What Is Empowr About: Get The Real Hype

Did you get the email regarding how much money you’ve already made without ever signing up for Empowr?

I’ve gotten a number of emails and I don’t know how they obtain my email address.

Of course, when a service states that you’ve made money for doing nothing, you are probably very curious like I was and wondered what is this Empowr about.

I looked into Empowr to find out what it’s about and you can get the real hype here.

Specs About Empowr

Product Name: Empowr
Year: 2015
Free Access: Yes
Price: Varies
Website URL: empowr.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 3/10

The Rundown

What is Empowr?

  • A social website.

How does it work?

  • Empowr gives people the opportunity to make money based on what you do on their social platform, such as, liking, sharing, and posting.

How much does it cost?

  • You can join for free, but investments start off at $6.00.

Who can join?

  • It’s a Global Opportunity.

My Take

We place our emails in so many places causing us to be on some sort of list.

If you got the Empowr emails, I’m guessing that they may have purchased a list of people who want to make money online.

That is what my gut tells me because I am sure as heck didn’t sign up for Empowr.

We all know that social websites rely on people utilizing their website.

If people don’t log in on a daily basis, you know for sure that a social website isn’t going to do well.

So, people are needed, and dangling carrot-like money may be the right recipe to get people to log in.

What Is Empowr About?

In a nutshell, Empowr is a social site that allows its members to make money by posting, liking, and sharing within their community.

They claim it is absolutely free to join and people have the option to decide what they would like to do within their social network platform.

Now that you got the gist of what Empowr is about, let’s start the digging because I found some interesting info that you should be aware of.

I Want To Begin By Saying

First off, I want to say, the way you can make money with Empowr is a bit confusing.

I feel that people should know how they are going to make money because if there is some sort of discrepancy, people are able to dispute them.

I’m not saying that discrepancies are a bad thing either, they just come up sometimes and you have every right to know all the ways you’re able to make money in order to get paid along with clearing up discrepancies.

Also, I want to add that just because you see money on your dashboard or numbers with a dollar sign in front of it, that doesn’t mean money was made.

I know and you know, money is made until the cash hits your bank account and you’re able to spend it.

Sometimes sites will use that dollar sign as a way to keep you involved until cash out time occurs and if that cash out button doesn’t work, you’re looking at points just like in a video game.

I’m not saying cash-out doesn’t work for some people within the Empowr network community, but I’ve seen people try to cash out and they can’t.

I also want to finally state that on Empowr’s site, they are in the Alpha Stage, aka an experimental or trial and error stage, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about joining.

What Did You Find Out Evelyn?

Okay, when I was looking at videos about Empowr on their website, they said that they’ve been working on their community for 15 years.

You know when I hear we’ve been working on blah, blah, blah, for many years, I’m going to check.

Now I do want to state that they could have been working on their business model in other ways, so I’m not saying they haven’t.

Empowr WaybackMachine

When I went to the WayBackMachine, in 2012 Empowr would redirect to leading-coach.com and from what I gathered, it appeared that leading-coach.com owned the empowr dot com name.

In 2015 is when you will see the social website of Empowr.com. I don’t know what happened prior or if Empowr had another dot com name, but 2 years and 15 years is a big difference.

When I did some digging online, Ethan Vanderbuilt mentioned how Empowr business model is similar to other social websites that are no longer in business.

So what I’m getting at here is that I don’t know if Empowr used those social money-making opportunity websites that are no longer in business as a way to research their strategies or is Empowr just another rehashed social money-making opportunity website.

Empowr’s Welcome Page Says A lot

On Empowr’s welcome page alone I feel you can gather all the info you need to say nay or yeah.

Empowr doing what you like

If you went to their welcome page, you would notice how they say it’s simple by stating that you can post your thoughts, share photos, or add YouTube videos similar to what you would do on a site like Facebook.

When you read that, shoot if that’s what you’re doing on Facebook for nothing, why not get paid, right?

That all seems fine and dandy, however, if you kept on reading the welcome page as I did, is it really free?

We All Know That It Takes Money To Make Money

Yes, Empowr is free to join, but investments are needed in order to make money.

Unlike Facebook where it’s a social website that allows you to get connected with your friends and family, what you’re looking at with Empowr, is an investment that uses a social site platform for people to make money.

You are more than likely going to connect with strangers more often because a dollar sign is attached to a site like this.

If you think about it, it’s not really a social site where it’s for entertainment purposes only, anytime money is involved you’re looking at a business deal.

Also, Empowr makes that social arena their business model and that will appear to be more appealing because social sites are fun and we are all familiar with social sites in some way.

The Ways To Invest With Empowr

empowr starts

You would have to attach your credit card or PayPal account to Empowr.

If you look at the image above, it says that by posting and sharing you could make money that way and pay for your membership.

Empowr doesn’t really state how much you can make by spending a lot of time posting and sharing.

I like sites that state how much money you can make by doing a task, but they don’t give you that data.

It could be a dollar, dime, quarter, nickel, or even a penny, but don’t you feel that the time you spend should require the info about the amount of money you can make by doing some sort of task?

