What Is My Cash Freebies: Is It A Scam

Somehow someway you found out about Express My Cash Freebies.

You probably saw different sites that look exactly the same as Express My Cash Freebies.

So the natural thing to do is research online because your instinct or intuition felt like it is a scam.

In this review, I will cover what is My Cash Freebies and let you know what you are getting into.

Specs About My Cash Freebies


Product Name: My Cash Freebies
Year: 2010
Free Access: Yes
Price: Depends on the offer
Website URL: mycashfreebies.comcashfreebies.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 7/10

My Take

With some services, if you refuse to take the time to read the rules, it may affect the outcome of what you intend to use the service for.

One of the key points that I look for when I check out a site is if a service is transparent.

Mainly what My Cash Freebies are about is to complete offers.

Completing offers is a tricky thing.

Just because you have seen someone who said it’s easy and I make blah, blah, blah money with a service, that’s all good.

Then after learning about their service and if you decide to give it a shot and on top of that, you didn’t know all the rules of their service because no one covered that so important info, that can lead you to not getting paid.

I know that people jump the gun when they get the rundown about how a service works.

When I looked over MCF’s (My Cash Freebies) info especially their rules, I was like wow!

I thought I’m sure there were or is a lot of people who may not have really read the rules and that may have caused their account to get revoked.

So, let’s start with their business model.

What Is My Cash Freebies?

It is a pretty cut and dry type service. It is a service that allows you to make money by completing offers along with a referral program.

My Cash Freebies has 11 other networks.

From what I researched, the difference between these networks is their subdomain names, their credits that you can obtain, and the pay for each referral.

How Does My Cash Freebies Service Work?

Depending on which site you land on, your goal is to complete offers that total up to 1 credit.

After you get your allowed credit, you get a referral link to invite people to join and complete offers.

If you are able to do that, each referral that completes their offers, you are able to make cash on whatever network you completed your offers.

What Are These Networks?

These are what I call their sister site or sub-domains where you are able to join and complete offers.

You can not use a different email address or IP address if you sign up through each of their networks.

As you can see below, each network pays at a different rate if you get referrals also, it depends on which network you landed on or want to promote.

Here a list of My Cash Freebies’ network:

  • Fast Track: pays $10 per referral 1 credit needed
  • In the Back: pays $15 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Express: pays $20 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Single: pays $20 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Small Change: pays $30 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Double: pays $30 per referral 1 credit needed
  • My Cash: pays $40 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Fine Print: pays $40 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Audio: pays $60 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Video: pays $60 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Bank Note: pays $80 per referral 1 credit needed
  • Legal Tender: pays $80 per referral 1 credit needed

All of MCF’s networks pretty much have the same rules except as you can see the names and payment for each referral you obtain.

It’s pretty simple though, but like I just explained earlier, you should know the rules before you join.

Since offers are what MCF business model has centered around, let’s get into their offers.

What Are Offers And What Kinds Of Offers Do They Have?

DoubleMyCashFreebies Offers

First off before you join, especially people who live outside the US, look at the flags, and see if there are any offers available in your country.

If not, you can come back periodically and see it at a later time.

The offers are mainly from fortune 500 companies.

Offers are products or services that may have a trial period or some sort of special.

To give you an example of the way offers works is that you may see an offer for something like a book club. You may get 2 books free, then after a trial period of 30 days, your account will get charged a monthly fee.

Some offers may allow you to cancel before they charge your account a monthly fee. There are offers that may require you to pay at least one month and then there are some offers that are free.

Obviously, each trial or offer that you come across has different rules.

It is so important that before you begin a trial or offer, please read their rules first because you can end up spending a lot more money than you wanted to.

The best way to complete offers is to find offers that will benefit you.

What Are Credits?

Credits are like points you obtain when you complete offers.

Each of MCF has different credits for each network.

The goal with MCF’s credits is to complete the number of credits needed in order to get your referral link.

To get referrals for a particular network, you have to obtain a total of 1 credit before you are assigned an affiliate link.

I Noticed That Legal Tender Or Bank Note Pays A lot More, Why Not Just Have People Complete Offers There?

That is because of the credits.

Each credit needed is much more difficult to attain when the payout is higher.

In general, people may not want to complete a number of those offers, and being that MCF has a referral program, people who market MCF may generate a better income by not using a higher paying network like Legal Tender or Bank Note.

FastTrack My Cash Freebies

If you look at the image above, with Fast Track, you can complete one or two offers, and you get your referral link, but their pay is $10 per referral which isn’t bad.


If you look at Legal Tender, you have to complete more offers, but they pay for each referral you get is much higher at $80 per referral.

I think that maybe if you go with something like, Double or Express, you may get more referrals who will complete offers at a faster rate leading to you getting paid quickly.

In the end, it is up to you.

Let’s Go Over The Rules

MCF info to look at

I feel that reading their rules is important more so than most services.

Being that the business model is so cut and dry, the rules are what can be troublesome for some people.

