What Is Bilking: Online Business Trending Warning

You will read many ways how people got bilked out of their money.

Various scenarios happen with bilking. The way I’m referring to bilking is with online business opportunities.

You may hear about a very trending business opportunity online either through email, YouTube, read about it online or through some odd robocall.

Now you’re interested because you may think you have found valuable info and on top of that the money you can make.

Before you get on that bandwagon, it’s essential to know what is bilking and tips on what you can do before you end up in a bilking mess.

So let’s begin with what is bilking.

What Is Bilking?

Bilking in a business perspective is in a devious way to swindle or cheat people out of their money.

Bilking Online Business Opportunity Formula

Sometimes people go on the bandwagon when everyone is talking about a new business trending opportunity that is supposed to help you make millions online.

It’s supposed to be an opportunity that doesn’t require much work.

They may even have coaching services that are supposed to give you a leg up on competitors.

People are claiming they made millions but that is not the case at all.

They may even flash large homes and other valuable eye candy that tempt people to give in.

The reason why many people pay is that the flashy opportunity may use that money-back guarantee tactic that gives the consumer a sense of security.

Once you’re in, you realize the opportunity wasn’t really what it was cracked up to be, some people don’t even get access to anything or there are people who try to contact anyone and it is nearly impossible.

Since the service isn’t for you for various reasons, you go to that security blanket and request a refund.

You may have to wait a month or two for that refund not realizing that you will never get it.

And on top of that, the next time you check your banking info, you see another charge and now you’re pissed because you were bilked.

What Happened!

With some modern zest, they probably used an old scam to revamped the opportunity to get your money.

You may have thought just by sending a simple email was a way to get a refund and to stop payments and that wasn’t the case at all.

They keep charging your account ignoring the fact that you canceled.

Mainly what happened is that that flashy business opportunity really didn’t intend to honor their money-back guarantee.

Their hope is that you do nothing else except call your bank to stop the unauthorized charges. Allowing that scam opportunity to make as much money off of you or anyone they can.

What the cardholder should do is go to a service like the BBB and file a complaint and try to get a refund.

Some business opportunities or claims are not at all what it said it would be, leading you to spend money you probably never would have if they were transparent with you in the first place.

Online Business Opportunities Are Not The Only Ones Bilking

It could be some lotion, potion, medical cure, or weight loss miracle ad online. These ads love to use the name-drop scam tactic to get you interested.

You will see a number of Celebrities in those ads in places like Facebook. These celebrities really don’t endorse these types of products, but the Ad creator really doesn’t care. It’s all about the mighty dollar.

What happens is that people purchase these products because a celebrity’s name was used that caused a person to trust the ad.

People don’t really read these fine prints where it may say they are going to charge you $99 a month for some potion. A potion with a lot of claims, but has no real special sauce in their product.

These potions or low-quality productions really don’t do much and cost more than the average product that you can purchase at your favorite retailer.

What Can You Do

Research, research, and do more research.

If it’s a trendy opportunity, find out the business model first.

Meaning, what exactly are they asking you to do to make this life-changing income.

  • Is it one of those tier business training opportunities?
  • Is it an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?
  • Is it posting links online?
  • Is it an investment?
  • Did they say it was a job that cost money?
  • Is it a service that is supposed to help you obtain dah, dah, dah by doing dah, dah, dah?

From there, your next step would be is to find out the fees. Nothing should cost you an arm and a leg to start a business online.

Now it’s time to dig a little.

Research the opportunity. If you can’t find anything because it’s a new trend, maybe you should WAIT.

There is nothing wrong with waiting until you get more data. If you look at any opportunity that has clout, it will be there for years to come.

Read their terms. You may find in their terms that there are other expenses involved. You may even find out some odd rules to obtain your money back.

Read about other systems that are similar to their service. More than likely there was or is a slew of other similar opportunities online.

Usually, they use different names, but the core foundation is the same thing. Find out if people had billing issues from these trendy opportunities or if the FTC took action against them.

Some of these so-called opportunities make it appear like it’s a job that asks for money and people never get paid for their labor.

Good Opportunities Online Don’t Bilk

There are good opportunities out there that will not bilk you.

They follow their money-back guarantee guidelines.

They will let you know that there are no refunds, but you can cancel at any time.

These services usually don’t cost an arm and a leg to get involved. Online business is amazing because the expenses are not as costly as any establishment outside of the internet.

They do not advertise fast money, easy schemes, and get rich quick ideas.

Their business model isn’t some sort of gimmick.

How Do You Know?

You know, once you learn about their opportunity.

You are going to find out it is going to require work.

It’s going to take time, work, and effort to get there. More or less, blood, sweat, and tears.

Parts of their services are going to be exciting, but the gist of it is going to be realistic.

There is no fantasy involved. Those exciting flashy eye candy toys, I’m sorry, it will not be available to entice you.

Real-life realistic hustle is there where you may have to keep your day job for a while.

Out of pocket expenses are there, but it won’t be astronomical.

All In All

I know that people don’t want to feel like their money is held hostage because they decided to purchase an opportunity. That can be the case if you’re not careful.

Bilking seems to be a trending thing these days in the online business arena because there are so many different ways to make money completely from home.

Unfortunately, they use the world wide web as a way to swindle you. These clever opportunity deals may make an old scam seem exciting and new.

Your best bet is to start off by looking at the core opportunity and from there research. If the opportunity is too good to be true most likely it is.

What is your take about bilking, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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