Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It: I Got The Inside Scoop

Before we begin this battle, I want to let you know that I don’t think Wealthy Affiliate or Site Build It is scams. I wanted to give you the inside scoop because I was a member at Site Built It back in 2010 for a year and never got a website set up.

I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate currently and got my site up and running. Okay, I may sound a little bias within parts of this battle because I am a current member at Wealthy Affiliate.

I want you to know the inside scoop with both services. There is a winner at the end of this battle however, that final decision is always yours.

So What Exactly Is WA And SBI?

in a nutshell, SBI and WA are pretty much services that teach people how to build their own online business utilizing a website.

The Rounds

Within these 10 rounds, the battle is in regard to common questions that people have. I will go over these questions and try to be as unbiased as I can.

Just like in boxing, there are ten rounds and one of the two services is going to get knockout in the end.

Oh, boy did I give a little of it away, well the only way you are going to know whose getting knocked out is by continuing to read this article.

It’s Time To Ring The Bell!

Ding, Ding, Ding

Round One, Is It Easy To Get Help?

WA: Yes, it’s easy to get help with WA.

WA Ask A Question

You can post a question and members at WA will answer them.

All you have to do is click the pen at the top, scroll down to Ask a Question and click on it.

A window will pop up that looks just like the image below.

All you have to do is type in your questions, add a few more details and click submit your questions.

WA members are there to support you and yes, questions will get answered.

WA vs SBI ask question

SBI: Yes, you can get help at SBI.

They use a forum style way for people who have questions.

It’s not as simple as WA, but your questions will get answered.

wa vs sbiforums

So Who Won This Round?

I would say WA because WA makes it easy for people to get help.

Asking questions is important when building a business online.

We all know how long it can take to go through the search engine to get an answer.

Everyone has a question and if you can’t get your questions answered, a person can get stuck or discourage.

Getting stuck or discouraged can lead to quitting.

No one wants that, so making it easy to get your questions answered is important.

The problem with forum styles like what SBI has is if you’re unfamiliar with forums like I was, it’s going to be really difficult and it’s a new thing that you have to learn.

With forums, you have to look for the correct room to pose the question.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, this can be frustrating.

In today’s times doing things easier is what people are looking for.

No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to get help.

Round Two, Is There Private Coaching Available?

WA: Yes, there is.

Some people get private coaching from the owner’s Kyle and Carson or through a member whose been with WA for years.

There’s no additional cost for this.

WA’s community is great at helping others build a business online.

SBI: Yes.

SBI has private coaching.

Theirs comes with additional costs, but it’s there if you can afford it.

Site Build It Rates

If you are not ready for additional costs, you can just go back to their forums and keep asking questions there.

Their private coaching is a service you don’t have to use.

Sometimes it’s best to learn through experience and making mistakes is not the end of the world.

This Round Is A Draw!

Even though SBI charges extra for coaching, they do provide Coaching

I looked into the private coaching at SBI when I was stuck with their brainstorming tool.

When I saw the extra cost, I went back to the videos to see if I was missing something.

I personally was just starting out and didn’t want to spend the extra money on questions I had.

Round Three, Can You Contact The Owner(s)?

WA: Yes.

You can contact the owners at WA through private messages.

Kyle and Carson are active members at WA and are always available if you need them.

SBI: Yes.

The owner Ken Evoy is also very easy to get in contact with. Ken is also very active with his company and takes pride in it.

Round 3 Is A Draw!

I find it’s very important that owners take pride in their business.

I’m sure these three gentlemen care about their business and want people to succeed.

Round Four, Is There Live Chat Available?

WA: Yes.

WA has live chat available.

I find live chat useful when I wanted a question answered NOW, Lol.

SBI: No.

SBI doesn’t offer live chat.

You can go to the forums if you really need a question answered or you can also pay extra for coaching if you really need some help.

We All Know Who Won Round 4

WA has a simple structure in a place where people can live chat with WA’s members.

But, if you have a question and you want it answered NOW, it’s there and yes it does work.

I know I yelled out now, but, sometimes we have our days and we just want help NOW.

Round Five, Is There Step By Step Training?

WA: Yes.

WA offers step by step training.

