What Is Leased Ad Space About: Is It Worth Your Time And Money

You’re probably wondering what is Leased Ad Space about and if it’s worth your time and money.

In this review, we will go over what this service is about.

I already stated in my title is it worth your time and money, but before you get offended by my review we will go over why I said what I did.

In the end, it’s always up to you in what you want to do, but let’s go over what I uncovered before you start to open your wallet.

Specs About Leased Ad Space

LAS Review

Product Name: Leased Ad Space
Year: 2015
Free Access: No
Price: Starts at $7
Website URL: leasedadspace.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 4/10

The Rundown

What is leased Ad Space aka LAS?

  • It’s a service.

How does it work?

  • You are able to bring traffic to your website by placing ads within LAS (Leased Ad Space) site.

How much does it cost?

  • It starts off at $7, but if you want more impressions you would have to purchase different ad packages.

Who can join?

  • Global Opportunity.

My Take

People place ads everywhere online.

The reason being is that people want customers.

Some people may feel that LAS (leased Ad Space) is the right service for them.

I beg to differ, but when I read their ad, I was pleasantly surprised how they didn’t over exaggerate the potential money people can make.

LAS did list the potential money, but they were realistic about what they did state on their site.

More or less what this service does is allow their members a way to display their opportunities on their site for others to see to potentially join.

What Is Leased Ad Space?

It’s a service that supposedly brings traffic to your website. You’re able to use various ways to list your opportunity by using banner ads, text ads, solo ads, and emails.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you were to join LAS, everyone starts off by paying 7 bucks to get started. All fees are one time and all payments are non-refundable.

If you are thinking about trying LAS, you are either going to have to kiss your 7 bucks goodbye or you have the option to say no thank you.

If you want to go through each level, the total amount of money you would have to spend is $399.

To get a better understanding of what I mean, here are the levels.

  • Pearl Package = $7
  • Amethyst Package = $17
  • Emerald Package = $27
  • Sapphire Package = $47
  • Ruby Package = $67
  • Diamond Package = $87
  • Red Diamond Package -$147

Total Amount of $399

You don’t have to purchase all packages all at once, you can purchase each package when you’re ready.

Each Package allows you to have different impressions for your banners, email, and text ads that you would like to display inside LAS.

  • Pearl Package Impressions = Banner Ads 8,000, Text Ads 4,000, Solo Emails 1 every 28 days, Permanent Text Classifieds 1 Permanent text ad in our classified ads directory
  • Amethyst Package Impressions = Banner Ads 12,000, Text Ads 6,000, Solo Emails 1 every 14 days,
    Permanent Text Classifieds 2 Permanent text ads in our classified ads directory
  • Emerald Package Impressions = Banner Ads 20,000, Text Ads 14,000, Solo Emails 1 every 9 days,
    Permanent Text Classifieds 3 Permanent text ads in our classified ads directory
  • Sapphire Package Impressions = Banner Ads 20,000, Text Ads 14,000, Solo Emails 1 every 9 days,
    Permanent Text Classifieds 3 Permanent text ads in our classified ads directory
  • Ruby Package Impressions = Banner Ads 28,000, Text Ads 18,000, Solo Emails 1 every 5 days,
    Permanent Text Classifieds 5 Permanent text ads in our classified ads directory
  • Diamond Package Impressions = Banner Ads 40,000, Text Ads 20,000, Solo Emails 1 every 4 days,
    Permanent Text Classifieds 7 Permanent text ads in our classified ads directory
  • Red Diamond Package Impressions = Banner Ads 110,000 every month, Text Ads 60,000 every month, Solo Emails 1 every 48 hours, Permanent Text Classifieds unlimited permanent text ad in our classified ads directory

If you compare the Pearl package from the Red Diamond package, you can see the potential impressions you would get if you eventually purchasing that Red Diamond Package.

Just so you know, you do have to purchase each package to get to that Diamond Package.

Let’s Get Into The Matrix Side Of Leased Ad Space

Besides just placing your ads inside LAS, you also have the opportunity to make your money back or even make a profit by recruiting others into LAS.

LAS offers an 8 X 7 Matrix with the potential of making over a hundred million dollars if you’re a recruiting Mongol.

