Review: Will The Fad Fade

I wanted to do a review on TrafficMonsoon, aka TM, because it seems to be the craze right now, plus another site I reviewed recommend people join TM.

I’m familiar with PTC sites.

I’ve seen a number of them come and go online.

I also read how so many people are investing thousands of dollars into TM.

I’m sure people do make money using this site, but can the fad fade?

I want you to take the time to read my TrafficMonsoon review because I feel that investing thousands into TM maybe a bit risky.

Specs About TrafficMonsoon

TM Review

Product Name: Traffic Monsoon
Year: 2014
Free Access: Yes
Price: Varies
Website URL: Overall Rating: 3/10

The Rundown

What is Traffic Monsoon aka TM?

  • It’s a PTC site and Profit sharing site.

How does it work?

It’s a site that allows people to make money by

  • viewing ads
  • Promoting your own website or services
  • Purchasing ad packs
  • Referrals

How much does it cost?

  • Free

Who can join?

  • Global


On July 26, 2016, A complaint was filed against Traffic Monsoon.

People are unable to access their accounts.

Accounts are frozen due to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If you go to, you will read further info.

My Take

I’m not going to tell people not to join or to join TM.

It’s entirely up to you on what you want to do.

I’ve tried a few PTC sites that I haven’t even done reviews on.

One of which was ProBux that went under.

I did make money with ProBux a few times, but down the road, they stop paying people, and now the site is gone.

This can be a common thing with PTC sites, this is another reason why I wanted to do a review to let people know that changes can happen sooner than you know it.

How I Feel About PTC Sites

PTC sites can be the first way people make a buck online. It’s quite easy to do.

Mainly what you do is view ads and once you reach the payout ratio you get paid.

It can take some time to cash out if you don’t have referrals, but it’s a way to make extra money if you’re patient enough.

PTC sites were one of the first ways I got paid online.

There is a dirty side to it, though, and that could be the Admin of these sites.

Some of them don’t pay people or they have some strange rule like you only can cash out on a Friday at 3 PM EST causing everyone to cash out at the same time and if you miss it by a split second you don’t get paid, plus they can limit the number of people who get paid.

If you’re new to the world of PTC, then be aware that this can happen.

Also, the rules may change on you, so investing a big chunk of change into a site like TM can be very risky.

Let’s get into TM on how you can make money with them and which ways are the best avenues to take if you want to invest your time and energy in a site like TM.

Ways You Can Earn Cash With TM

Before we get into this, I’m not a member nor do I intend to be a member of TM.

I just want people to know that even though this site has been in business now for over a year, it can change.

I’m not saying it will just have your guard up and use it as another avenue to make a buck online.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow you can’t cash out.

I want people to really know what they can expect.

First Way View Ads

You get paid to view ads depending on how many seconds the ad will be displayed.

You can make up to .02 cents for viewing one particular ad and as low as $00.001 for an ad that takes about 5 seconds to view.

By viewing ads, you can make money without investing a dime. It does take time to make money this way, but people usually get paid by clicking ads on daily bases.

Second Way Is Through Traffic Exchange

You have a chance to make money by placing your product, service, or website inside TM.

If someone finds any value in what you have to offer, you can make a sale with your third party product or service you shared.

Here are my thoughts on Traffic Exchange sites. Okay, I’ve been there and done that when I was in the MLM industry.

I’ve read how people would say this is targeted traffic and a great way to get traffic to your site.

There are people who love using these types of services and others who say don’t waste your time.

From my experience, traffic exchange sites are a waste of time. Let me explain why.

I’m not saying that you can not ever make money through using traffic exchanges, but it’s a very low conversion rate especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Most people who view these sites are people who want to make money.

I know it sounds like targeted traffic, but when people “look” at these ads, they are not looking.

People may not even be paying attention to these ads.

What I mean is that usually people are watching TV, on their cell phones or doing other things while the seconds go by on these ads.

If you have an ad that has audio, it may work, but most likely people who view these ads on their device have the volume very low or on mute.

I feel that you have to be very clever in order to get people’s attention to view your ad. If you can’t do that, you’re wasting your time.

Third Way Is Through Ad Packs

These ad packs kind of remind me of these rental referrals that some PTC sites use.

How rental referrals work is by paying a certain amount of money for a number of referrals.

If your referrals click, you can make money.

These referrals do expire and if you want to keep them you have to keep investing in them before the expiration date.