There are videos you can watch with Kyle himself instructing each lesson and phase.

SBI: Yes.

SBI also offers step by step training videos.

The lady instructing the videos does sound a little like a robot, but It’s really not that bad.

Some people don’t like it, but I guess it’s a personal preference.

SBI also offers written material if you don’t want to watch the videos.

Round 5 Is A Draw!

Both services offer step by step training.

Step by Step training is there for a reason.

What it did for me was kept me organized. There is nothing worse than not knowing where you left off when you need to log out of a computer.

Round Six, Are Websites Included?

WA: Yes.

WA provides you with over 1,400 WordPress websites that you can select from.

SBI: Yes.

SBI does come with SBI’s template websites, these sites are powered by SBI.

You have hundreds of SBI template sites to choose from.

Round 6 Is A Draw!

Blogs are what people are using today, it might change tomorrow, who knows. Just so you know, WordPress sites have Pages and Blog posts.

I believe more people are using WordPress sites because they are easy to use.

They also run well with Google’s algorithm that solves a lot of SEO issues.

I found a video by Matt Cutts.

If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is, he is the head of Google’s Webspam team.

In this video, Matt explains why he endorses WordPress.

Round Seven, Is Web Hosting Included?

WA: Yes.

WA provides its members with hosting.

If you still want to be a member at WA and want to host elsewhere you can do that too.

Remember this is your business your building, not WA’s so you can have hosting where ever you feel comfortable using.

SBI: Yes.

SBI comes with hosting as well.

If you want to use a different website or hosting you can’t with SBI.

Round 7 Is A Draw!

both services provide hosting.

To get a good idea of all this website and hosting mumbo jumbo stuff, here is another way of looking at it.

  • A domain name is your site address www.yourwebsite.com, just like your home address.
  • Hosting is like the land your site sits on, more or less it holds all the data, just like how a home is held up by the land.
  • A website is a house or store.
  • Content is your inventory or your furniture, more or less what is inside the home or store.

These elements are all are very important and there are plenty of free websites with hosting out there.

Sometimes these free sites make their money by placing ads on your site and you don’t have any control over what ads are placed.

Many free sites go out of business leaving a person high and dry.

If you are thinking about going with the free, it’s best to go with a service that offers you to move your content if they allow that.

Round Eight, Can You Try It For FREE?

WA: Yes.

WA has a Starter Membership that allows you to have 2 free websites with secure hosting along with 10 free lessons.

You get a choice of 12 WordPress themes to choose from and no credit card is needed.

What I love about their free lessons is that I can actually get a website up and running without obligating myself.

If I’m not a happy camper, all I have to do is move on.


SBI doesn’t allow you to try it for free.

You do get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The Winner Of Round 8 Goes To WA

With SBI, you do get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

That is very different from trying a service out for free.

The reason being is that you still gotta give your credit card information in order to try their services.

Sometimes you won’t get a full refund depending on certain terms.

Round Nine, Is There A Keyword Research Tool?

WA: Yes.

WA provides you with a keyword tool you can use.

You get to an awesome keyword tool called Jaaxy’s.

SBI: Yes.

SBI provides you with a keyword tool called Brainstorm It. You also get a limited amount of tries, but the tool is there if you need it.

Round 9 Is A Draw!

Keywords are what people type into search engines.

If I wanted to look for a specific type of phone, I would type in Samsung Galaxy 5 phones.

What ever the search engine results display is what data people usually read.

What a keyword tool does is give you results in regards to what people are searching for online.

It will give information on what is the best keyword to use and other keywords not to use.

In a nutshell, that’s what a keyword tool is used for. It shows results about the data that you’re able to rank for in the search engines.

When I tried SBI’s keyword tool it was complicated.

They had all these numbers and wanted me to eliminate numbers and run the Brainstorm It keyword tool again and it just went on and on.

When I tried Jaaxy’s keyword tool, they use yellow, green lights and red dots.

Green meant you can try it, yellow meant maybe, and red meant NO.

For me, it just made sense and was a lot easier for me to decide on a keyword.

Round Ten, Is There An Affiliate Program?

WA: Yes.

As a starter member or a Premium member, you can promote WA and get paid for it.

I promote WA and other sites that I recommend to people.

