TTEC At Home Jobs: Might Be What You Were Looking For

Here is another opportunity for people who want to work from home.

TTEC has a division in its company that offers people to become a TTEC at home associate.

Even on the TTEC website, they stated that you can work in your jammies.

If you are one of those people who just want to get up complete a 4 to 6-hour shift in those comfy jammie pants, well you better keep reading about TTEC at home jobs because it might be what you were looking for.

Specs About TTEC

Product Name: TTEC
Year: 2005
Price: Free
Free Access: Yes
Website URL: Rating: 7/10

My Take

I try to find a variety of work at home opportunities.

TTEC is another legit work from home job that might fit your needs.

Unlike OnPoint Advocacy where you work remotely in the political field, TTEC is more in the customer service field.

If you want to leave that gas money in your bank account, leave the stressful drive to work for your neighbors and the commute you take is a stroll to your kitchen to get a cup of Joe and then walk to your home office then it’s time to get that dream started.

What Is TTEC At Home Jobs

Teletech just recently changed its name to TTEC.

They are a BPO company that has a virtual call center division for their work at home associates based out of the USA and Canada only.

They offer various shifts from early morning to late evenings.

This remote opportunity support and assist customers that have various technical and customer service needs.

What You Need In Your Home Office

With any work at home job, there are requirements.

Each at-home opportunity may require equipment that you might have to purchase yourself.

Sometimes you luck out because you already have them.

Note: most remote jobs have these requirements because your home computer has to work with their systems.

To make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements, all you have to do is click this link here and you will see a video that gives you step by step instructions.

These instructions are to test your ram and all that other geeky info that we might not know about.

Also, if you scroll down after watching the video, it will give you info requirements for telephone services and other unsupported data.

Age And Location Requirements

  • USA
  • Canada
  • 17 and older
  • High School diploma
  • GED

If you get through the hiring process, there is a selection process and they also do a drug test and criminal background check.

Other Home Office Requirements

Being that you are a customer service associate for TTEC they do require that quiet environment.

Also, during your shift, they don’t want you to work on other projects because calls will come through on a consistent basis.

There is always an exception to the rule and that is when you have questions while working on your shift, there are assigned trainers and team leaders that you can communicate with via chat support.

Is There Training

If you were to get hired, they have training materials that you have to go over. They do a certification program that prepares you for the assigned projects.

Actually, the training is required and the good news is that it is paid for training. Some of the training will be conducted online and over the telephone. They will start you off with a fixed training schedule.

If you have questions throughout your training schedule, you can contact trainers in chat rooms or conference calls.

As for how long the training lasts, it depends on the project you get hired to take on. Training could take a few days to several weeks.

Lucky you because when I applied at Yardi which was Pierce Eislen back then, the hiring process required that you learn their requirements without pay and you had to pass a test to get hired.

The Application

Some job applications take 20 minutes other may take a little longer. At TTEC, it is around an hour-long application process. So if you are interested, it is best to complete the application when you have time.

When completing the application process, you have to let them know your hours of availability because your work schedule is based on the availability you indicated on that application.

You will be able to confirm your available hours during the selection process.

Some positions require an assessment and you must complete the assessment successfully in order to continue with the application.

If you don’t successfully complete the assessment, you will have to wait 6 months to apply again.

Shift Times And Availability

TTEC is a part-time position and they expect their future associates to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Work schedules can vary depending upon the projects they have for their clients.

Every project is different and requires different schedules. There are early morning shifts to late-night shifts.

They require that you work a minimum of 4 to 6 hours for each shift.

You also have to be available to work weekends and holidays because we all know that the busiest time for support is when people have time and that usually is weekends and holidays.

If You Are Hired

If you were to make it through the tech requirements and application process, once hired, a recruiter will contact you. They will cover the hours and the appropriate project based on your skills.

It Is Time To Get Into The Pay

TTEC doesn’t really tell you how much they pay on their website. I had to dig for that info and found out that the can range from $9 to $12. So don’t hold me on the pay.

About The Complaints On The Net!

Most of the complaints I read were through Glassdoor. I want to add that these complaints were back in 2014 and earlier.

That doesn’t mean that I dismissed what people experienced. According to them, the training was terrible, the workload was heavy and the pay wasn’t great.

A lot of the reviews were not about the work at home jobs. Some of the employees worked at a location.

Working from home and working at a location is different. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a bad experience working from home for TTEC.

Also, there are people who say it is great.

I wrote this part because I want to inform people about opportunities online. People are looking to work from more so than ever.

And when people are gearing towards that work at home environment, they don’t realize that pay and hours could be at a much lower rate than going to an actual location.

Another shocker is that there may not be available shifts to work. This happens more often than you think.

No one work at home opportunity or job is perfect.

This is why I recommend that people find other means if you want to work from home.

A great way to make up for those down workload days is to start a blog.

That is what I did and this service here does a great job helping people make money from blogging.

All In All

TTEC is a legit job that you can do from home. They are hiring at-home associates. The application seems long but it might be what you are looking for.

Yeah, there are complaints out there, and like I said no one job is perfect. You gonna have to pick and choose your battles.

So if you are interested, you can click here and start the process.

What is your take about TTEC, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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