Weed Millionaire Scam: Not Hot For Their Pot

I get it that people are now making investments in the cannabis arena.

With the legality of weed in many areas, people are starting their own business or growing it themselves for their own purposes.

It’s been quite a fight to legalize cannabis and I wouldn’t be surprised if all areas worldwide buckle up and legalize it.

The problem with any new trendy occurrence is that scams take part in the arena.

Everyone and their mama want their share in revenue so people tend to fall for scams as well.

In this Weed Millionaire scam review, I’m going to explain to you the red flags that you should look for because I’m not hot for their pot.

Specs For Weed Millionaire

WM Review

Product Name: Weed Millionaire
Year: 2017
Free Access: Yes
Price: $250
Website URL: weedmillionaire.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 1/10

My Take

I want to get high so high, Just kidding, Lol. I thought I was high with all the blatant Red Flags that appeared on their ad.

When I landed on the Weed Millionaire, I kid you not, I thought wow, are you just kidding when you created this ad or were you serious?

As I stayed on their ad page longer and after reading what they offered, more red flags just kept appearing.

I was amazed! Some of these red flags were just blatantly there and I know for a fact that some of you out there caught on quickly.

For those of you who didn’t, You probably joined quickly without noticing what I’m going to explain below.

So with that being said, I’m going to share the concerns because of course, they say it doesn’t cost anything to join however, investments are required.

What Is Weed Millionaire?

Weed Millionaire is one of those binary option investment scams.

There are many of them out there that uses anything from Coffee to a TV show to grab your attention.

Like I said above, whatever is trending at the time, they come up with an ad that claims people can make millions if they take the time to invest their hard earn money.

The Claims That Could Make You Rush To Join

In that ad, they show a video that starts with news footage that marijuana stock is on the rise in different trading sessions.

After the news footage then they start their pitch. It starts by claiming it’s time for the last little guy to make their fortune. They even said that Walmart could enter the legal weed market.

weed millionaire weedmart

I’m not saying that Walmart wouldn’t do it, but what I will say is that I was cracking up when I saw the image of Weedmart, Lol. You know I had to share that one with you, Lol.

The news footage and by the ad placing where you would sign up could make someone rush to join without scrolling down to get more informed.

weed millionaire place info

At The Top Of The Ad, They Even Show A Timer

weed millionaire hurry

I let the timer go down to zero and of course, I still had plenty of time to join.

As you can see they use a rush factor or should I say scarcity to get you to join as quickly as possible.

If you think about it, if you stay too long on their ad page you’re gonna noticed some really blatant red flags.

What Are Those Blatant Red Flags?

weed millionaire red flag

When they show as seen on, they are referring to the news footage you saw in the video. Any website can add videos to their sales page to make you trust their offer.

They indicate you don’t have to have any experience. When you start anything that is unfamiliar, you don’t have any experience.

By making it appear that you don’t need experience can allow a person to give it a shot.

They also included “what people are saying”. If you see what people are saying or testimonials, people might feel that if those people gave it a shot, why shouldn’t I.

weed millionaire questionable results

What people don’t realize is that sometimes they just lift people’s images from other websites and place them on their website.

There is an image on there that just irks me. When I researched the images, one of the people has a career. A person who went to college got a degree and put their image on their career website then a site like weed millionaire lifts it and changes the name of the person for their own greed.

I find it quite rude to jeopardize someone’s career just so they can sell you on a pipe dream.

Also, the above image shows a stock photo.

And the other pop-up images are the exact same images as their other testimonials, yet their names are different.

Why fund something like that!

weed millionaire no terms

Before you place any of your personal info it is a good idea to read their terms. Heck, if you don’t want to read the terms, just go look to see if they have any.

Even if you don’t want to read their terms and all that boring data, click on it to see if it list their terms.

If you can’t click on their terms that are just as bad as not placing their terms.

Oh, on Weed Millionaire there are no terms, no privacy policy, and no contact info. None of that. It is just an ad that wants you to get access.

These Types Of Sites Sure Love To Say Get Access For Free

I personally feel that Weed Millionaire wasn’t quite deceptive because they did show steps at the bottom of their ad. You do get access to their free back office once you place your info.

At the top of their ad, they didn’t say make a $250 deposit, so if someone rushed and placed their info they probably didn’t realize that they needed to make a deposit.

However, if you went to the bottom of their ad, the next step is to make a minimum $250 deposit into your account. As for that coaching call, I personally feel that is just another trust factor tactic.

Giving out your phone number can lead to many unnecessary annoying robocalls. Who has time for that!

I’m going back to their terms because they don’t list them before you place any of your info.

They don’t let you know what they are going to do with your info.

More than likely they are going to spam you with other money-making opportunities. What is scary is that some of these services want your identity or make other crazy unauthorized charges because you gave out your credit info.

For Me, Deception Seems To Be The Gist Of Their Ad

How can you even trust even a fake email and phone number with such blatant deception? They created an ad that didn’t really give you much except making money by investing in weed.

No experience needed, just create a free account and make profits. It all sounds great!

But if you take the time to really research any system that offers an opportunity, if it really works, deception is never needed.

They will cover everything. Everything like…!

  • Who their coaches really are
  • Who really made money with their service
  • How big of a risk are you taking
  • Who are their brokers
  • What Country allows their opportunity
  • How are you going to get paid
  • What kind of training are you going to get to make money

None of that is indicated before you place your info. They vaguely explain their system and want you to start the process right away.

Any service that has clout won’t need such tactics.

The One Thing That We All Relate To By Using The Internet

A lot of times we do relate to the Internet with pushing buttons because a lot of things we do is by pressing buttons on the Internet.

  • We push buttons to run our virus scans
  • We push buttons to easily like something
  • We push buttons to download software
  • We push buttons to get access to whatever
  • We push buttons to leave the Internet

So I can see how people relate easy money through the Internet by pushing buttons that make people money.

Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it takes time and effort to make money from home. Actually, it could take months before you generate your first dollar depending on your skills and the time you put in.

I’m not saying you can’t make millions online either, but it is going to take time and effort to get there.

You do have an opportunity to make millions online there is no doubt about that, but there is no easy way out work is required.

All In All

Just be careful. I hate to see people put so much trust in an ad that isn’t even open with you in regards to what they are offering you.

Placing images of people and news footage to reel you in is deceptive.

There are those who just don’t care and when you are looking for opportunities to get there, it should be with services that really care how you are going to do it.

Free access is not a bad thing either, but if you can’t even read their terms and privacy policy why even bother.

I get it that pot is hot right now, but researching is not a bad idea and sometimes you just can’t trust an ad.

What is your take about Weed Millionaire, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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