Vector Summer Job Scam: It Started With A Letter

I wanted to start by saying, I was driving with a friend who happens to have sold many products door to door.

At the time, I couldn’t remember the name of the company, but I told her I did a little research, and apparently, it turns out that it was selling knives.

My friend replied, “Do you mean the Vector scam!” I replied, “Yeah, that’s the name of the company, Vector!” She said, “I know that company, and why are you researching them?”

In this article, I’m going to go over some details about Vector why my friend used the phrase, Vector scam, why I call it the Vector deceptive mail along with letters to students.

Specs About Vector

vector review

Product Name: Vector
Year: 1985
Free Access: Yes
Price: Varies depending on deposit for sample kits
Website URL: Overall Rating: 6/10

Here Is How It Started

My daughter got a letter in the mail.

I gave her the message.

She read it and handed it to me and told me it looks like a pretty cool summer job.

I read the letter, and I’m like, hmm! Let me research it and see what I find out.

When I did my research, I knew when I met with my friend I’d ask her about it.

Back To The Conversation My Friend And I Had

My friend said, “Noticed how I knew the name Vector right off the bat!” I replied, “Yeah, how did you know.” She told me, “Because she was familiar with the company and tried selling knives for them.”

She said, “They want you to buy these knives and then sell them to your friends and family.”

I replied, “I think a while back someone did try to sell me knives but I said no.

From what I remembered, the knives were very expensive and then they tried to down-sell me.

But I stuck to my guns and said NO! Especially because they downsold me.”

“I can’t remember the brand of knives they were trying to sell to me because it was so long ago.”

I Discussed The Letter With My Friend

the vector letter

My friend asked me, “How did I hear about Vector?”

I told her, “My daughter got a letter in the mail about a summer job.”

My friend said, “OMG, now they are going after students.”

I said, “I guess so!”

Then I said, “What stuck with me about the letter was the great pay part. It said $20 base-appt. The reason why it stuck with me was that it didn’t say $20 an hour or any pay that naturally made sense. When I was thinking about the appt part of the letter, I’m thinking of appointments.”

I asked my friend do people get paid by appointments?

She said, “It was a long time ago, but she said she believed so. She remembers the name so vividly because she felt it was a scam.”

I asked her why she felt it was a scam?

She told me they make you buy their Knives and create a list of everyone you know to try to sell these knives.

I told her, I don’t think this is an MLM business scheme, but they sure sound like it. They make you buy their products, make a list of people you know and then try to sell these knives to them.

Then my friend replied, “Keep your daughter far away from them.”

I Like To Dig, So I Did More Research

When I started to dig, I’m thinking back to the conversation that I had with my friend.

One of my research was to find out if Vector was an MLM company.

According to Wikipedia, they seemed to have indicated that.

I wanted more data about their MLM business model and how their comp plan worked however, I couldn’t find any comp plan similar to an MLM downline.

What I did find out is that there are some similarities to a Multi-Level Marketing business model based on what I mentioned above.

You make a list of your friends and family and you sell their products to them. Then you build your list by asking people who you are in contact with for their list of friends and family.

Why Do I Call Vector’s Letter Deceptive

The letter implies like you are applying for a job, which is not the case. If you are applying for a job, and get hired, you get hired based on an hourly or salary wage.

The letter also entices you with great pay. It says the starting pay is excellent.

They also imply that you don’t need any experience and they will teach you everything you need to succeed, which in my book is another enticing lure.

The way that Vector recruits people is by going after the youth. If you look at the people on their website and the video, most of the people are young.

If you’re young or were young and by putting yourself in youth shoes, the website is appealing and I don’t know about you but for me, it would grab my attention to apply because it seems like young people are running the show.

Not only that, but I also looked up Vector knives and you can buy them on Amazon and eBay. Why do they need these kids’ info to sell these knives when you can clearly buy them online?

What I Found Out About Base-Appt.

My friend was correct that you can get paid based on appointments. If you think about it though, people can get lured into selling these knives because getting paid by making appointments sound much more appealing than getting paid per sale.

Your whole goal isn’t just to make appointments though, your whole goal is to sell these knives.

There Are Some Rules To These Base-Appt.

vector requirements

Before you start thinking about all your buddies, your crew, or your squad that you think you can set up these appointments for, Vector has rules regarding the people they want you to make appointments for.

The people they want you to set these appointments for are people who are married, at least 30, and working on a permanent basis. The presentation must be demonstrated to the employed spouse.

Once a full presentation is done, you must submit your presentation report to the office manager for tracking purposes.

So Let’s Do Some Math Here

I brought up math because your time is money. We all have the same amount of time and that is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The first step is to make a list of people you know who are at least 30 years old, married, and working permanently.

Depending on how big your family is or who you know, you probably trimmed your list to a half-page.

Then you have to take the time to contact these qualified candidates to set up these appointments.

Not only that, but you also have to drive or find transportation to get to the location to make the presentation.

If you are able to achieve that goal, now you’d spend your time demonstrating the knives to your potential sale.