To give you an example, let’s show you the money:

  • Pearl – 8 people at $7 each = $56
  • Amethyst – 64 people $17 each = $1,088
  • Emerald – 512 people $27 each = $13,824
  • Sapphire – 4096 people at $47 each = $192,512
  • Ruby – 32,768 people at $67 each = $2,195,456
  • Diamond – 262,144 people at $87 each = $22,806,528
  • Red Diamond – 2,097,152 people at $147 each = $300,828,134

Did you see how much money you could make in the Red Diamond package? That is some big money along with some big recruiting.

Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, but even in LAS’s site, they were honest about the possibility of hitting that Red Diamond or even Diamond level’s money.

LeasedAdSpace Potential

Now that you got the gist of Leased Ads Space business model, are you ready to hear my nagging part?

Okay, I’m a mom and nagging comes naturally to me now that I got two teens. Yes, with growing kids comes the nagging growth and sometimes it can reflect in my blog, Lol.

I want to be real here because even though seven bucks will only set you back on some great Starbuck lattes or whatever drink of your choice, investments should be done wisely.

I know we are risk-takers when we have that entrepreneurial spirit in us, this is why I do state it’s always up to you in what you want to do.

You might get your latte or you may risk your seven bucks, either way, it won’t put you in the poor house.

Let The Nagging Begin

Okay, traffic is what we want. Traffic is what brings in the potential buyer, reader, likes, comments, or whatever you fancy for your business.

Good quality traffic is key to your business. These days, a lot of people do not want ads displayed when they go to sites.

People are bombarded online with ads. I know people are going to an ads space to look at ads or to display their ads.

Either way, most people are there to get their ads displayed not to look at other ads. What I’m getting at is that the conversion rate will be quite low even when you pay 7 bucks for 8,000 banner ads impressions.

Why Would People Look At My Ads?

There are possible reasons:

  • To see what you got
  • To see how others display their ads
  • Just to be nosy
  • To see who’s doing the been there done that
  • Maybe even to check out or join your opportunity

I won’t count out joining your opportunity even though the potential conversion rate is low. The reason being is because people are there for the same reasons that you are and that is to display opportunities.

The majority of people are not there to look at other opportunities in hopes to find something big.

There is always drama happening in the online world and boy they will stalk you in your email, ads online, in services like LAS, classified sites, traffic exchange sites and in social sites that you like to go to.

What Works Mrs. Know It All?

Converting is not as easy as what the online world likes to make it out to be when they have a service that claims it will. Yes, people purchase products and services online, but it takes time and works to convert.

Time and consistency will pay off in the long run. To start off I always suggest to people to build your own website.

Everything you land on in the online world is a website. Even Leased Ad Space is a website. What you’re using LAS to find potential sales by using their system.

It’s a website where you place your ads where people may or may not look at your opportunity.

Why not have your own website without competing with all these other banners ads, text impressions, and so forth to convert.

Learn the online world and learn how to generate traffic through search engines. I suggest this because, with these types of systems, you’re kind of begging people to look at your ads. I know because I’ve done these types of stuff before.

If you naturally rank in the search engines, people will naturally click on your website and read what you got to say.

I know this works because people read all kinds of stuff online. I have websites and I’m not bragging, but people read the info I put out on my website all the time, and yes I do convert.

Converting will come naturally as you build your OWN website. If you don’t know where to begin on how to run your own business online, I highly suggest you check out My #1 Heroic Site.

All In All

I personally feel that the conversion rate will be rather low by utilizing LAS because everyone is there for the same reason.

Like I said within this article, it’s entirely up to you if you want to spend your 7 bucks to try their service.

Building your OWN website is a great way to convert. You can start generating traffic through SEO and down the road use other sources to get even more traffic and conversions.

Making money online isn’t hard. The struggles most people face from what I’ve seen is the lack of effort and consistency people put into their business.

You have to be self-discipline to make the money you want. If you’re not going to do that, your seed will dry up and you will be chasing another shiny quick fix in hopes that it works.

I already wrote an article that the Internet is not the lottery, so here goes nagging again, if you want the money, build your OWN website and keep moving forward.

What is your take about Leased Ad Space, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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