What Is My Home Success Plan.com: Major Rehashed Ingredients

A lot of you probably came across a video explaining to you how easy it is to make money from home by posting links online.

Just so you know, link posting is not a new thing that has been circulating online.

The funnel video makes it seem so easy.

They claim you are supposed to give you these links and every link you post generates you $15 a pop.

In this My Home Success Plan Review, I’m going to let you know what is My Home Success Plan, the video that funnels you, and these major rehashed ingredients that you should be aware of.

Specs About My Home Success Plan

myhomesuccessplan review

Product Name: My Home Success Plan
Year: 2018
Free Access: No
Price: Starts off at $97
Website URL: myhomesuccessplan.com
BeginAtZero.com Overall Rating: 1/10

My Take

rehased ingredients

I couldn’t tell you who is running the show in regards to this new link posting consultant opportunity.

When I finished watching the funnel video, I was like what is going on.

The people who are receiving these ads are getting them through robocalls or anywhere online.

It could be through email, social sites, a website explaining how easy it is to make money from home.

I get it that everyone would love the ability to work when they want by just posting links online for an hour a day.

You can’t help but wonder if these claims are true. So let’s get right to it!

What Is My Home Success Plan?

My Home Success Plan is a service that is supposed to help you make money from home by posting links online.

There are other online funnel builders with the same video that could be promoting different opportunities.

With some of these ads, you can’t read their disclaimers unless you give out your email address.

There are rehashed ingredients with this link posting opportunity that you may not be aware of.

So, let’s get into these rehashed ingredients from an ad that seems to be the answer to everyone’s financial needs.

Let’s Start by Getting Into How I Got To My Home Success Plan

I don’t know how you got to My Home Success Plan, but for me, it was one of those funnel builders with a video that claimed I could make lots of money from home by posting links online.

In the video, I found many rehashed ingredients.

First Major Rehashed Ingredient Is The Testimonials

MyHomeSuccessPlan DR

You can believe what you want to believe.

I’ve seen this person in a similar video ad that I wrote a review about.

The review I did was called Secure Job Position. It’s an MLM business called MOBE that the FTC has taken action against.

In that video, Deborah Robertson from Covington GA had the same exact claim with the same amount of money made.

This is my opinion, but I believe a lot of these video testimonials are being used to promote other opportunities to work from home.

Second Major Rehashed Ingredient Is Karen Daniels

MyHomeSuccessPlan KD

A lot of link posting consultant opportunities love to put images of some alias who has been making millions from home just by posting links online.

The aliases I’ve come across are Kim Swartz, Kelly Simmons, and Emily Hudson.

Being that there are a number of these ads circulating online, I’m sure there are other aliases out there with stock photos used.

Third Part Is Red Flags

steps mhspr

Just follow three easy steps.

  1. Log into your account and copy your unique link codes
  2. Enter a section of your account where your given access to all your links and special promotions.
  3. Fill out details and submit links to a link blaster tool to post your links inside thousands of different websites at once.

MyHomeSuccessPlan step two

First off, it’s three easy steps yet in step two they said special promotions? You are supposed to make $15 for every link posted, why should anyone be offered any special promotions? For me, that is a red flag.

It’s a red flag because you’re paying to make $15 a pop per link posted. What promotions are needed with the three simple steps!

Also, in the video, they state you get access to a 21 step-online training center.

I thought it was three simple steps. With the third step, all you need to do is fill out some details for the link blaster tool to post links inside thousands of different websites.

What 21-step training is needed to fill out some details?

Once the funnel builder video was over. I clicked on a link and it took me to a sales page.

When I x-out it took to another page that was My Home Success Plan. When I read the page, it turned out to be more of a written transcript to that funnel builder video I just saw.

On My Home Success Plan, April Mathew was the alias.

Now It’s Time To Get Into The FTC’s Major Rehashed Ingredients

The FTC has taken action against another similar service called WAH EDU.

And boy does My Home Success Plan have some alarming similarities to what WAH EDU has to offer.