Let say they didn’t purchase these knives. Now you have to drive back home, write a report about your presentation.

Finally, you’d have to go to the Vector’s local office and give the office manager your qualified presentation report so you can get paid $20.

I’m not saying that these tasks are not attainable at all. What I’m getting at here is that YOU have to think about what is really going on if you want to move forward with Vector and decide for yourself if it is worth your time.

You have to be organized because if you are able to make appointments, people are expecting you to show up because their time is money too.

Finding potential clients are not based on pay, it’s based on potential pay. So ask yourself, are these tasks to make $20 worth your time?

About Buying The Knives

vector start up costs

Remember how my friend said the Vector scam because they make you buy these knives. Back in the day that was the case.

Now from what I read, Vector requires a deposit for these knives that you will use for your demonstrations.

vector refund

I don’t know what the exact amount the deposit is, but if you were to leave Vector to get your deposit back, you will have to return the knives.

I started to think about the deposit for the knives.

Being that a lot of these potential sales reps are young, I’m a mom and know how children are based on me being a mother and having nieces and nephews along with my friend’s children.

I’m not hating on young people because I was young at one time myself and I know how youths are.

Here is how the scenario goes…! I could hear my child asking me for money to sell knives.

She will bring up the deposit and me being a mom and want my daughter to succeed, I will hold her to that deposit and give her the money.

Of course, I know my child well, Lol.

Of course, she’s going to put her best foot forward for a week, and then life will continue as usual.

Meaning she will quit.

Let’s Back Up A Little Bit

I haven’t read a single bad thing about Cutco knives. I’m assuming these knives are top-notch.

I can’t remember exactly if the person back in the day was selling Cutco knives to me, so I’m not going to assume the product is bad.

What I’m getting at here is that if my daughter had a sample knife set and I start checking them out, I might end up keeping these knives and tell my daughter, don’t worry about the deposit.

Because like I said above, I know my daughter well and she would probably last a week trying to sell knives.

I would add these knives to my knife collection and be pretty happy.

I’m pretty sure this probably happened to many parents who may experience a great value product.

They might go on Amazon and look up other knives to add to their child’s Cutco demonstration kit, LOL.

So I’m thinking Cutco is winning here by bringing potential customers through sending letters to students.

It’s quite genius, but deceptive at the same time.

Let’s Look At The Business Structure Of Vector aka Cutco Knives

not emplyed by vector

Do you have money to make a deposit for demonstration purposes?

If you don’t, understand you are not applying for a job.

Remember, when a job hires people, you get paid either hourly or by salary, not by each sale or appointment made.

I know that some of you are thinking that you’ll get the deposit from your parents.

I’m not hating on supportive parents either. Each family has their own way of doing things their way and it is all good.

But know that…!

You are an independent contractor for Vector. They also indicate that you are not employed by them.

More or less you are a sales rep that sells Cutco knives. If you plan on selling these knives, know that you need a set of knives to show potential customers the value of these knives.

It’s not an MLM business where there is a downline based on recruiting people. The way their comp plan work is based on sales made.

vector commissions

If you are able to sell more than 1,000 knives your commission increases based on the number of knives sold.

You start off at 10% commissions, but if you are a sales mogul, you have the potential to earn more than 30% commission based on selling more than 24,000 knives.

So Am I Going To Call Vector A Scam!

You know what, their letter is very deceptive. They could easily place ads instead of sending letters to people or young adults.

I don’t even know how they got my daughter’s name. I’m assuming that Vector purchased a list somewhere that my daughter seemed to fit their criteria as a potential rep.

In that letter, like so many reviews I’ve done, where they word their ads in a way that it seems like you fit the bill so you take the next action and it is NOT what it seems.

I wouldn’t call Vector an MLM business because they really do base their sale pay on the number of knives sold.

Their product is a quality product and people do love their knives.

However, the $20 appointment might be real except for what I read and that is, it is for a certain period.

So I will say that Vector uses scamish tactics to lure people to become sales reps. They run their line very thin of being a scam.

Leading people to call them a scam because of the tactics they use.

I Read A Very Interesting Article

Before you run off and apply, I think you should really take the time to read the article from a person who actually sold these knives.

I know my friend sold these knives before and felt that Vector is a scam. I believe she said that because back in the day they made you buy these knives.

This article I read word for word and I’ve done sales myself for various companies and I really understood and relate to what she said.

I never sold Cutco knives, but sales can feel similar.

This person made sales, but she expressed her personal feelings and you may get a feel of what you might experience if you were to take the plunge.

You can read the article here!

All In All

I also want to add, if you’re looking for work, sales jobs require your time without pay.

If you are good at it you can end up becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire, but if you suck, Lol you could end up being in the red.

Vector does fall similar to an MLM business where they ask you to make a list of people you know for potential sales, but it doesn’t completely fall under that category.

I feel they use deceptive tactics to get potential Sales Rep by wording their letters that feel like a potential job when it’s not.

Know that you are going to be an independent contractor who doesn’t work for vector. You are selling Cutco knives.

What is your take about Vector Summer Job, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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