What Happened To ChatAbout: Can It Be Gone For Good

I wanted to write this article because it’s not uncommon for sites to close down like what happened to ChatAbout.

I got a few comments where people tried to log in and the site was gone.

It’s too bad that another service that was paying some people to make extra money online is gone People who were members at ChatAbout knew it wasn’t a lot of money, but it was some extra money that someone could make from home.

People who had a good experience with ChatAbout service were getting paid.

I feel for them because people put in their time and when they log in, it’s gone.

Has Happened To Me

I understand how people feel when they put their daily time into a paying service and it’s gone or their experience is not the same as others.

In the review I did about ChatAbout, I mentioned why I didn’t join.

I didn’t do it because of other experiences I’ve had with services that closed down and I felt it was better to wait to see how things were going before I tried it.

It’s Okay To Wait

If a service is new and thriving, they will be there for years to come.

There is never a guarantee that any service will be there for years to come.

But if a service is going strong, more than likely they may still be going on for years to come.

Research Is A Good Idea

You can find out what others are experiencing or determine why a service is recommended or not recommended by doing your research.

The end decision is entirely up to you, but you should feel comfortable in what you’re planning on doing.

Even If It’s Recommended You May Have A Bad Experience

I’ve tried services that were recommended and I didn’t get paid. It’s hard to determine what your experience will be unless you try.

Sometimes a service won’t be for you and that’s okay too. Even with services that are thriving and working for people doesn’t mean you want to do it.

Always look at what they are asking you to do. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, most likely you’re not going to do it, so why waste your time, Lol.

I tried that too with good services, I just didn’t like what I was doing. I tried, but in the end, I just didn’t do it.

Why I Hold Off With New Opportunities?

With new sites, though, I just decided to hold off. You don’t know where they are going just yet.

There are so many great services that I utilize and are working just fine. I’m not talking about straight-up services I won’t do, I’m talking about services that seem good, but I’m not sure yet. This is why I’d rather wait and here are some of the reasons why:

  • The experience may be different for me
  • I may not get paid while other people get paid
  • The site may be new and just got too many kinks to work out
  • They just might go out of business
  • Some sites pay too little
  • Depending on the task they are wanting to get done, it may not be worth the time

I just don’t have time to play and these are the reason why I’d rather wait.

I’ve been looking for years to make money from home and I made the decision that MLM is not for me as I’ve been down that road and with new businesses, if they have a good business structure, they will be there for years to come, not only that, most of the time they will be highly recommended.

Will ChatAbout Come Back?

I’m not the owner of ChatAbout so I don’t know what will happen or why they closed down.

There could be several reasons why they went out of business. Here are a few that could be why:

  • Lack of growth
  • Site Reputation
  • Lack of leadership
  • Bad communication with their users
  • The site wasn’t generating revenue

Do Not be surprised if they come back with another name. It’s not uncommon for sites to change their name and rebuild again.

I’ve seen this happen a number of times with sites. They rename their site and it’s the same business model with the same owners.

Make Your Own Detestation

People who were making extra money using ChatAbout spent a good amount of time writing, why not start your own website? People put in their time to make extra cash why not do it with your own site?

Do you see how I said that twice, Lol? That’s because I mean it!

I didn’t get the best grades in school in my English class, Lol as you may find some grammatical errors, but it doesn’t stop me.

You put in your valuable time with a service that you were able to make some extra cash. Why not go for a full-time income with your own website?

You see how I said that a third time, Lol That’s because I mean it!!

I’m not going to say it’s going to be a perfectly smooth ride, but it sure out beats putting in all your time with a service and then they are gone.

With your own website, you are able to determine your own destination by doing your daily work. You put in your daily time writing info for a site that is gone, why not with your own website?

You see how I said that a fourth time, Lol That’s because I mean it!!!

You can absolutely make money with your own site, it takes work, but if you have a drive to make money from home, the best way to do it is with your own website.

You don’t have to depend on any site you just depend on you. I learned how to start my own site by utilizing a service that has been thriving for over 10 years now.

I’ve been utilizing this service for more than 2 years now and from what I’ve experienced, I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

I remember when the owner of My #1 Heroic Site celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

He wrote a great article, but there were words that stuck with me that made me go wow.

As I said, I’ve been a member there for over 2 years now and I’ve seen My Heroic Site grow in ways I couldn’t imagine.

But what stuck out to me the most was when Kyle said and I’m going to quote him on a few sentences,

don’t work to MAINTAIN. Work on your business to build. To grow

Focused hard work will always pay off if done over a sustained period of time in the business world.

Focus on becoming better and make it an active goal to get better at something with each day that passes and naturally, the milestones you achieve will only become greater and greater.

-Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate

When I read the whole post inside Wealthy Affiliate, It shows right there that it’s a service that cares about their business, their growth, and more importantly their members.

All In All

I’m sorry for anyone out there that has put in their time with any service only to find out they didn’t get paid or the site is down.

It happens and we all learn from our good and bad experiences. So please don’t feel like you didn’t get any value when something not so great happens to you. Remember, God works in mysterious ways.

I’m going to say this for the fifth time, you put in your time with a site that is gone, why not start your own website. I’m saying this because I mean it.

I wouldn’t advocate starting your own website if I didn’t feel that anyone couldn’t do it. You may have a different experience as I have. The key though as I learned is that you gotta try.

I understand the caution people have and I do advocate researching. With My #1 Heroic Site, you get 10 free lessons, hosting, and a free website without pulling out a single credit card.

This way you can experience the lessons you are getting and the process of utilizing a website to generate an income from your site.

You can check all of that for free and if you feel it’s not for you, all you have to do is move on. No returns needed!

What is your take about ChatAbout closing, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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