That’s what Affiliate marketing is.

Promoting services you like or recommend and if someone buys the product, I make a commission.

SBI: Yes.

SBI also offers an affiliate program.

Members at SBI promote SBI too.

Round 10 Is A Draw

I know I stated in the beginning that SBI is not a scam, I personally promote products I personally make money from or if I feel helped me in what I wanted to obtain.

I never made a buck with SBI nor did I get my website up and running.

Here’s A recap of the scores

Wealthy Affiliate VS SBI

The Knockout Round

I wanted to put in a knockout round because of some other info I think you should know about.

SBI costs $29.99 a month or $299.00 a year and it is a reasonable price.

The problem I have with SBI is there are additional costs for private coaching and their webinars.

SBI even charge you to learn about social media.

If you look at the big picture, those additional costs can add up quickly.

Getting the most for your buck is something to consider if you’re thinking about learning through SBI.

WA costs $49.00 a month or $359 a year.

I find WA’s price to be reasonable as well.

Yes, WA is a little more pricey than SBI but, WA has weekly live training at no additional cost.

If someone misses the live training that is not a problem.

What WA offers is replays that you can watch at your leisure.

Some of WA expert marketers post-training inside WA, that’s additional training that any person can take advantage of at any time, oh and it’s not at an additional cost.

Actually, if you know a thing or two and want to post-training inside WA, you get paid by the owners for doing that. Who does that, Kyle and Carson!

If you can’t afford a keyword tool because you’re just starting out, WA has that for you at no additional cost.

Oh, I’m not done, SSL certificates are also available at no additional cost.

And if you have a need for speed, meaning you can activate that with a push of a button and your website can run twice as fast at no additional cost.

The Knockout punch is this, WA gives you every tool you need as a Premium Member to build a successful online business at no additional cost.

  • WordPress Website
  • Secure Hosting
  • Keyword Tool
  • Training
  • Live Training
  • Websites
  • Supportive Community
  • SSL Certificates
  • Site Content

There is nothing out there that provides you with what WA offers.

SBI Update:

Trevor left a comment stating that SBI does offer WordPress. I did check it out and yes SBI offers a 30-day free trial and it’s called SBI for WordPress.

I do want to state that It’s your choice of what service you’d like to select.

I feel that SBI will give you the learning materials you need to get started.

Everyone learns differently and prefers a different learning platform.

I personally got what I needed through Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been building my business at WA for more than a year now and enjoy WA’s platform.

My business has been growing and yes I make revenue from my website, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t do it with SBI.

I will stress this again, at WA there are no additional costs. A person can select either a monthly membership or a yearly membership. The choice is yours!

Also, Ken Envoy has added a new Solo build it service that comes with training, domain name, hosting, keyword tool, and free support all for $299 a year.

Wealthy Affiliate Update:

I’ve been a member of WA for over four years now. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t find WA earlier.

I’m so grateful that I was able to learn and build websites because that was a goal of mine and WA made that possible.

I could go on and on about the new features that WA’s done throughout the years that I’ve seen happen.

The best way I could explain it is that as a member, I would log in to WA and be surprised that there’s something new.

Then someone in the community would let us know they noticed a new feature. Then some of us would chime in and chat about it.

Usually, what follows, is that one of the owners either Kyle or Carson would give us the rundown of the new features and if training is needed, Kyle would provide that.

Of course, all the new features that Kyle and Carson work on doesn’t come at an additional cost. It’s not like an A La Carte menu where you have to pay additional money to use certain services.

When Kyle and Carson update their platform, you get the full meal either at $49 a month or $359 a year!


You’re probably wondering why I didn’t get a website up and running at SBI.

The only thing I could say is that I got stuck with SBI’s Brainstorm It keyword tool and it was complicated.

At the time, I knew nothing about building a website and when I saw the additional cost to get help, I got discouraged.

I did try, but I decided to stop paying for something that wasn’t right for me and move on with my life.

When I learned about Wealthy Affiliate and learned about the Free Starter Membership, I decided to check it out.

I liked the idea of trying something for free and not having to use my credit card.

By doing that I got a chance to see if I would be able to learn how to build a website and not get stuck as I did with Site Build It.

