The great thing about our different personalities is that we all can be successful at what we do.


Before you start to really open up, get to know some of the people first. This is how you will know who you will enjoy your time with while you’re building your business.

Some people will get your humor side, while others won’t. You will know who to laugh with or be more executivish with.

If a person IRK’s you there’s a solution to that too, click the unfollow button, that’s all you gotta do.

It’s important to support each other as well. If your frenemies experience success, congrats them. Even though people have bad days, they also have good days as well.

It’s always good to support everyone’s success. You will experience success too and I’m sure you would want the love and support from each other.

You have to understand that some people in the “Real World” may not support what you’re doing because it’s not the “conventional” way people are generating an income.

The community inside WA knows this because hey, we all have one thing in common and that’s our entrepreneurial spirit.

No. 2 Drama Spamming

tthreedrama don not do

I know you thought you only get spam in your emails, but sometimes there are people inside WA that think because there are almost a million members free and premium, they think they can spam them with their business opportunities.

I know that the premium members didn’t pay their yearly or monthly membership to get some sort of spam.

The people inside WA take what they do seriously. There are members that have been there for years. I’m not talking about 1 or 2 years either. I’m taking more than 5 plus years.

I myself got spam from some guy. He PM (private messaged) me and told me I was such an inspiration. He made me feel really good. I replied nicely by saying, it touches my heart that I am an inspiration to him.

Of course, I wasn’t an inspiration because a few days later, he sent me another PM saying to take a look at his website he built. He told me I could even join his business if I’d like.

When I looked at his website it was one of those that I call those stock MLM websites. I know he didn’t read my website because MLM is not for me, Lol.


This doesn’t happen often, but if you get spam all you have to do is report it. All you have to do is click the action button and select spam. The owners of WA will handle it from there. It’s as simple as that!

No. 1 Drama WA’s Ranking

tthreedrama finale

Oh no, What am I talking about? If you’re a premium member inside WA you know what I’m talking about. If you’re thinking about joining WA, this is the biggest DRAMA of them all, Lol.

If you decide to join WA, Kyle talks about WA’s ranking system in one of his lessons.

Let me explain the rankings in a nutshell. Rankings inside WA is about how active you are within the community. The lower the number you get, the high ranking you will get. The top 25 are Ambassadors.

There are some people that are more active than others inside WA. Me personally, I’m not against WA’s ranking system. Some people strive to be Ambassador if that’s their thing, more power to them.

I myself can be busy with life and building my business, I’m grateful to anyone who takes the time to help me or anyone else out. That’s what WA is all about.

Sometimes people feel that someone who became an Ambassador did it by not helping others. I know it sounds like drama, That’s why it’s the #1 Drama.

What’s The Solution To The #1 Drama?

three drama

Don’t worry about it. Seriously, let people do what they strive for. The owners of WA has their algorithm just like Google has theirs.

If something bothers you, it’s always best to just PM the owners and discuss it with them.

All In All

Life has its drama. Just because we encounter drama doesn’t mean there’s not a solution. Even though the drama is part of our lives that’s what makes life perfect. That’s why WA is 10/10 in my book. It has its sugar and spice and everything nice.

The good part is if you experience some bad, there are solutions. The best part about building a business from home is that you can turn off your computer and get back to it later. You can unwind in your own way.

Some people unwind by meditating, relaxing, spending time with their family, or just take a drink. Just remember if you unwind by drinking, by all means, please DON’T comment drunk, that’s just downright ugly, Lol.

I’m sure the drama didn’t scare you away.

It’s rare and sometimes we need a little spice in our life.

If you haven’t read any reviews about WA check it out.

The greatest part is that if you decided to become a member, you get 10 free lessons, hosting a website without even using a credit card.

Yep, there is no drama by just checking something out and experiencing it for yourself for free.

It’s a great way to experience some drama. Just kidding!

What is your take about the top 3 drama inside Wealthy Affiliate, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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