If you’re not getting that data, you could be wasting your time. You should get that data before you even think about joining along with attaching your financial info.

Spend Money To Make More Money

Empowr Starts Paying At

In the image above, they even state if you start to pay which starts at $6 a month, you will get a better advantage to make money than not paying at all.

Of course, it’s a paying social site platform where people are there to make money.

You do get to check them out for free which is cool because you want to experience what you’re getting before you start to pay.

But it goes back to how much do you get paid for liking, sharing, and posting.

If the amount you get paid is extremely minimal by taking the free route, people may decide to pay the low monthly fee for a better advantage.

However, the earnings for liking, sharing, and posting are not indicated and could be so low that you could be spending more money a month and may not get a return on your investment.

For me, I want the data before I even start for free.

You Get $1,000 To Get Started

emp thou

Getting $1,000 is quite tempting. I know sites like Fusion Cash will give you $5 to sign up, but you have to continue doing their tasks such as watch videos or whatever they require you to do to cash out.

Of course, you’re still making money by doing those tasks, but free money like that is not there.

What Empowr states in the image above are that you have to purchase each month an ad platform fee of 2.9%.

Empowr doesn’t go into depths, but Google AdWords as an example will give you deals like spend $100 and they will give you $100 in ad credits.

Again, I feel that Empowr is complicating this $1,000 with a title that says you get a $1,000 to get started.

That might be so, but you have to spend money in order to get those credits and it states that you can double the money you make by liking, sharing, and posting.

The problem I have is how much is that double? double what? Double your dollar, quarter, nickel, dime, penny for every share, like and post?

Cashing Out Is Even More Confusing

I like sites that state their cash out threshold. If you do their tasks such as liking and sharing, shouldn’t they state what the cash out threshold is?

Empower Some Profits

If you look at the image above, it states that you can cash out SOME of your profits.

Okay, that’s nice, but Empowr doesn’t give you a cash-out threshold amount.

Is it $10, $15, $25 or $50?

What they do state is that,

Empowr Nintey Days

In the image above, you have to wait 90 days before you can cash out. Then it states that you have to first pay all your dues.

I didn’t read that any of these dues goes towards your credits you have earned in that dashboard. More or less to me it seems like that dollar sign in your dashboard seems like just video game points.

Not only that, but it also states in the image above, your cash out could take longer than 90 days because your earnings must exceed all your ad costs.

Um yeah, is that a Ponzi scheme? Will you ever be able to cash out if you never exceed your ad costs? Or is this a way for people to never get paid?

Empowr Not Optimal

Then in the image above it states, I’m going to quote it.

If this approach doesn’t seem optimal or doesn’t work with your needs to cashouts, we respect that and strongly suggest that you not join this experiment at this time.

~ Empowr

Um Yeah, I agree that the cashouts are not optimal and I strongly will not join the experiment at all.

The Non Disclosure Agreement

empowr legal action

Oh, I’m not done yet, If you read the image above, more or less, you agree to their nondisclosure agreement and agree not to post publicly your experience with the failures that Empowr did not accomplish. If legal action is taken, you agree to pay any legal fees.

Hell to the NOOOO!

Who has time for that? Look, I’d rather not get paid on Facebook and continue doing whatever I enjoy doing.

More or less if people invite you to join Empowr, it’s based on them making money and on top of that, a person will give you an excellent experience because if Empowr doesn’t like what you have posted about Empowr’s failures, that person is susceptible to getting sued.

Please Exercise Your Free Will

Empower Free Will

The image above it states that it takes time, money, and patience and it’s messy. If you don’t have that in you, please exercise your free will and don’t join.

I personally don’t have time for that mess so I’d rather take the zero and find another way to become my own hero.

Your Free Will Is Not Your Free Will

empowr deleting accounts

If you decide to exercise your free will and join, you could invest a lot of money into Empowr.

But, they state they are in the Alpha phase and they could delete your account after all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into Empowr.

Oh my, if your account gets deleted after the blood, sweat, tears, and investments you put into Empowr, if you start to post online your experience and Empowr’s failures, it goes back to getting sued if Empowr feels they don’t like what you state about your experience and legal fees are on you.

All In All

You’re taking a big risk. A risk that could be good or bad based on how well Empowr does.

When I watched a video where they state that they’ve been working on their platform for 15 years, shouldn’t they have taken a good portion of the kinks out?

I also state on my website to give a site a couple of years before you join a service.

Um yeah, there are exceptions to the rule and I personally feel you should just wait if you’re thinking about joining Empowr.

I don’t know how long this Alpha stage is going to last, but after two years shouldn’t they have cleaned up some of the mess?

I get it that it takes money to make money, but why invest when a site is not clear about their cash out threshold and the amount of money you can make by doing tasks inside Empowr?

When someone invites you to an opportunity, it doesn’t hurt to look around their site and read the info before you join.

You can get a good idea of what you want to do next.

If you’re looking for ways to make money from home, see if any of these fit your needs.

What is your take about Empowr, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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