When I saw a video on how to build a site in under 30 seconds and I actually did it, I decided to go Premium because I wanted to learn more and start achieving my goals.

This is why WA is My #1 Heroic Site.

If you have any questions or comments about SBI or WA let me know below, thanks!

Plant, Water, and Believe!

28 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It: I Got The Inside Scoop”

  1. Hello Evelyn, I have been doing research about online marketing. I used to own my own business for 15 years. I got ill and had to sell my business. I started looking at internet marketing because I can do it from home. I read a number of websites and I found your website.

    I noticed that there are Wealthy Affiliate VS Solo Build It and Site Build It. I also discovered articles online where Ken expressed his feelings. I thought Ken’s reaction about reviews in regards to his businesses online were strange.

    The experience I have with owning a business, customers complain about everything and it got to the point where I had to understand that you can’t please everyone.

    I haven’t joined anything as of yet. What are your feelings about Wix? I see commercials for their websites and Godaddy, thanks.

    • Hello, Ken’s reaction I read a little bit online and people will react differently. I will not call Site Build it or Solo Build it a scam. Site Build It wasn’t for me.

      What I suggest you do is start taking action with services online. Wix is free to join, with Solo build It, I believe they give you a 60 day guarantee.

      As for Go Daddy, they are legit too. You may not get laser focused training like what Wealthy Affiliate Offers, but I feel you should know what is out there.

      You are going to see the difference in what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Wealthy Affiliate is free to get access and you don’t have to pull out a single credit card to join their service.

      Actually, what get is 10 free lessons hosting and 2 siterubix websites that will give you and idea of what can be done through the actions you take with the free training provided.

      If you are serious about building a business online, You should be able to determine which platform you want to plant your roots at.

      I found that WA was right for me and I’ve been there over 4 years now it is a great service that really helps people. I wish you the best with many blessings, Evelyn.

  2. Hi Evelyn, I have been going back and forth lately trying to compare SBI to WA. Correct me if I’m wrong, but both services seem to be slanted toward setting up an affiliate marketing site. That’s not what I’m looking to do and thus want to know if either of these services (I’m currently leaning toward WA) would be a good fit for me. I’m a newly authorized Disney travel agent and want to set up a site where people can learn about booking Disney vacations (not actually booking through my site, however, that is all done through Disney’s site specifically for its travel agents). This would be more like a typical website with a home page, about page, contact page, services, etc. Would either SBI or WA be able to accommodate me, or would I be better off with a service like Wix or Weebly? I’ll be looking for your reply. Thanks so much!

    • Hey John,

      I feel that every service that you mention SBI, WA, Wix and Weebly would allow you to build a website with the features and info you wish to apply to the website that you want to build. You don’t have to have an affiliate marketing site within any of these services you mention either.

      I totally respect the fact that you’re doing your research and asking questions because you want to run your business on the right foot.

      You want a website where you have complete control over meaning you can move to whatever hosting of your choice. With Websites platforms like WordPress, you have to the ability to move your site to whatever hosting you choose.

      With Weebly and Wix, I’m not saying they are bad choices, however they have specific technical platforms, such as drag and drop and other features the make it quite difficult for you to move your website if you’re not happy using their platform and hosting.

      If you’re serious about building out a website, you should consider if you can move your website with any hosting of your choice.

      Also, if you want training, SBI provides that along with WordPress websites.

      I personally gravitate towards WA for a number of reasons besides affiliate marketing, WA does one heck of a job with their training, SEO techniques, PPC, along with getting a website up and running and on top of that WA prices are quite reasonable. The support and help at WA is just Awesome.

      What I suggest you do is check out the free info first, can check out Wealthy Affiliate as they offer 10 free lessons with out credit info, Wix and Weebly for free and see what they offer.

      I hope you get your website up and running John, you seem to have a great idea that people can benefit from. I wish you the best with many blessings, Evelyn.

  3. Hello Evelyn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    I see a lot of folks here in your comments who are questioning the process that SBI! follows vs. WA, and while it’s true that WA gets you going with the building of your website faster, we just concluded a study that demonstrates conclusively that isn’t the best approach.

    Are you aware of this study? If not, the entire 3-part report on WA starts here:

    Feature by Feature comparisons are always nice, particularly if someone knows that a specific feature or tool is critical to their business.

