UsaSurveyJob Review: Is It Data Entry

I wanted to write this article because I noticed a trend online in regards to job boards and how these so-call jobs sure like to list surveys as jobs.

I know for people who are looking for an actual data entry clerk jobs from home, they are most likely going to get disappointed.

In this UsaSurveyJob review, I’m going to go over issues in regards to these types of listings, and Data Entry Isn’t relevant.

Specs About UsaSurveyJob

Product Name: UsaSurveyJob
Year: 2013
Free Access: Yes
Price: Free
Website URL: Overall Rating: 2/10

What Are Your Issues, Evelyn

When I read the UsaSurveyJob listing description on job boards, I wouldn’t say that they were completely deceiving people with their descriptions.

It is obvious that their “job” description is about completing surveys and I’m not really hating about that.

What I find a bit concerning is the pay range, using a job description about completing surveys along with a title like Data Entry Clerk as a way to get people to look at their listing.

So, let’s break down the deceiving job description.

Before We Do That

Before we get into all that though, I want to say that if you go to Wikipedia and read about data entry clerk, it doesn’t say anything in regards to completing surveys.

If you’ve ever worked in the data entry field, you know that you are imputing the company’s data into a computer.

You are not entering your own data; time and time again to complete surveys.

Breaking Down The Deceiving “Job” Description

USJ Job Listing Ad

Let’s start with what was said in the job description.

If you read it, I feel they weren’t really being deceptive and you know right away that you will be completing surveys.

usa survey job listing high pay wage

What seems to be deceiving though is “earn up to $35 per survey.”

We will get into this part a little later, but if you have participated in surveys before, you kind of know that up to $35 is an extremely overinflated pay to complete one survey.

Another Deceiving Part

It states the UsaSurveJob, meaning the USA, yet they say that they are looking for people nationwide.

Now, I’m not hating on a global opportunity, but if you read my 5 tips to spot a work a home job scam, usually everyone is welcome.

With that being said, I don’t know if they mean the USA as part of their domain name, or is it Usa.

Also, I even wrote an article in regards to what job boards say about concerning listings on their site.

I feel it’s an important read, especially if you are unfamiliar with job boards online.

Another Interesting Part Is The Pay Range

usa job review possible wage

Like I said earlier, UsaSurveyJob listed their opportunity under data entry and when people see the pay range for surveys it is a bit concerning.

Back To The Part About Up To $35 Per Survey

When people are looking for a job, it is already stressful trying to find a job.

When a person sees a job listing that says they are able to get paid up to $35 to complete every survey that is quite deceiving.

The reason being is that people are going to guesstimate the lowest pay for a survey completed and I’m sure people will guess around $10 per survey as being the norm.

Then people are going to start making this imaginary math scenario in their heads and say, if I complete 10 surveys in a day I make $100 a day.

Then they go on to think that their average monthly income would be around $2,800 a month or more because they are thinking some surveys may pay more being that you see, “get paid up to $35 per survey”.

I know that USA Survey Job didn’t express the hours, but some people may think that they only may have to spend 4 hours on average a day completing surveys.

I Hate To Be The Debbie Downer

I hate being the Debbie Downer, but I participate in surveys and the average survey pays around $0.25 to $0.50 to complete.

It could take up to 30 minutes to complete.

I’m not done yet because you have to first qualify for the survey before you are invited to complete the survey.

Qualifying to complete a survey pays nothing.

It can take you up to 10 minutes to qualify and then another 30 minutes to complete a survey if you are invited after you took the time to qualify for a survey.

If you don’t qualify for the survey, your 10 minutes were wasted.

Not only that, but you could also spend the whole entire day trying to qualify for surveys and never complete one survey.

There is no guarantee that you will get paid daily to complete surveys.

Job Boards Should Require A More Relevant Title For Job Listings Like These

I personally feel that these job boards should consider another more relevant title for these types of services that pay people.

I believe job boards should require these types of services to list surveys or other similar types of services as alternative pay or no hiring required.

Why Alternative Pay Or No Hiring Required?

In my opinion, you are completing a task and it just feels more relevant, let me explain.

We all relate the word job as a place where we apply for a position that we are qualified to do.

If a business is interested in your qualifications, then you go through an interview and may get hired for the position listed by the company.

When people read completing some sort of task, the word job is eliminated.

People will relate to alternative pay or no hiring required as a website where you can sign up and join a service that pays you through your own efforts.

More or less, if people see alternative pay or no hiring required, they will know that it is a service that people can get access to for free and get started by completing whatever the tasks are listed.

Some People Don’t Mind Extra Cash From Home

There are people out there that don’t mind earning a small wage to earn extra cash.

There are lots of people that participate in surveys and other tasks for extra money.

There are also services like Mturk that is run by Amazon that allows people to earn small wages to complete tasks online completely from home.

I’ve done these tasks and it is great for extra Christmas Money or extra money for whatever reason and it sure helps and you’re not putting yourself into credit card debt either.

It does take time for the cash to add up, but if you’re looking for like I said extra cash, within a year, you can make on average $600 a year.

I know the money isn’t what I call encouraging money to keep completing these tasks, but for some, they enjoy doing it.

And by using an alternative wording besides “job”, there will be more relevant people participating.

All In All

I’m sure if you read the job description that Usa Survey Job describes you know that it’s in regard to completing surveys.

I do my share of surveys and I’ve yet was able to complete a $35 survey. The most money a survey paid me to complete one survey was $3.

Anything over $2 is rare and on top of that, you will spend more time qualifying for surveys.

I feel that these job boards should find a more relevant title for these types of tasks.

That way, you will know the difference between a real data entry job rather than completing survey tasks.

Another tip is that you could just Google the word surveys and the search results will show a number of market research companies.

Check out here for info in regards to online survey jobs.

What is your take about USASurveyJob, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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