Here are the rules:

One account per household.

You can use your cell phone, but it has to be a contracted cell phone.

You have to use the address you reside in, no P.O. boxes, business address, or fake addresses.

No sharing PayPal or bank accounts with another user.

No prepaid cards, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies. The only method is through a valid credit card or a bank debit card.

Do not use VPN’s or another IP address that you sign up with. It has to be your home address and IP address that you use at home.

If you go on vacation, don’t even bother completing offers or logging in, just forget about it (Isn’t that what vacation is for anyway).

Don’t complete the same offers twice even if you completed the offer on another website. Just don’t do it, that is a big no, no and is considered fraud.

If for some reason you didn’t get the credit for completing an offer, do not call where you completed the offer. You are supposed to contact the network service you used to sign up for the offer.

Do not call the offer directly to complete the offer, you must use the affiliate link or your offer will not be complete.

Do not try and use another person’s name to complete the offer, you have to complete the offer(s).

Do not complete offers when you are not using your home IP address, it also states that you shouldn’t log in or use another IP address whether it is a friend who is a member of My Cash Freebies or if it is at a friend house, coffee shop, library, school, etc.

Outside the US you are only able to get paid through PayPal.

If you are in the US, you are able to get paid by PayPal, Company Check, Direct Deposit, and Money Order.

If you don’t use PayPal the required payout is $100 or more. MCF pays weekly and the method of payment is sent to you certified through USPS and does require a signature and identification when delivered.

PayPal must be verified meaning your banking account is linked to your PayPal account.

MCF recommends that you use Firefox if you are going to complete offers through them. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite browser, however, MCF says through their experience Firefox seems to work the best because other browsers can affect the cookies when you complete offers.

When you complete offers, your firewall should be lowered or turned off, any virus protection you have on should be disabled. The reason for that is because it can prevent showing that you completed an offer.

Other Rules

MyCashFreebies not referred

If you got to MCF’s network without being referred, you have to complete other offers first that don’t go towards your credits.

I’m bringing this rule up again because I don’t want anyone completing offers without knowing that their credit card is going to get charged a fee that they were not expecting.

Each offer has its own rules, so please read each offer carefully.

Why So Many Rules?

Some of the rules I get it.

Like, the IP address because people may abuse what MCF is intended for and that is getting real customers for these fortune 500 companies to complete offers.

Some of the rules I think are stiff.

For instance, not being able to use a prepaid debit card.

There are people that don’t have a bank account or they prefer a prepaid debit card.

There are people that like to pay for products and services online, but they don’t want to tie their bank account to online services. In other words, they want to be in control because no one wants to be charged unauthorized charges to their bank account.

You can’t log in only through your home IP address.

Sometimes your IP address changes especially if you change Internet carriers. A lot of people change phones a lot too, so that could be a problem.

Some people prefer VPNs because they prefer to surf the Internet that way and that’s the only way they surf.

The address you reside in is another one.

Some people prefer P.O. Boxes. There are people who break into people’s mailboxes especially during tax season and for safety reasons they may prefer a P.O Box.

My Opinion About Completing Offers

Like I said earlier, I’m not a big fan of completing offers especially if you are trying to make money that way.

I’ve reviewed services where you can complete offers.

Usually, they over-exaggerate their claims or even flat out lie to people.

Some of these offers that I reviewed may end up costing people $100 a month for items that are not even brand names.

To give you an example, I’ve seen offers where it says to win a $50 gift card from Amazon.

What happens is that it leads to an endless amount of offers that you have to complete plus the rules are hard to find.

Being That I Don’t Like Offers, What Is My Opinion About My Cash Freebies?

With MCF they are very transparent about what they are doing.

There is a tab where they show you their offers before you join.

The rules are on their website so, it’s up to you to read them if you intend to join.

They don’t flash anything on their website or say it’s a job or anything like that which is so awesome.

I also like the fact that you don’t have to complete all their offers to make money with their service.

I also read in their disclaimers that they do not share your info or sell your info.

Obviously, MCF makes money when you complete offers and when you get others to do so.

So, they are not doing anything shady with their service and your info.

However, you do have to read the rules in regard to the offers you complete because that might be a whole different story.

MCF Say It’s Free To Sign Up But

Okay, they say it’s free to sign up, but if you don’t complete offers, it’s kind of a worthless service for you.

It also can be a worthless service if you violate their rules.

Another worthless reason for joining MCF service is by not getting referrals.

If you are not going to obtain any referrals, why join?

How Do I Get Referrals?

You can send emails to your friends you can start a YouTube channel to obtain referrals that way.

If you are not into these ways that I explained above, you can check out the way I learned how to obtain referrals.

All In All

My Cash Freebies is not a scam and they are very transparent with their business model.

Mainly it is a way to make cash online.

However, with so many rules, it may not be for everyone.

It’s so important to read their rules because you may qualify and because you did something that violated MCF’s rules, it could end right there.

What is your take about My Cash Freebies, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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