    For most solopreneurs, however, I think it’s the approach to building an online business which makes the largest difference. In fact, that’s exactly why we made it easier for SBIers to choose to use WordPress for the website, the site platform itself really makes no difference when it comes to building a business. The content that you create and how you structure it will have a far greater impact on long term success and value.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    Thanks again,
    Mike from SiteSell.

    • Hey Mike Alton from SiteSell, Thanks for leaving a comment and stating your opinion. I totally respect everyone’s opinion and I like people to get value from the comments left on my website even if they don’t agree with my point of view.

      I want to first state that when I did this face off, Of WA vs SBI, it was done through my honest opinion and not to fake people out into going to Wealthy Affiliate. People can check out whatever they see fit for themselves.

      I also feel that everyone learns differently and they may find value in the new approach that SBI offer, so more power to Ken and his future.

      Now let’s get down to what Ken has to say, I did read his series and I totally disagree with his opinion as he may disagree with mine.

      When people build businesses online they should look at valuable results such as services like Google/Bing Analytics and Google/Bing Webmaster tools to get informative info about their business and not from what Alexa has to say.

      Don’t get me wrong people may find value in what Alexa offers, but for me when I want to look at how I’m doing with my online business, I want to know through results where I get traffic from and Alexa doesn’t give me that value.

      As for the content that is created within a website, it is King in whatever niche a person chooses. Also, people at Wealthy Affiliate are not forced to go into the make money online niche. That is just not TRUE, as for the reviews that people do online, Ken Quoted European Parliamentary Research Service, 2015.

      “A fake review can be defined as a positive, neutral or negative review that is not an actual consumer’s honest and impartial opinion or that does not reflect a consumer’s genuine experience of a product, service or business.”

      Let’s break this down, (that is not a consumer’s honest and impartial opinion OR does not reflect a consumer’s genuine experience of a product, service or business)

      It comes down to the intent of what the reviewer is doing, whether it is a positive, neutral, or negative review. The only way that can be determine is if you’re a mind reader. No one knows the intent and people can assume the intent. One thing I can do is tell you my intent.

      My intent when I started my site is to help people make money from home. I recommend service that I don’t make a dime from and there are services that I get compensated on, However, if it was just about me making money whether the review is negative, positive, or whatever, it’s based on a person getting answers and choosing what is best for them not me.

      You can say the same thing about Ken and his three part series study regarding his viewpoint on wealthy affiliate.

      I tried SBI, I even got Ken’s email in January, I was there and tried their service and explained key points that people may have questions about.

      I also explained my experience so how is that FAKE? Also, I do reviews on other products and explain to people my experience when I even look at the ad or purchase their products and let them know my honest opinion?

      I will sure as heck not trust my credit info with sites that is not transparent about who they are and uses fake testimonials or tell some sort of fairytale, what makes that okay and what is wrong with explaining that to people!

      I’m going to break down my three part series in a nutshell within this comment.

      First series, Wealthy Affiliate offers people to check their service out for free without ever pulling out a single credit card. People can make an informative decision if they want to continue on with the training or just move on without ever having to go through the process of asking for a refund or get a price reduction if they don’t meet the time frame that these company’s fine prints don’t tell people about.

      Second series, people can go on about what Alexa ranking or whatever other platform statistics are out there. The pudding is in the pie and that is the results people get through services that the search engines produces. Online business Owners should be getting their statistics where they are doing business. People can look at those statistics that Google offers web owners, services like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

      Third series, it’s up to the person if they want to tell people what they make. I’ll break it down like this, I was a member at SBI for a year, if I got the results that I got from Wealthy Affiliate through SBI, I would be on my 7th year at SBI; instead I’m on my third year at Wealthy Affiliate. I sure as heck wouldn’t be at Wealthy Affiliate today if I wasn’t getting the results that I am getting today.

      It takes work, but WA does a great job helping people build good honest businesses online. It’s up to the person to determine what is best for them. If they find value in SBI that’s great I’m happy for them, If it’s at Wealthy Affiliate that great too.

      Thanks Allan for taking the time to leave a comment, I do wish you the best at SBI, Evelyn!