With TM’s Ad Packs you’re purchasing ads at 50 bucks a pop. These ads will last for 50 days before it expires.

Once you hit that date, you make an additional $5. You can reinvest in more ads or cash out.

With one Adpack you can get 20 unique visitors to your site. I find this to be very expensive.

I know after 50 days you can get your money back plus an additional five bucks, but here’s the thing, you and everyone who purchases these ad packs has to look at 10 ads every day.

This brings me back to the targeted traffic, everyone who wants to get paid is “looking” at your ads forcefully.

They are not voluntarily doing this, they have to “look” at these 10 ads a day in order to get paid.

It’s almost like some sort of Ponzi scheme. I know I said it, don’t hate me on that tough, but think about it.

Are people really paying attention to your ads?

Are you really getting targeted traffic if someone is forced to look at your ads?

It’s not like someone actually went searching for your site on their own.

So, if you have to purchase an ad pack to make your five bucks, if I were to place ads inside TM, I would suggest placing ads of other traffic exchange sites if you don’t have a unique way of grabbing people’s attention.

Let’s be real here, people are in TM to make money.

Fourth Way Is Through Referrals

You can make some decent money if you’re good at getting referrals.

If you’re not, you’re going to have to learn some Internet Marketing.

Social sites can be an okay way, but lots of times when a social site gets oversaturated with the same offer, they will start to ban certain links.

What Is The Best Way To Get Paid Using TM?

TM Referrals

In my opinion, the best way to make good money with TM is by getting referrals.

I’m going to break it down to you. It’s the hardest way, but the most lucrative way.

I wouldn’t bother with ad packs, I would rather spend time clicking ads, then buying ad packs because for every ad pack your referral buys you make $5.

You also can earn 100% on every PTC ad your referral clicks.

If you go on YouTube alone, you see a bunch of people promoting TM. Some show videos on how TM works, others will talk about how to use TM’s calculator, some talk about the ad packs and strategies.

They want referrals because, in my opinion, that’s where the money is.

I know there is a strategy by using ad packs, I’ve been there with these rent referrals with Neobux strategy mess.

I had all these rented referrals and in the end, I ended up noticing that money I was gaining was decreasing. I decided to cash out and move on before things got bad.

Why Don’t I Refer People Into TM?

Don’t get mad at me for saying this, but I think it’s a Ponzi scheme.

I know people who are involved in TM may get mad at me for saying this, but let’s break this down.

Most of the members are paying for ad packs.

You make a $5 profit after 50 days, plus you make money by clicking ads as well as anyone you refer to TM.

You can also make money when your referrals purchase these ad packs.

How does the admin make money?

  • TM encourages people to reinvest their money in these ad packs.
  • Is it real money you’re reinvesting, or is it just some sort of point?
  • If you cash out yeah, it’s money, if you don’t, then it is only numbers in your dashboard.
  • I’m saying this because where is the money coming from through TM for people to make money?
  • I understand that there are people who may have cashed out and made money, but let’s say everyone decided to cash out at the same time, will the admin be able to cover all these payments?

The History Of The Admin

His name if you don’t know is Charles Scoville. Here is a list of other PTC sites that he owned that are out of business.

According to PTC Central, they listed the ones he owned and there are a number of them.

  • Buxunleashed
  • Banrev
  • Buxsecure
  • Forexbux
  • Infinitybux
  • Powerfulbux
  • Tviptc
  • Ultimatepowerboost
  • Ulaunchformula

The one I’m familiar with is Adhitprofits. If you look at the number of sites Charles owned, at what point will TM end.

At what point will your investment just turn to points or rubbish.

I personally don’t feel comfortable promoting a PTC site.

I’m over PTC sites and have wasted a lot of my time with them.

All In All

Yeah, I know I called TM a Ponzi scheme, but too many of these types of sites go out of business leaving their members hanging.

People put in their time, sometimes money and effort to make some extra cash.

If you look at the history of sites that Charles Scoville owned, you have to have your guard up.

If you’re making money with it now, more power to you, but I sure as heck am not going promote a site when an owner has left too many people hanging in the past.

I also wouldn’t recommend people invest money with these ad packs.

I feel they are an expensive plus, are you really getting targeted traffic to your site?

If you are, well then I’m glad it’s working for you.

If you want to deal with the real deal on building a business online, it starts with a website.

What is your take about TrafficMonsoon, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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