Funnel Builder Video

MyHomeSuccessPlan and more

FTC Quote:

“One of the easiest and fastest ways to start making up to $379 per day”

In the FTC’s case against WAH EDU also states how they used link posting as part of their opportunity.

Their ads were similar to what this new My Home Success Plan link posting opportunity offers.

  • They use advertorials and Videos to explain their opportunity.
  • Exaggerating their claims to make an extremely large amount of money from home.
  • They even offer coaching as part of their offer.

My Home Success Plan

MyHomeSuccessPlan Consultation

“Your free one-on-one consultation with a success Advisor (Value: $150)”

FTC’s Quote:

and “a FREE consultation with one of our success advisors.”

“Defendants or their business associates use the “Success Consultations” to sell business coaching and other services to consumers that often cost thousands of dollars.

In the FTC’s case, the FTC paid for the WAH EDU opportunity and one of their upsold opportunity and explained exactly what happened.

More or less the FTC was upsold coaching and other services for thousands of dollars.

You can get the full details here!

Another Odd Ingredient

MyHomeSuccessPlan ADI

In the funnel builder video, they mentioned an Automated Daily Income program. I’m wondering if the Automated Daily Income program is the 21-Step program they are referring to.

I did a review about the Automated Daily Income and if that is the case, it’s funneling you into MOBE or a rehashed version MOBE.

If you are unfamiliar with MOBE, they offer a very expensive 21-step training program that the FTC has taken action against.

Why Am I Bringing Up MOBE

Well, besides mentioning the Automated Daily Income, I noticed with reviews I’ve done in regards to link posting and MOBE, they used similar Advertorial ads.

If you look at my Automated Daily Income and in my Online Income Reviews they used these advertorial style ads. They even have the same checks that the FTC has mentioned in their case against WAH EDU.

Can I Make Money As A Link Posting Consultant?

The reality is, you just can’t post links online and expect to make $15 for every link you post online. Posting links online is more complex than that.

First off, you have to obtain links from businesses. These businesses are not just going to give out links without knowing who you are and how you are going to promote their services.

Businesses mainly prefer that people have websites or huge social following. A lot of YouTube celebs get sponsor links because they have major subscribers and viewers. As for websites, your website should represent whatever business the link you get has.

Such as, if your website was about movies, you would obtain links to Netflix or other movie type services. You wouldn’t obtain links in regards to tampons because your website isn’t about tampons.

Not only that, but people also have to click on your links and purchase a product or service to make a commission.

Yes, it can be done and it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money to start a website. So don’t let these link posting consulting ads fool you.

The Final Major Rehashed Ingredients

MyHomeSuccessPlan Terms

The reason why this is the final rehashed ingredient is that if you read the very bottom of the page, they let you know right there.

They don’t tell you who they are. They use aliases that state they make millions.

None of the major businesses endorse them. The above example is an illustration of what might be achieved. Stock photos are used. Testimonials are hidden to protect their identity. Some testimonials are paid.

I’m going to quote the last sentence.

“Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to work hard and invest both time and money to get these life-changing results.”

They talk a great game. They express all you have to do is work an hour a day. Post one link will take 4 minutes tops and you should make $15 per link.

Shouldn’t the last sentence say, Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to at least work one hour a day to get these life-changing results?

These ads have similar stories and at the end of every advertorial, they explain the not endorsed dah, dah, dah.

Leading people to pay for a service that really isn’t exactly what they thought it was going to be.

All In All

I don’t know about you, but I see some major Rehashing going on. I don’t know who’s behind My Home Success Plan, but you better believe that it’s not as inexpensive as you think.

It starts off at $97, however, I feel the rehashed upsell is a-coming. As for that 60-day money-back guarantee. I personally feel is a safety blanket to get you in.

I say that because there is no transparency in regards to who they are. They use stories and alias to get your attention, yet they really don’t mention who they are.

As for that 21-step program, why do you need that if you’re supposed to make all this money with 3 simple steps?

The FTC shed some light in regards to WAH EDU. There is some rehashed stuff going on and all I have to say is buyer beware.

What is your take about My Home Success Plan, Tweet me @evelynbaz!

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