  4. I have a website up and running with SBI for a few years and am not getting much business out of it. If I switch to WA, will I have to rebuild the entire site or can you pick it up off the net?

    Also can you help me make the site profitable? SBI wants a lot of money to help me which I can’t afford since my site is not making money.

    Will I be able to transfer my domain name to WA and if so, how is this done? Let me hear from you via email as I want to make my site start paying off.

    • Hey Jack first off I took a look at your website and seen that you have put a lot of work into what you’re doing. The artwork is stunning and I kinda get idea of a few of the problems you face.

      I don’t want to insult SBI, everyone learns differently and can grasp SBI’s training without a hitch, so let’s get that clear right now.

      WA is an excellent service that does quite well in teaching people how to rank on the net. I looked at some of your keywords and they are not at the top of the search engines. This has nothing to do with Alexa ranking it has everything to do with tools like Google analytics, Google Webmaster tools and good quality keyword tool.

      Also, I personally don’t want you to lose everything you build within your site. The reason why WordPress is the leading website platform is because it does take care of a lot of SEO Issues. If you are using a WordPress website yes you can easily transfer your business from your hosting service to wealthy affiliate.

      If your website is not a WordPress website, I would suggest getting info on how to transfer your website to WordPress first.

      My final suggestion is to check out Wealthy Affiliate, you can check them out for free first, get a feel for your own personal experience there and ask questions.

      I will do some research for you about transferring your website and I will email you info. All the best to you, Evelyn.

  5. Hi Evelyn,

    I currently am using SBI but at this point, I only have a domain name. I’m finding it difficult to navigate my way through SBI and was thinking of switching to WA. My main question is, I want to keep my domain name but it is currently listed through SBI. Do you have any idea how I can move the name somewhere else?



    • Hey Eric, from my understanding if you paid for that domain name you should be able to move your domain name to whatever hosting platform you choose. Before you do that though, I would highly recommend you backup your website if you have content within your website. You should be able to point your DNS to a new hosting company of your choice. I also suggest that before you do that check out Wealthy Affiliate for free. Navigate in WA and ask questions, don’t worry Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t require your credit card info to check them out. On top of that, you can also experience 10 lessons so you get a good idea of how you will be trained. You even get two free websites to experience the training. I’m boasting about WA’s starter membership because of the experience you can get for free and their free service can really give you a good idea if you want to move forward. I also had a difficult time with SBI, it doesn’t mean that everyone does, but learning platforms are not for all and I really want you to look at all your options. I hope to meet you inside WA Eric and I wish you the best, Evelyn.

  6. Hi! You seem pretty down to earth. I’m a new user of WA. I have a current website with my products on it. I can create pages like they train you to do on WA but I still don’t understand how to get my site with products on the WA domain. How do the 2 link? Also, when I created the domain on WA, I used one that’s not even pertaining to what I’m selling! Does the end user see the domain name?

    • Hey Lisa, I’m not sure what you mean by your first question, Your website should be relevant to what your selling. What I suggest you do so we can get you going is reply with your user name that you use in WA, I will PM you so we can get all your questions answered. I would be very happy to help, don’t get me started on ideas, LOL, I would the idea of non stop. Anyhow, I look forward to helping you Lisa, Many Blessings to you, Evelyn.

  7. Evelyn, this is a fantastic article. Thank you so much for all the detail. I am currently with SBI but I have yet to get a site up with them because it takes me forever to find answers to questions I have. I am definitely going to try the free version of WA so that I can see if it would be better for me. I did get a domain name thru SBI but I have yet to put it into play because of all the frustration of learning other tasks, Thanks again for all the great comparison info.

    • Hey Mary,

      I’ve been there and understand how you feel. I think SBI has a great service, but to get your feet off the ground is kind of difficult, especially if people are new, like I was.

      I also get it that people do learn through SBI, but at Wealthy Affiliate, I selected a domain name and had my site up and running. I was amazed how simple it can be to get your site off the ground.

      It doesn’t hurt to check out Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership, you can get an idea of how they teach you, you get feel of their community, you get 10 free lessons along with hosting not only that, if you like it there and decide become a Premium Member, you can move your domain name to WA’s hosting if you’d like.

