Was MOBE Halted For Bilking: The FTC Has Taken Action

The FTC charged three people with Bilking consumers through the MOBE 21-step Tier Educational System.

Consumers paid over $125,000,000 and Matthew Lloyd McPhee is the Sole Owner of MOBE.

The other two parties are,

Russ Whitney The Director of Event Sales.

“Russ Whitney conducted an online training webinar that teaches techniques for convincing consumers to take on debt to finance MOBE purchases. Russ Whitney claims that he has made over $1,000,000 with MOBE and another $600,000 in commissions from MOBE with his business partner.”


Susan Zanghi MOBE USA’s Finance Manager.

“Susan Zanghi has opened and has signatory authority over numerous bank accounts and merchant accounts in the United States for – 12 – MOBE USA, MOBE Training USA and TM-USA. She has received information about numerous chargebacks filed by dissatisfied purchasers of MOBE memberships. Susan Zanghi is also listed as a point of contact on the Better Business Bureau website for MOBE Ltd.”


taken action against MOBE

According to the FTC, MOBE was targeting United State Citizens through online ads, social media, sales funnels, direct mail, and live events held in various countries.

If you haven’t heard of MOBE’s competitor Digital Altitude, LLC, their business was halted by the FTC prior.

Actually, MOBE and Digital Altitude had the exact same tier educational business model and MOBE took court action against Digital Altitude for stealing their concept.

Back To The FTC Report

According to the FTC, MOBE’s educational system claimed that people would earn a substantial income quickly and easily from home with MOBE’s 21-step tier business.

Some Of The Complaints Consumers Have

Some of the consumer’s complaints were that people who started MOBE’s Tier Educational Service said they were getting overwhelmingly amounts of sales pitches for their proven 21-step tier membership package system.

Consumers would not get access to their training videos if they didn’t speak to their assigned coaches.

Consumers paid $497 to attend a 3 day home business summit.

Consumers experienced high-pressure sales pitches to convince them to purchase another tier package.

MOBE’s Tiers Are Not Cheap

When I looked into MOBE’s system their tier packages were not cheap.

To get MOBE’s business license rights it costs $1997 to sell other tier levels.

MOBE License Rights: $1997 and that is when you can make the 1, 3, or 5 thousand dollar commission.

  • Silver Masterclass – $2,497
  • Gold Masterclass – $4,997
  • Titanium Mastermind – $9,997
  • Platinum Mastermind – $16,997
  • Diamond Mastermind – $29,997

Back when I looked into MOBE their prices were still expensive but it seems their prices went up from the data that the FTC has filed.

A Quick Overview On Tier Business Models

There are a number of these tier business models circulating online.

The whole concept of tier business models is to get their consumers to purchase their educational system and sell them to others.

It is similar to an MLM structure business because you are in a team. If you don’t make the tier commissions on a level that you didn’t purchase, it goes to your upline.

If no one in your upline purchased a very expensive tier package, where else does the money go?

To the one at the very top who didn’t buy the tier because they own the tier.

The concept of the Silver all the way through the Diamond Tier Level is that you have to purchase each level in order to make a commission.

To give you an example, you would have to purchase the Silver Masterclass at $2,497 in order to make commissions for that tier.

If you got someone to purchase the license rights and purchased all the tier levels, you wouldn’t be able to make the commission unless you purchase all those tiers yourself.

These tier business models cause people to feel they have to spend all this money or they will miss out on commissions.

Back To The FTC Action

According to the FTC, consumers were unable to recoup their costs and experienced crippling losses or dept. Some people even lost more than $20,000.

The FTC also alleged that consumers were offered a money-back guarantee that was misleading people into thinking there was no risk.

According to the FTC, consumers were denied refund requests unless consumers had to threaten MOBE that they were going to file a complaint with the BBB or law enforcement.

MOBE Also Does Business Under Or AKA

  • MOBE Ltd.
  • My Online Business Education
  • My Own Business Empire
  • MOBE Processing.com Inc.
  • Transaction Management USA Inc.
  • MOBE Training.com Inc.
  • Business Education Training
  • MOBE Pro Limited
  • MOBE Inc.
  • MOBE Online Ltd.
  • Matt Lloyd Publishing.com
  • Home Business Builder

MOBE’s Sales Funnel Concept

I’ve seen some of MOBE’s sales funnels and they are quite enticing.

Most of these ads claim people could make money through their 21-step educational system.

MOBE’s concept if you purchased their licensing rights you can make $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 a month.

Some Of MOBE’s Sales Funnels,

My Internet Success Coach

The Automatic Edge

Steal My System

UDC System

Secure Job Position

Automated Daily Income

Note: Secure job position, some reviews say it’s MOBE.

What I found out was one testimonial that was promoting MOBE.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of funnels may use the same platform and sometimes change what they are promoting.

mobe bilking income disclosure

According to the FTC, MOBE’s income disclosure was very difficult to find on their website.

If people saw the income disclosure, most people wouldn’t feel pressured into buying an expensive tier level and would ask more questions before they committed into buying one of those expensive tiers to their “coaches”.

The Shocking Info I Read

I’m quoting this part, According to the FTC,

“Many targets of Defendants’ scheme cannot afford the high cost of the MOBE memberships. Defendants claim they can help these consumers by offering them a “financing plan.” In reality, Defendants’ “financing plan” involves advising consumers to sell their personal assets or incur debt-either by maxing out their existing credit cards or applying for new lines of credit.”

“Consumers have suffered and will continue to suffer substantial injury as a result of Defendants’ violations of the FTC Act. In addition, Defendants have been unjustly enriched as a result of their unlawful acts or practices. Absent injunctive relief by this Court, Defendants are likely to continue to injure consumers, reap unjust enrichment, and harm the public interest.”


It appears that the case will be decided by the court. You can read the full details by clicking the link below.

FTC Article

Note: In the FTC’s article other links are in there with full details about the complaint.

Only time will tell what will happen to MOBE’s future inside the USA.

What is your take about the FTC taking action against MOBE, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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