      In the end it’s up to you and what you feel works best for you. I hope to meet you inside WA, Mary. I will be there to help you along with the owners. Thanks for your thoughts Mary, all the best with many blessings, Evelyn.

  8. Hello!

    Thank you for the great comparison. Sounds like WA is more “user friendly” than SBI, so I’ll be going with them. (I’ll be sure to use your link.)

    I think one edge that SBI *may* have over WA is an autoresponder. It’s included with SBI (along with your domain name and hosting.) But this is a minor thing to me.

    Does WA teach you how to write that engaging content that visitors (and Google) loves? My writing is so dry and boring zzzzzzz.

    Mike Hanneman.

    • Hey Mike,

      You’re writing is not dry and boring, you made me laugh. You are absolutely right that WA does not provide an autoresponder. SBI does, so that’s props to them.

      As for hosting, yes WA does come with hosting and 2 free siterubix websites if you choose to check them out for free. If you were to go premium, you have up to 25 .com or whatever you choose and 25 siterubix sites hosted by WA at no additional cost.

      WA also just added some great features such as, you do not need to add a plugin for spam comments, they also provide site feedback where you can get help with your whole site or just a particular article you’ve written, they also provide site health that really helps with how your business is doing. For instance, if you need to add more content to your site or if your site is indexed in Google these are just a few features that WA provides to really help people build a great business from home.

      Okay, I’m not going to down SBI, but WA is very user friendly and when you need help, the members and the owners are there to help. I believe SBI’s owner is there to help his members too so we will keep that fair.

      Everyone learns differently so, if you checked out SBI, I would suggest that you should check WA for free. WA will not ask you for your credit card info as a starter member, plus you get 10 free lessons, hosting and 2 free websites, this way you can select what will work best for you.

      That is what is most important Mike, you selecting a way to build a business from home that will bring in revenue.

      As for your writing, the best advice I can give is just be you. You already made me laugh so I know you got charm in there. Write just like you’re writing to one person, don’t think you’re writing to the world.

      When you’re starting off of course it’s going to be a little dry, but once you start getting use to putting content on your site, you’re personality starts to shine and it will show, that’s what Google likes, is different people’s perspectives.

      I hope I was helpful Mike, I look forward to meeting you inside Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you much success with many blessings in whatever service you choose, Evelyn.

  9. Hi Evelyn,

    I liked your site. I am doing some research. I joined WA a couple of months ago and I used SBI a few years ago. I find WA far superior and easier to use. I got really stuck with SBI although I did learn some basics as a newbie. I thought I should look into SBI to be able to compare it to WA Incidentally SBI have a product called SBI for WordPress and you get a free 30 day trial. I guess Ken Evoy has decided that WP is the way to go after all. I checked it out but it’s really confusing. Brainstorming is like a nightmare and brings back memories of spending hours trying to understand and use it. It also took me ages trying to access the “Quick Start Guide” Regards Trevor.

    • Hey Trevor,

      I felt that SBI went in too much with the brainstorming in the beginning. I really love the way Kyle and Carson lays out their training. They don’t beat around the bush and really get people going with a site.

      This is one thing that I have to mention and that is people shouldn’t worry in the beginning about the dot com name too much. With Wealthy Affiliate they can have a free site while they are thinking about a dot com name. Even their free sites work good in the search engines, but if people want to be in business for themselves, a dot com name is the way to go. All their content can be transferred from their free site to their new dot com name without a hitch.

      I don’t think people realize how powerful Wealthy Affiliate is. It’s a fantastic place if people are serious about building their own business online. They are always improving their services and for me it’s been over a year and my business just keeps growing.

      I will update my site with the WordPress that SBI provides, but it still doesn’t take away from the knock out round. Thanks for your input on SBI I really appreciate your thoughts Trevor. To your success, Evelyn.

  10. Hi,

    This is a very well researched article/review. I love how you compare the products side by side in an objective view. So many reviews you read today are not objective, that is not the case with this one. I enjoyed the knock out round and the personal touch, well done.

    Wealthy Affiliate seem to be the winner. You truly can`t go wrong with a program that offer a free trial. Try it out for free, if you don`t like it go find something else, but if you do like the program, you have found a winner.


    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks, I totally agree and always suggest to people to try WA out for free. If they don’t like it to move on. There’s nothing wrong with trying something that doesn’t ask for your credit card or any financial information when a person tries it.

      What’s great about WA is that they give people website, hosting and 10 FREE lessons. It’s a great way to test drive to see if it’s the pathway they want to take. I really appreciate your thoughts.Many blessings to you, Evelyn.

  11. I’m glad to hear that have some high rankings for some of your keyword phrases. I have to say though, 3 years? I can’t speak for Evelyn, (the owner of this site) but I had some page one results in as little a 6 months. I do not say that to brag or to put you or SBI down. That is a testament to the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

    The communication between members and the helpfulness of the community is what really makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out. When you have a question, people there go out of their way to find you the best possible answer!

    I could go and on here but I won’t At least you check it out for free. You can try their site building software and even their keyword research tool. It’s a no-brainer.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing, Steve. I am with SBI right now but I’m getting a bit tired of it. I LOVE SBI, following their training has got my website ranked real high. I’m even number 2 or number 1 in google for some main keywords, and I’ve only had the site for 3 years. But mainly I found the forums frustrating. Often I would put up questions and no one would answer them. Or I would have to wait days and even weeks for one reply. I also didn’t find all the forum members very friendly. Of course like any community some members are friendlier than others. But there just didn’t seem to be that many friendly members. It was hard to navigate the forums because whenever I had a question, even though I searched for the answer using their Search tool, it seemed I could never find any posts that addressed the particular question that I had. And like I said, if I put up a new thread asking my question, often no one would answer it. I found the Brainstormer invaluable but clunky to use. It would take me a whole day to do the keyword research using the Brainstormer for any article, and the result is that, unfortunately, I’ve stopped putting up articles, because I just couldn’t spend 2-3 days every time I wanted to put up a new article.

    1 full day just trying to use the Brainstormer to choose the adequate keywords to use in the article. Then actually writing the article, putting in the right number of keywords, passing it through the Analyzer, etc. Then another day to get the article up onto the website, although now with their new BlockBuilder it is 100% easier to put up properly formatted articles with images, than it used to be with the old BlockBuilder.

    I was thinking of changing to a free WordPress site but I didn’t want to lose the training of SBI. I’m glad there is an alternative out there in WA.

  13. This is an excellent side-by-side of these two programs – thank you for putting this together, Evelyn! I’ve had people ask me about SBI in the past and fortunately I found WA before ever giving it a go so I don’t have a whole lot of insight on SBI’s product (although I know it’s a heck of a lot better than most) but it looks like I’m perfectly well covered with my training and community support at WA!

    • Hey Ian,

      Oh yes you are, I spent a whole year at SBI and never even got a site up. When I got stuck I pretty much was stuck. You can go to the forums or pay for more help plus SBI also charge you for webinars.

      WA by far is much better than SBI in my opinion. When I was there, they use these really outdated websites that no one uses anymore. Wealthy Affiliate give a person everything they need to be successful online. You definitely found the right place Ian. Thanks for your thoughts, all the best to you, Evelyn.

  14. Awesome article Evelyn,

    I particularly like how you’ve done a round-by-round comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Site Build It. I’ve been a member of many training platforms and used a variety of different Free website in the past but none of them have even come close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers people because there are so many benefits involved with WA.

    That’s my take any way.


    • Hey Neil, Thanks, I agree! WA has so many great attributes that a lot of other training platforms don’t even offer. For less than 1 dollar a year, a person has everything they need to change their lives. All it takes is learning, implementing and making a commitment to do it. Thanks for sharing your take Neil All the best to you.

  15. Love the way your site looks, I haven’t heard to much of SBI. But thank you for having the two comparisons, as I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. I think that helped me make my decision little better. As I could use this training that they offer. thanks again! Great job on your site.

    • Hey Jennifer, Thanks, I’m glad I was able to confirm your decision. WA has a great modern platform that it very easy to use. I like the fact that WA also keeps their members updated on new information about internet marketing. I’ve read how a lot of former SBI members left SBI because their sites were outdated and what use to work then doesn’t work now. Some of their members even moved their sites to WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Evelyn.

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